Lake El Estero To Provide Drinking Water

Ew. I guess if treated sewage is good enough for the tourists, water loaded with green duck poop is good enough too.El Estero Gulp

A project is underway to divert excess water from Monterey’s El Estero Lake and add it to the city’s restricted water supply.

The landmark is located on Del Monte Avenue and is hard to miss for anyone driving into town as people paddle out on the water in duck and swan-shaped boats or picnic on the grass.

Lake El Estero To Provide Drinking Water

Roundabouts On 68 Are A Great Idea

Right? Roundabouts, Animal Crossings, etc. Build a modern 4 lane highway from Toro Park to highway 1 and be done.

Roundabouts Woody Buzz

But Dwight Stump, who lives in Corral de Tierra, contends the new Highway 68 roundabout project will do little to speed up traffic. Stump called it “a huge waste of taxpayer money” and “a runaway train” that won’t do much to improve commute times.

“The roundabouts are going to decrease afternoon commutes by about five minutes,” Stump told The Pine Cone. “They’re taking a 36-minute commute and decreasing it to 31 minutes, and just for two hours a day.”

Roundabouts On 68 Are A Great Idea

Are You Ready To Fight Godzilla El Nino?

El Nino

Since 1951, there have been 26 El Niño events. Of those, 11 have been weak, 7 moderate, 5 strong and 3 very strong. Overall during all of them, rainfall in Southern California averaged 126% of normal. In the Bay Area it was 109% of normal.

During two of the three very strong El Niños, the winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98 were among the wettest in recorded California history, with massive Sierra Nevada snowpacks and major flooding.

The third, in 2015-16, was something of a bust. Hyped as a “Godzilla El Niño,” that event did see big winter storms, but they ended up hitting Oregon and Washington, dashing hopes of breaking a California drought, which didn’t end until big storms finally arrived in 2017.

Are You Ready To Fight El Nino?

Another Sexual Crime Arrest For Jordan Pollacci

Surprised? And possession of child pornography.

A 32-year-old man has pleaded guilty to using a cellphone to peak at someone in a fitting room at a store and possessing child pornography in Newport Beach.

Jordan Thomas Pollacci was sentenced to 116 days in jail, or time already served in custody, according to court records obtained Monday.

Pollacci “looked through a hole and opening and otherwise viewed by means of a cellphone camera into a fitting room with the intent to invade the privacy of the person or persons inside,” according to court records.

Pollacci Megans Law

Another Arrest For Jordan Pollacci

First It Was Statues, Then Festivals, Now Streets With Mens’ Names Got To Go

chlam ct

The Feminist Street Initiative aims to rename streets across the country after historic women. It comes after the fifth anniversary of the nationwide Women’s March and in the days before the start of Women’s History Month in March. The Women’s March Foundation is campaigning for streets to be named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem and Maya Angelou, among others.

First It Was Statues, Then Festivals, Now Streets With Mens’ Names Got To Go

Tourist Hucksters Want To Change Airport’s Name

Carmel-Fresno Airport

Carmel-Fresno Airport has a nice sound, right? Is this the same group that wanted to change the name of the Stockton airport to San Francisco Stockton Regional Airport.

Should we all just start tacking “Carmel” to everything to increase it’s value to the less than intelligent tourists?

A Carmel tourism group has proposed changing the name of the Monterey Regional Airport — as it’s currently known — to the Carmel-Monterey Regional Airport, according to a proposal to the airport district’s board of directors this week.
Representatives for the group, Visit Carmel, which is funded by hotel and restaurant customers, showed Monterey Peninsula Airport District’s five directors Wednesday a presentation outlining why it believes including “Carmel” in the name would benefit the airport and the city.

Tourist Hucksters Want To Change Airport’s Name

Life Has Not Been Good To Scott Russo

Living it the way  he chose to.

Scott Russo in 2005, arrested for robbing the Kragen Auto Parts store he managed

Scott Russo  in 2020
Scott Russo 2020

On November 28, 2020 at approximately 6:57 p.m., Monterey Police Officers were dispatched to Mandeville Court on a report of a burglary in progress at a closed business. The person reporting the incident observed the suspect inside the business removing items before leaving in a pickup truck. Responding officers located the truck on Highway 68 and stopped it.

The driver of the truck was identified as Scott Russo, 47 years-old of Monterey. Russo was found to be on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) for a previous conviction of burglary and had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for burglary. Russo was arrested and in possession of burglary tools and a small amount of cocaine. Officers searched the truck and located stolen property that
had been taken from the business on Mandeville Court.

Life Has Not Been Good To Scott Russo