P.G. Man Guilty In Highway Crash That Killed Other Driver

Just 7 years in prison for that. Shame.

On the day of the crash, Stewart Napier was driving near the Eighth Street overpass in Marina when he “looked down for a lighter, and when he looked back up, he saw the victim’s brake lights and collided with him, causing the victim’s car to swerve off the road and burst into flames,”

“It was a heroin-methamphetamine case at rush hour on a road you and I travel all the time,” she said. “This is an example of the dangerousness of controlled substances vs alcohol and how they all intertwine. He’s a young man from P.G. driving on Highway 1 impaired, and he rear ends Mr. Acona, who dies. It’s tragic.”

Napier also pleaded guilty May 28 to assault likely to cause great bodily harm for a March 4 fight with another inmate at the Monterey County Jail, where he has been lodged since his arrest last December.

P.G. Man Guilty In Highway Crash That Killed Other Driver

New Jersey Police Chief Hired As P.G. Chief

Also, rainbow pride flags fly at police station,
PG PD Pride Flag

Madalone took a moment to say she was “feeling good” and that the moment was “bittersweet,” before she continued with the hugs.

Among the crowd was Madalone’s wife of two years, Pam Dino.

“It is my first walkout and very emotional,” Dino said. “For her, it is 25 years serving here, really half her life, with these wonderful people, so it is emotional and bittersweet.”

New Jersey Police Chief Hired As P.G. Chief


To Be Substainable Collect More Tax

The “S” word again.

The city’s proposed general fund budget shows a growing deficit of $2.4 million for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, $3.5 million for 2021-2022 and $5 million for 2022-2023.

“This is not sustainable and we need to get to a structurally balanced budget, where our income or revenues can adequately pay for our spending or expenditures,” Uslar wrote to the council.

Hotel tax is important because it provides 28% of the city’s total revenue, more than property tax and sales tax combined.

To Be Substainable Collect More Tax