When The City Council Wants To Go Dutch SAY NO

A stately but decaying elm in Pacific Grove that was at the center of a debate over  preservation versus public safety was removed from Jewell Park late last week.

On Friday, Dec. 17, a work crew chopped down the 40-foot elm, which a group of residents had tried to save but which the City of Pacific Grove said posed a danger to the public. A legal  battle was waged when Patricia Purwin and Charles Schwartz sued the city in hopes of stopping its removal. That fight ended Dec. 16 when. Monterey County Superior Court Judge Thomas Wills declined to temporarily restrain the city from taking the tree down.

When The City Council Wants To Go Dutch SAY NO


Jenny McAdams Ignores The Woke Groups She “Cares” So Much For

Went to a conference and failed to show up for a vote. No doubt she must have been politickin’ or something at the cost of over $4,5000 in Pacific Grove money. I’d demand she pay it back.

However, according to League of California Cities official Darla Yacub, who ran the voting booth at the conference, McAdams never voted — meaning she did not fulfill her obligation as Pacific Grove’s delegate. Voting took place Sept. 24, the last day of the  conference.

“Jenny McAdams did not vote at the general assembly business meeting for the 2021 annual conference,” Yacub said in a Nov. 10 email message to city manager Ben Harvey. “There was neither a signature form completed by Jenny McAdams, nor was the ballot for the City of Pacific Grove picked up.”

McAdams and other delegates were asked to vote on amendments to the League of California Cities’ bylaws, which included recognizing the “full contribution” of its African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, Latino and Women’s caucuses, and broadening the groups’ representation on the league’s board of directors.

Jenny McAdams Ignores The Woke Groups She “Cares” For

Fish Prison Calls Off Family Visits

Do the fish get lonely with no crowds looking at them through the glass cells?

Aquarium Kalisas

“Unfortunately, we had to make the tough call to cancel it this year,” said Monterey Bay Aquarium Chief Operating Officer Cynthia Vernon in an email. “Ongoing effects of the extended closure such as staffing considerations, significant revenue loss, and the timed reservation system are among the challenges that led us to the decision.”

The Community Open House is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s annual event for residents in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties to come and enjoy the aquarium free of charge throughout a week in December. The Community Open House is made possible in part by the support of its business partners and contributions.

According to the aquarium’s financial information, it lost about $43 million in revenue and support in the year ending Dec. 31, 2020. Admissions alone decreased 85% during that time, though its contributions and grants increased about 19%.

Fish Prison Calls Off Family Visits

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference


jenny lied

Council voted to appoint McAdams as our voting delegate and have taxpayers pay for her to attend the conference:

See Resolution 21-027
The City of Pacific Grove hereby appoints Councilmember Jenny McAdams as voting delegate to the League of California Cities annual conference in Sacramento, California.

McAdams left the conference early without ever voting, then tries to weasel her way out of it.  When she gets called out for it, she lies about it. She even drags in her youngest son, Vax (real name is Max), to justify her pathetic actions.

The Weakly Squid writes

McAdams’ colleagues never saw her and asked City Manager Ben Harvey whether she cast P.G.’s ballot. Harvey was notified by a League official that the city’s ballot was never picked up, nor returned. When Harvey pressed her, McAdams pointed to photos of herself at the conference but didn’t answer whether she voted. Poduri asked her point blank if she voted and she never answered him, either.
McAdams tells Squid’s colleague the League is mistaken. She claims she did pick up a ballot and turned it in before leaving the conference early to pick up her son from school. But a League spokesperson confirms the only way to vote is in person.

Hmm. The emails reveal something else: a duck and dive by McAdams, who tried to deflect from herself by focusing on Amelio’s and Poduri’s failure to turn in a conference report to council, as required by law. Poduri submitted one in time for a Dec. 1 council agenda, in which he states that he and Amelio attended the conference. McAdams’ name is conspicuously absent.

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference