Mayor Peak Stoned Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Maybe the mayor needs to be in the city managers real hometown to know what’s going on.

“I was not aware that Ben Harvey was contacting cannabis companies in July,” Peake said. “I was surprised because there was no interest in a cannabis store shown by the council.”

Harvey said Monday there was absolutely nothing inappropriate about his conversations and meetings with Apothecarium, and that to do so is part of his job as a type of ombudsman between elected officials and business projects.

“Part of my job is to deal with prospective businesses,” Harvey said. “I routinely meet with people interested in starting a business here, whether it’s a retailer, restaurant, brewpub or a cannabis dispensary.”

Another criticism of Harvey is that he allowed the one company, Apothecarium, to help draft the ordinance that would then be presented to the council on Sept. 2. Harvey argued there is nothing out of the ordinary in doing this. And he is right in that industry helps draft legislation in Sacramento regularly.


Mayor Peak Stone Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Forest Avenue Demolition Derby Day

Good thing there were no parklets in the way

The first accident happened around nine in the morning. The driver was trying to park but hit the gas instead of the break driving into Bookmark Music Store on Forest Avenue. No one was hurt but significant damage was done to the storefront. Then about an hour later — a second driver drove into the side of Mum’s Furniture Store. The shop is also in downtown Pacific Grove and it is also on Forest Avenue, just one block away from the first accident

Forest Avenue Demolition Derby