Who To Help With Government Covid Handouts?

Resident serving programs like parks, sewer systems and social services win, tourist attractions lose.

  • Sewer infrastructure and recycled water plant 3.6
  • Parks and recreation programs 3.5
  • Nonprofit food banks and social service agencies 3.3
  • Funding for police and other public safety services 3.0
  • “Helping out” restaurants, bars, retail shops 3.0.
  • Arts, music and entertainment and tourism-related businesses 2.7.

Pacific Gove residents are most interested in using nearly $2 million in federal Covid-19 aid the city is getting to fund upgrades to streets, intersections and sidewalks and least interested in using the money for government technology upgrades, according to the results of a survey from 847 people.

The survey asked citizens to rank how they would like the federal taxpayer dollars to be spent on a scale of 1-5. Public infrastructure received the strongest responses and got a 3.7 average rating.

Who To Help With Government Covid Handouts?

Moe’s Fantasy Open Again

Tourist Misinformation

Moe thinks his Tourist Misinformation Center is the ONLY local source of information needed. Fleece the tourists. Ask where can you get a Crockerburger.

The Pacific Grove Tourist Information Center is throwing its doors open to guests once again after being closed for about 15 months due to the pandemic.

“Since closing, we learned that it is critical to businesses in the 2-mile radius” of the tourist information center, said Moe Ammar, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce president. “It is the only local source of tourist information needed by the visitors to the area.”

Moe’s Fantasy Back Again


Be Vibrant! Attract Dog Lovers! Be A Destination!

Be all that, with a spokesdog.

Dog Owner Deposit

From beginning to end of the video, the pudgy little canine would pop in one shop, look around, and head out to sniff out his next adventure. There is a barbershop scene, and another as he sits critically in a golf cart commenting on a swing. In the end, he is sitting contentedly watching the sun set over the ocean waves.

One of the goals of the $6,000 video — shot by a KION crew — is to distinguish Pacific Grove as its own destination point.

Be Vibrant! Attract Dog Lovers! Be A Destination!

Missing Cannery Row Tourist Found Dead

Los Gatos man found in Santa Clara after going missing in Pacific Grove on the recreation trail.

A man who went missing while visiting the Monterey Bay peninsula has been found dead.

McGee was reported missing by his spouse after he did not return to their hotel room.

Investigators reported on Friday that Mcgee’s body was found in Santa Clara County. His cause of death was not disclosed by police.

Missing Cannery Row Tourist Found Dead

Substainable Tourism Will Save Us!

tourists misery

Councilwoman Cynthia Garfield is advocating for the sustainable tourism effort to be included among city’s key goals for 2019, saying that it would benefit both the city and businesses to have visitors stay longer.

Garfield provided of an example of how to manage crowds along the shore by ensuring a measured flux of tourists.

“Some of the things we are exploring is paid parking along the coast,” she said. “The Coastal Commission doesn’t like paid parking but we are looking at it in an unobtrusive way.”

Trying to figure out what substainable tourism is. We already have all the human waste/agricultural runoff water for them. Next up will be mandatory house sharing, where residents must host visitors. Manage the crowds along the shores means fencing off and keeping humans out of reach of the shore.

Oh – and parking meters along Ocean View – another tax.

Substainable Tourism Will Save Us!

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism

Don’t give Moe any ideas.

Moe Ammar Dont Buy American

The conditions caused by the California wildfires that have affected a number of tourists visiting popular summer destinations like Wine Country and Yosemite have conversely led to a surge in visitors to Pacific Grove.

That’s according to Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar who said that in particular, the number of foreign visitors to America’s Last Hometown has nearly doubled this summer, according to statistics gathered from the town’s tourist information center.

“It’s very unfortunate what’s happened there but the fact that we don’t have any fires on the Monterey Peninsula is good for us,” said Ammar, who noted the cancellation of his own family’s upcoming trip to Yosemite.

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism

Pacific Grove’s Uncontrolled Intersections Are Problems For Tourists

After two cars collide at 1:30 AM. Oh how could we have ever survived these past 100 years with uncontrolled intersections, mostly in the residential areas?

It’s because people that live here know the roads. Weekenders in STRs don’t.

Roundabouts Woody Buzz

“Never assume other drivers will give you the right of way,” the DMV contends. “Yield your right of way when it helps to prevent collisions.” Pacific Grove Police Cmdr. Rory Lakind agreed. “Everyone has to be cautious whenever they’re approaching an intersection,” he said.

Pacific Grove’s Uncontrolled Intersections Are Problems For Tourists

Tourist MisInformation Center’s 5th Anniversary

5 years at one end of the Lighthouse Avenue traffic jam. Pushed a longtime business out to the lonely ATC that faces a dead end.

Tourist Misinformation

Who do you take advice on Pacific Grove hospitality? People that have spent time and $$ in the locations or a self serving “Information Center”?

Ed Flatley, who owns Pacific Grove’s Victorian bed and breakfast the Seven Gables Inn with his sister Susan, proposed creating the center as a way to generate business for the city during the economic downturn. Since it opened its doors five years ago, the center has served over 550,000 visitors from 120 countries, according to Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

“The internet is great to get people to the area but once you’re here it’s a great way for visitors to get local information,” said Flatley, noting that hospitality is the number one money generator in Pacific Grove. “It actually saves time to stop in here. Visitors can find out where to eat, stay, etc. in a matter of minutes.”

Tourist MisInformation Center’s 5th Anniversary

Tourists – Good For What?

From Hawaii. I’ve felt their pain for a long time.

People sometimes forget how important tourism is and start lamenting there are too many people around, particularly when business is good, she said.

“It’s just a tendency for people to start complaining,” Dance said. “And so the thing is, let’s remind everybody again.”

But not everyone in Hawaii is on board.

Critics say the industry offers poorly paid jobs and exploits Hawaiian culture. But many complaints are about increased traffic and congestion

Rena Risso, a 30-year-old who was born and raised in Kailua, understands the positive aspects of tourism, but she believes they’re outweighed by the negatives.

“I think, as far as the local’s point of view, it’s humbug,” she said after an early morning walk. “I can’t even take my kids to the beach on a weekend because it’s so crazy.”

Tourists – Good For What?


Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song

Build more hotels, attract more visitors. Do you really like waking up to weekend neighbors that arrived late Friday and packing up early? How about the slow moving traffic from hospitality workers that cannot afford to live here?

“My wife and I still wake up each morning and think how wonderful it is to live in this amazing community,” Kampe said. “It continues to be this special place because so many work so hard to make it this way.”

“Taken together, current deferred spending plus looming cost increases tell us we need increased revenue,” said Kampe. “We now need to ask if we, as a community, are prepared to support essential and desired services that make our city such a privileged place to live.”

Kampe referred to Carmel, which has three times the revenue per capita, and Monterey, with double the revenue per capita, as references to just how well the city has managed with its limited finances.

Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song