100% Pay Raise Plus Full Medical For McAdams?

300 Forest Ave

Doesn’t she already have a full-time job paid for by our taxes? Must need more money to pay her property taxes on the Seaside house she owns/

Isn’t it about time for Jenny McAdams stop self rewarding herself on our dime and do something for all the citizens of Pacific Grove?

McAdams also proposed giving council members medical benefits. If the council OKs the raise and all seven council members enroll in the health plan, it would cost taxpayers about $178,000 per year with increases in future years.

“A family with two working parents and young children often cannot afford to dedicate the time required to serve on council,” Tomlinson told The Pine Cone. “In general, increasing pay will give more citizens the opportunity to serve, and this will increase the candidate pool come election time. This is very good for P.G.”

100% Pay Raise Plus Full Medical For Jenny?

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Jenny McAdams Boudior

Must hate the news for also busting her for cheating on property tax?

She needs to take a tip from mentor Nancy, go and have some ice cream and ignore the facts that escape to the media. Must add that I was unaware that she had a full time job. So why was she looking to get a 100% raise with medical benefits?

In a document filed on Feb. 15 in Monterey County Superior Court, McAdams claims that Miller, now the managing editor of a weekly newspaper called the Pacific Grove Press, has been sending what she described as harassing emails and making calls to her employer, the office of Monterey County Supervisor Wendy Root Askew where she works as an executive assistant, as well as to city officials.

“Mr. Miller then takes his ongoing harassment to the next level and writes about it in his paper,” McAdams states. She claims his actions have “taken an emotional toll” on her and that she remains “in a state of fear.” She also claims he’s disrupting her work.

Miller denies he’s done anything wrong. He says he’s a journalist who’s doing his job covering an elected official. Miller writes a 2,000-word weekly column called “View From The Rocky Shores,” where he routinely reports on and criticizes city officials with a noticeable focus on McAdams. Since starting the column in September, he’s reported on and taken her to task for numerous items, including more recently missing parts of Council meetings or leaving early.

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Letters From The Editor – Canceling Feast Of Lanterns

History being rewritten. Jenny McAdams seems to hate the feast.

FOL mug


Lantern festival honors Chinese
Lantern Festival celebrations began around 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE). The holiday’s exact origins are somewhat unclear. Several different origin stories are used to explain where the festival came from. One of the most common stories is that Emperor Ming was a supporter of Buddhism and after he learned that it was customary for Buddhist monks to light lanterns on the 15th day of the first lunar month, he decreed that imperial palaces and individual households should do the same. This concept lives on as today’s Lantern Festivals.

The woke people who want to stop the Feast of Lanterns in Pacific Grove may be trying to end a longtime Chinese custom. What gives them the right to dictate what should be canceled as part of their cancel culture. I have always believed that the Feast of Lanterns honored the Chinese people and their decedents who settled in Pacific Grove. Why do so many traditions and customs have to be removed from our lives?

— Vince Tuminello, Pacific Grove

Cancel Feast of Lanterns?
First, the PG city council unanimously endorsed transforming the Monarch Inn into an ocean view homeless shelter, without the knowledge of the owners. Now, PG Councilwoman Jenny McAdams, along with 300 whining woke malcontents who signed a petition, want to permanently cancel the Feast of Lanterns due to alleged “cultural appropriation” of Chinese culture.

In the era of wokeness, it’s suddenly racist to enjoy and explore other cultures? Does McAdams and her followers want to further deprive PG of needed tax revenue and the income for the vendors at such events?

These whiners should stop ordering Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican food for fear of being called misappropriating bigots.

Maybe they should pool their money and buy the Monarch Inn so they can have a safe space to pout.

— Gregory D. Lee, Pebble Beach

Letters From The Editor – Canceling Feast Of Lanterns

Jenny McAdams Ignores The Woke Groups She “Cares” So Much For

Went to a conference and failed to show up for a vote. No doubt she must have been politickin’ or something at the cost of over $4,5000 in Pacific Grove money. I’d demand she pay it back.

However, according to League of California Cities official Darla Yacub, who ran the voting booth at the conference, McAdams never voted — meaning she did not fulfill her obligation as Pacific Grove’s delegate. Voting took place Sept. 24, the last day of the  conference.

“Jenny McAdams did not vote at the general assembly business meeting for the 2021 annual conference,” Yacub said in a Nov. 10 email message to city manager Ben Harvey. “There was neither a signature form completed by Jenny McAdams, nor was the ballot for the City of Pacific Grove picked up.”

McAdams and other delegates were asked to vote on amendments to the League of California Cities’ bylaws, which included recognizing the “full contribution” of its African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, Latino and Women’s caucuses, and broadening the groups’ representation on the league’s board of directors.

Jenny McAdams Ignores The Woke Groups She “Cares” For

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference


jenny lied

Council voted to appoint McAdams as our voting delegate and have taxpayers pay for her to attend the conference:

See Resolution 21-027
The City of Pacific Grove hereby appoints Councilmember Jenny McAdams as voting delegate to the League of California Cities annual conference in Sacramento, California.

McAdams left the conference early without ever voting, then tries to weasel her way out of it.  When she gets called out for it, she lies about it. She even drags in her youngest son, Vax (real name is Max), to justify her pathetic actions.

The Weakly Squid writes

McAdams’ colleagues never saw her and asked City Manager Ben Harvey whether she cast P.G.’s ballot. Harvey was notified by a League official that the city’s ballot was never picked up, nor returned. When Harvey pressed her, McAdams pointed to photos of herself at the conference but didn’t answer whether she voted. Poduri asked her point blank if she voted and she never answered him, either.
McAdams tells Squid’s colleague the League is mistaken. She claims she did pick up a ballot and turned it in before leaving the conference early to pick up her son from school. But a League spokesperson confirms the only way to vote is in person.

Hmm. The emails reveal something else: a duck and dive by McAdams, who tried to deflect from herself by focusing on Amelio’s and Poduri’s failure to turn in a conference report to council, as required by law. Poduri submitted one in time for a Dec. 1 council agenda, in which he states that he and Amelio attended the conference. McAdams’ name is conspicuously absent.

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference

Power Corrupts, Does Jenny McAdams Have The Power?

Power to get her underage child a vaccine?

A Pacific Grove councilwoman who has passionately urged citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19 apparently thought it was so important that she misrepresented her son’s age to get him inoculated against the disease. Multiple sources told The Pine Cone that Jenny McAdams, 46, first elected to the council in 2018, admitted to them that she misled health officials so her youngest son could get immunized. The Food and Drug Administration has only authorized the vaccine for children 12 years and older, but McAdams’ kid — an elementary school student — is several years younger than that.

Power Corrupts, Does Jenny McAdams Have The Power?

More Pay And Benefits For Serving On Council?

And badges! Don’t leave out the badges.

Mayor Badge

Councilwoman Jenny McAdams, who was elected last fall, said the current pay, “unless you’re retired and wealthy,” is a “deterrent” to those considering running for office.
A 100 percent raise would cost taxpayers an additional $43,680 annually, the city said.
The council also weighed the idea of giving members medical benefits and cell phone stipends.

More Pay And Benefits For Serving On Council?