Falcons Have Flown The Coop – BUT

Open dumpsters are acknowledged as a problem.

Mark Brodeur, with the city, says the gulls are all but gone. Brodeur, the city’s community and economic development director, came up with the idea to bring the falconer in after seeing the tactic work in San Antonio, where he was working. He says there is a noticeable difference now in downtown, where seagulls had become a nuisance

Brodeur said there are still three spots in town where the seagulls are frequently being seen. He said all of the three spots are homes to open dumpsters. Brodeur said they have asked the businesses with the dumpsters to close them and expects this will solve the problem.

Falcons Have Flown The Coop – BUT

Classical Is Out, Crooners Are In At KNRY

Bring back the rock and roll of the sixties/seventies. That’s when 1240 AM was great.

KNRY 1240 Sign


Saul Levine, owner and president of Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Inc., said the new format, which debuts Monday, will blend standards recorded by legends such as Doris Day, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis and Dean Martin with modern interpretations of the classics by contemporary performers like Diana Krall, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Bublé and Steve Tyrell.

Classical Is Out, Crooners Are In At KNRY

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse

Common sense solutions go by the wayside as planners think up more ways to win the war on cars.


Are there improvements we can look forward too? Yes there are, but the stakeholders have to come together and agree what’s best for the community of Monterey in this mecca of tourism.

Planners with the City of Monterey have been working on this issue for over 10 years. 9-11 was the beginning of the mega traffic issues after access across the Presidio was cut off. That left Lighthouse Avenue and the Holman Highway as the only funnel points off the peninsula.

Progress is slow on the Lighthouse avenue corridor. Since 2010, planners have been presenting ideas in workshops to make Lighthouse Avenue one way and Foam Street one way in the opposite direction. Planners have also proposed more plans for mass transit, bicycles and pedestrians and down played vehicles.

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse

Walking The Streets Of New Monterey Are Unsafe At Night

Guns and knives. Eeek.

About 10:30 p.m., the suspects approached a man and a woman walking on Spencer Street, between Irving and Prescott avenues, and demanded money.

One of the victims was robbed of his wallet, police say. Neither one of the victims was injured.

After being robbed, the victims said they last saw the suspects run toward David Avenue.

Both assailants were described as being in their early 20s, wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. The suspect armed with the revolver had his face covered with a bandana.

Streets Of New Monterey Unsafe At Night

Unleash The Falcons On The Gulls!

Never did see the hawks out flying. I think having bird expert walking the streets with a falcon distracted people from noticing all the gull poop. After all, the real problem remains unchecked.

The Falcon

A sense of urgency to get seagulls to fly the coop. In recent years, they’ve become a nuisance and health hazard to the people who live, work and visit the area.

“The poop everywhere doesn’t make the town look very attractive to shoppers,” local business owner Janneke Rowland-Wolken said.

“You don’t want to be nasty towards the seagulls, they are part of our small little town here. But you do want to treat the problem and I think it’s a nice and environmentally friendly way,” Rowland-Wolken said.

Monday was orientation day for the birds. Once they get comfortable with the environment, they’ll be out flying around Thursday or Friday of this week. But that’s not the end of Mardin’s work. She’ll probably be back this summer when tourism picks up and more people are dining outside when gulls are there for the free food.

Unleash The Falcons On The Gulls!