More P.G. Dogs In Trouble

Dogs doing what dogs do, either being social or defending their territory. It’s crazy to think that they will obey voice commands.

In the December attack, the two German shepherds, Lola, 2, and Bear, 11, owned by Monty Reitz, jumped Reitz’ 4-foot fence and ran toward Tule, a 2-year-old female Labrador owned by Casey Conover Houston, and began biting the dog, according to Davis’ report. Houston had been visiting her parents, the Conovers, who live next door to Reitz on Crocker Avenue.

In order to protect her dog, Houston said she “threw herself on top of her dog and screamed for help,” Davis wrote.

Although Tule didn’t suffer any lasting injuries, Houston said since the attack, the dog has had a difficult time socializing with other animals. “She acts a lot more scared now,” Houston said.

Could the dog be scared that whenever another dog comes near that a person is going to dive on top of her and scream? And when the rescue dogs try to drag her out from under the screaming woman, the woman fights off the rescuers?

More P.G. Dogs In Trouble

They Gave It All Their Heart And . .

Heart & Soul. Mix of beauty parlor and requisite art gallery and jewelry store.

Lasted little less than 5 months

Beginning of year:

Alexis Everett says she has always been interested in hair styling and finally decided to bring her “Heart And Soul” to Pacific Grove and open her own business
PG Hometown Bulletin, 1/2/08

heart and soul

less soul

Sign in window, early April. Knew it was a loser back then, eh?no failure

They Gave It All Their Heart And . .

Sevengill Shark Goes To Fish Prison

A 9-foot-3-inch female sevengill shark is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s latest addition, just in time for the busy Memorial Day weekend.

Sevengill sharks are found in waters up to 2,700 feet deep off the Pacific coast from Southern California to British Columbia. They feed along the ocean bottom much of the time, and are believed to enter coastal bays to give birth.

Yah, but what’s it eat?

The sharpnose seven-gill shark feeds on bony fish, rays, small sharks, squid and crustaceans.

Sevengill Shark Goes To Fish Prison

Council Approves Old Bath House Restaurant Remodel

admin’s concept:
Old Bath House Wienerschnitzel

The plan also calls for expansion of the restaurant from 92 to 128 seats, the addition of a 570-square-foot outdoor seating deck and ADA improvements within the restaurant, including a wheelchair lift, bathrooms and seating configuration.

The Old Bath House shut down in November 2005 after the city decided not to renew the lease with longtime operator Dave Bindel, who got behind about $30,000 in rent.

The concept also includes demolishing the Lovers Point public restrooms, which mayor Dan Cort called an “eyesore,” and installing new ones on the first floor of the restaurant.

So the thousands spent on repairing the fire damaged cinder block restrooms were a waste of money?

The kiddie pool at Lovers Point would also be removed and in its place a year-round picnic area would be built.

There goes another thing that the residents use, to be replaced by another picnic area where weddings take place.
Old Bath House Kiddie Pool

Council Approves Old Bath House Restaurant Remodel

Washington Park Suicide Was In The Restroom

Alicia Austin used a handgun to end her life at about 8:05 p.m. May 16 in a bathroom at George Washington Park, according to Pacific Grove Police. Numerous young children and teenagers were in the park at the time.

“We received a call of a shot heard in the area of George Washington Park,” said police Cmdr. Tom Uretsky. “As one of our officers was responding to that, he saw some juveniles running out of the park. They had gone into the restroom and had found the victim there.”

Uretsky declined to say what type of gun was used. He also wouldn’t say whether the woman died in the men’s or women’s restroom for fear it would become a “tourist attraction” for curiosity seekers.

Washington Park Suicide Was In The Restroom

Asilomar Deals With ADA Compliance

On Tuesday, the California State Parks began accepting proposals for a 20-year contract to manage Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds. The hospitality management company that gets chosen, once the bidding process is closed in August, will oversee the development and management of the conference center and its lodging facilities.

A major part of that development, said Mat Fuzie, Monterey district superintendent for the state Department of Parks and Recreation, will be to bring the Pacific Grove facility into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA Brevity

Asilomar Deals With ADA Compliance

Downtown Burglars Strike Again

In Letters To The Editor, Jane Roland Writes

I manage the Animal Friends Rescue Project Treasure Shop in Pacific Grove on 17th Street. On May 8, I went into the store as usual shortly before 10 a.m. After the preliminaries involved with preparing for the day, a customer arrived. I removed the cover from the cash register and discovered the drawer open and the money gone. The machine was broken and the keys taken. Everyone was alerted, the police were called and business resumed. The next day the same thing occurred. While it is considered a break-in, all of the locks were changed and further precautions were taken.

Not a new MO. There was a gang of teens burglarizing businesses at one time.

Downtown Burglars Strike Again,

Gay P.G. Police Officer Suing City

A gay Pacific Grove police officer – who claims he was subjected to jokes and ridicule and was turned down for promotions because of his lifestyle – has filed a lawsuit in federal court.

In the April 3 lawsuit filed against the police department, former police chief Scott Miller and current chief Darius Engles, Sgt. Darrin Smolinski claims for about 10 years he was the target of harassment and discrimination, and that little was done by supervisors to stop it.

“Smolinski was told that there is disapproval of his lifestyle within the department” and colleagues “have made remarks relating to Smolinski’s anatomy in relation to his sexual orientation,” according to his suit.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, parallels a claim Smolinski filed with the city in August 2007, in which he said he endured a hostile work environment. The officer was hired by the department in 1997

Gay P.G. Police Officer Suing City