New Monterey Police Blotter – November 2007

Graffiti and recreation trail robberies. What attracts the bad guys to New Monterey?

11/1/07 Business 700 block of Wave St, reports an unknown to have broken a window to his business.

11/2/07 Citizen 800 block of Hawthorne reports two personal Union bank checks taken.

11/2/07 Peace disturbance 700 block of Taylor

11/2/07 Citizen reports unknown to have struck and damaged his white 2006 Ford F-250 while parked in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

11/2/07 SOUZA, MARK and DODION, JOHN, JR were arrested for fighting in the 600 block of Hoffman.

11/3/07 Citizen reports unknown to have vandalized his vehicle while parked in the 400 block of Tyler.

11/3/07 Citizen 800 block of Belden reports the theft of his bike

11/4/07 MPD towed a white 82 Ford P/U for expired registration over 6 months at Foam/Prescott.

11/4/07 MPD reports finding graffiti to the men’s public restroom located at Reeside and Cannery Row, adjacent San Carlos Beach. Approximate cost of repair: $25.00.

11/4/07 Citizen 700 block of Taylor reports an unknown to have stolen a black and grey Plan B skateboard from inside of his garage.

11/5/07 Traffic accident versus a parked vehicle in the 600 Block of Lighthouse.

11/6/07 Citizen 600 block of Oak St reports vandalism to her tree and swing in the backyard of her residence.

11/6/07 Citizen 500 bock of Hawthorne reports the theft of his rear license plate.

11/7/07 MPD towed a black 1998 Lexus for expired registration over six months from Lighthouse and Reside.

11/7/07 City of Monterey Parking Division, reports finding cash in the Cannery Row Garage.

11/9/07 Traffic accident versus cement post at 171 Lighthouse.

11/9/07 Business 700 block of Foam reports unknown to have struck and damaged 10′ of wood fencing at the rear of their business sometime during the night.

11/9/07 MPD reports graffiti painted on the Recreation Trail between Wharf #1 and Cannery Row.

11/9/07 Male juvenile was placed under citizen’s arrest for shoplifting from Nob Hill 900 Lighthouse.

11/10/07 MPD towed two cars from Cannery Row for the KIDS 3K Fun Run event. A Blue Honda Accord and Gray Ford Escape were towed by California Towing.

11/10/07 MPD towed a white Toyota Camry for blocking a private driveway on the 300 block of Prescott

11/11/07 MPD towed a Silver, 04, BMW, 325i, from 660 Cannery Row for being parked in violation of local ordinance.

11/11/07 Citizen reports being the victim of strong arm robbery on the rec trail at Del Monte.

11/12/07 MPD reports graffiti on the SBC electrical box in the 300 block of Drake.

11/12/07 CAMPBELL, TYLER was arrested for resisting arrest at Wave and Irving. Additionally charged with Jaywalking and possession of marijuana.

11/13/07 Resident 700 Dickman reports a burglary to his residence.

11/13/07 MPD reports graffiti to the Stohans building at 484 Cannery Row.

11/13/07 MPD investigates graffiti on the Recreation Trail- 100 ft. north of Reeside spray painted in the wood fence on the west side of Rec. Trail.

11/13/07 Citizen reports unknown to have struck his Toyota Avalon while parked in the 2200 block of Withers.

11/14/07 MPD investigates graffiti on the north wall of Prescott at Lighthouse

11/16/07 Citizen reports an adult male to have possibly fired a shot at her vehicle in the 400 block of Lighthouse.

11/17/07 HARLEY DAVIDSON 700 Cannery Row reports unknown to have stolen a black, Harley Davidson leather jacket.

11/19/07 Trailside Cafe, 550 Wave, reports unknown to have stolen plants from the front of the business facing the recreation trail.

11/19/07 HUDSON, GLENN was cited for an open container in the 200 block of Dickman.

New Monterey Police Blotter – November 2007

Pacific Grove Holiday Guide

Tonight what is maybe the ugliest public holiday Christmas tree is lit. Jewell park.
Ugly Tree Daylight

Stillwell’s Snow In The Park at Caledonia Park – December 1st. Good fun, Santa hitches a ride on a fire truck.
Caledonia Snow

Christmas At The Inns promises some fare for the cheese & wine mooches. December 4 & 5.

More alcohol in a wine tasting held at the Chamber of Commerce. Lose your senses an buy something you wouldn’t if you were sober.

Holiday Parade of Lights, December 6.
Hpol Caddy

Candy Cane Lane – It’s the most fun holiday sight in P.G, and it’s so real it does not have ANYTHING to do with luring shoppers to town.
Ccl 2001

Ccl Soldier Close Up

Pacific Grove Holiday Guide

“Black Friday” In P.G.

Black Friday

You could take a nap in the middle of Lighthouse Avenue. Bargains and gifts on everybody’s wish lists cannot be found in PG. Except for a precious few in search of some phony charm or cranked out paintings, people shopped elsewhere.

But Moe still gets in the pulpit and cheers on the citizenry to shop local.

Moe Ammar Dont Buy American

Go get ’em Moe. Mayor Cort listens with all his might.
Dan Cort Dozing recommends shopping in Sand City or the new center in Fort Ord for good selection, discount prices and safe shopping. Avoid Salinas if you value your life – gang violence is widespread this holiday season.

“Black Friday” In P.G.

Tourist Promoter Takes Drunken Drive Through Store

And it was the BBQ sauce on the car that helped police catch up to the arrest . .

Geoffrey David Langkamp

Police said Geoffrey David Langkamp 28, drove his silver 2007 Toyota FJ through the store’s front doors and through numerous displays, products and other items. Employees discovered the mess shortly before 5 a.m.

Using a hubcap, broken turn signal and other car parts found inside the store, officers visited a Toyota dealership and identified the kind of vehicle involved in the escapade, said police spokesman Phil Penko.

A close inspection of Langkamp’s car revealed glass fragments on the roof that were from the store’s doors, police said. Barbecue sauce that was in one of the store’s displays was slathered on the vehicle’s wheels and door wells.Langkamp told detectives he didn’t remember driving through the store, Penko said.

Langkamp told detectives that he was drinking earlier that night, Penko said.

Langkamp is listed as director of interactive media for, which several years ago began setting up information kiosks for visitors in Cannery Row and other high-traffic attractions.

No one ever said drunks were smart – must be why the dorky looking guy didn’t crawl home and report his SUV being stolen.

Tourist Promoter Takes Drunken Drive Through Store

Ah, So She Wants The Other Dog Dead. And $$


Ospina’s suit contends she was denied due process because of the switch from city to state law. It also alleges the hearing officer ignored witnesses’ accounts about which dog attacked. Ospina is seeking attorney’s fees, court costs and unspecified damages.

Her complaint was reviewed in closed session Tuesday by the Pacific Grove City Council. Assistant city attorney Heidi Quinn reported no council action was taken.

Let’s kill every potentially vicious dog that comes to P.G. Keep your mutts at home.

Ah, So She Wants The Other Dog Dead. And $$

Psst! Morrie’s Free Golf Deal Is Off

Old Grumpy Golfers

A settlement that would have given former Pacific Grove Mayor Morrie Fisher a lifetime discount on playing fees at the city’s municipal golf course has been unanimously rejected by the Pacific Grove City Council.

City Attorney David Laredo brought the settlement, reached through mediation out of court, to the council Nov. 5 and the council appeared receptive at the time. Laredo said both parties agreed that pursuing Fisher’s lawsuit to recover his free golf wasn’t worth the potential expense, and that settlement would allow city officials to concentrate on more pressing business.

Psst! Morrie’s Free Golf Deal Is Off

Business Slow? Re-Route The Tourists

On Tuesday, the City Council approved placing directional signs that would route motorists on Ocean View Boulevard up to Lighthouse Avenue so they could travel through “historic downtown Pacific Grove” on their way to the fabled drive.

The sign would have eastbound drivers hang a left at 17th Street, go up to Lighthouse and turn right, rather than simply go straight and follow Jewell or Pacific avenues to 17-Mile Drive.

Looks like the first plan to send them up Grand fizzled. And what happened here long ago that makes it so historic anyway?

But really. The Pebble Bound tourists are more likely to follow the shoreline to see the true beauty of P.G. What is better to see and stop to look at?

The coastline that is often called “The Poor Man’s 17 Mile Drive”

Shoreline 071121

Magic Carpet 2011

Point Pinos Lighthouse Postcard

Or do the really want the Tourist Trappings like junkyard garbage,

Junk Yard Purse

. . and rusty yard decor.

Miss Trawicks Rusty Yard Decor

What would you choose?

Business Slow? Re-Route The Tourists