Those Substainable Reusable Tote Bags Will Kill You

Single use plastic bags are always more sanitary.

California Bag Ban

Safeway and Albertsons say if you bring your own bag, employees will not be able to touch them or fill them, so you’ll have to do your own bagging. Some stores, like the Safeway at 6310 College Ave. in Oakland, have a large sign informing customers of the policy change. At others, you might not learn about it until the cashier rings you up.

The policy is not unique to supermarkets. Trader Joe’s, Total Wine and More, Target and dollar stores are reportedly following similar procedures.

Those Substainable Reusable Tote Bags Will Kill You

Water From The Toilet To The Tap In California

Skipping the water at the table. Give me a Nomonning, sugary soda with a plastic straw.

Toilet to Tap

Water that once coursed through city sewers may soon find new life coming out of your home faucet.

New regulations approved Tuesday by the California State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California municipal drinking water.

Water recycling is part of the California Water Action Plan and Senate bills 918 and 322 direct the Water Board to investigate creating regulations for direct and indirect potable reuse.

Water From The Toilet To The Tap In California

Downtown Aerodome – Stockton Changes Airport Name To Fool Tourists

Stockton Dangerous City

Runaway Mayor’s roost looking to escape it’s blighted image thinks by adding “San Francisco” to its airport name will attract the foolish tourists looking for the Golden Gate only to be stranded in Stockton.

Chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Stockton are 1 in 74. In S.F. it is 1 in 127.

P.G. is ahead of the game, years ago they tried hanging to Pebble Beach’s pay for the pavement fame with “17 Mile Drive —> signs on every corner.

So San Joaquin County is now considering adding “San Francisco” to its airport’s name, and not only that, SF gets top billing.

If the county Board of Supervisors approves the rebranding Tuesday, it’s goodbye boring “Stockton Metropolitan Airport,” hello glamorous “San Francisco Stockton Regional Airport.”

Downtown Aerodome – Stockton Changes Airport Name To Fool Tourists

Downtown Defalcator – Stockton Mayor Arrested For Theft From Kids’ Club

Runaway Mayor’s Stockton peer gets new charges.

Silva, 42, was transported to the San Joaquin County Jail, where he was held in lieu of $1 million bail. He faces grand jury charges of grand theft, embezzlement, profiteering, misappropriation of public funds and money laundering. A white-collar crime enhancement was imposed on all charges, which indicates a “pattern of related felony conduct” and the theft of more than $100,000.

Silva’s attorney said the allegations may be retaliation after the former mayor beat back a felony charge in a previous case in which Silva was accused of using a cell phone to secretly record a strip poker game in his bedroom at a city-run youth camp for underprivileged children. Authorities also alleged that Silva made alcohol available during the game. One of the participants was a 16-year-old boy

Downtown Defalcator – Stockton Mayor Arrested For Theft From Kids’ Club

Downtown Deviant – Stockton Mayor Arrested For Strip Poker With Teen Boys

Suspect Mayor plugged our own Runaway Mayor’s book.

Stockton Mayor

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was arrested Thursday on charges that he supplied alcohol to underage counselors at a city-run youth camp in El Dorado National Forest and surreptitiously recorded a group of young people — including a 16-year-old boy — playing strip poker in Silva’s bedroom at the camp in August 2015.

Amador County prosecutors said Thursday that the FBI had retrieved 23 photographs and four video clips from his phone — images they said revealed things that had happened at the camp the previous month.
Prosecutors said witnesses at the camp informed FBI agents that Silva had given alcohol to the participants in the strip poker game, who were all under the age of 21, including a 16-year-old boy.

Downtown Deviant – Stockton Mayor Arrested For Strip Poker With Teen Boy

S.F. Chronicle Schlocks Pacific Grove

Credited to a Mark C. Anderson. Is that one and the same as the editor of the Coast Weakly? Must be why the list of places to leave money at looks like an accounts receivable for ads roster from the same tabloid.

Check this one out – the expert flubs the location in the article. Where is Grove Avenue any way?

Arm thyself for a picnic on the water at Grove Market and Pavel’s Backerei, two institutions that sit opposite each other on classic small-town drive Grove Avenue. Deli sandwiches, fine cheeses and classic counter service beckon at the timeless neighborhood market; celebrated chocolate-bellied croissants, superior breads and cream-cheese danishes await at Pavel’s, if they haven’t sold out.

S.F. Chronicle Schlocks Pacific Grove

Highway 68 Tour By A Hack Frisco Writer

Awful whiny story. Calls El Camino Real “The 101” like some sort of LA type. And the pesticides that get into schools – well who builds schools next to a toxic vegetable field?

CA SR 68

I started my own journey at the head of 68, Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds, where rooms were running almost $300 a night. The highway took me first through Pacific Grove, a prosperous village (low unemployment, a median house price north of $700,000, little poverty). I had to turn right to stay on 68 near the gate to 17 Mile Drive, which takes you to world-renowned resorts.

Then I turned northeast, as 68 joined up with Highway 1 for 2 miles, before splitting again near Seaside, not far from where Tesla Motors plans to open a new sales center

On my own drive, I reached Salinas and followed Highway 68 past Salinas High and through downtown to where it ended at the 101.

In Salinas, there is resentment toward the other end of Highway 68. Some ask why Monterey environmentalists don’t fight as hard against pesticides that get into Salinas schools as they do against coastal development. Others complain that Monterey is a magnet for jobs, which relegates Salinas to serving as a place for people who can’t afford to live near their work on the peninsula.

Highway 68 Tour By A Hack Frisco Writer

Deer Are Losing Their Hair

Baldness cures always seemed like a viable business in P.G.

Deer Baldness


Since 2009, researchers have collected hair and blood samples from more than 600 deer and elk with symptoms ranging from a scruffy-looking coat to almost complete baldness, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

So far, the hair loss has been linked to an invasive species of biting lice that normally feeds on fallow deer native to Europe and Asia. The deer respond by biting and scratching, which researchers believe could be leading to the hair loss, Greg Gerstenberg, a senior wildlife biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the Chronicle.

Deer Are Losing Their Hair

Medicinal Pot Not Affecting Mexican Drug Wars

The bloody battles continue south of the borders.

Fifteen years after voters approved Proposition 215, permitting medicinal marijuana use, strong varieties like those produced in Northern California’s so-called Emerald Triangle dominate the market. Weaker Mexican pot, once the weed of choice for the 1950s Beat generation and the 1960s flower children, is less popular, according to drug policy experts and law enforcement officials.

But overall, sales of Mexican marijuana continue to earn that nation’s violent drug cartels as much as $2 billion a year.

Medicinal Pot Not Affecting Mexican Drug Wars

Got An Itch?


An invasive snail recently discovered in San Francisco Bay has brought along its own unwelcome stowaway: a parasitic worm responsible for only the second known outbreak of “swimmer’s itch” along the Pacific Coast of the United States.

Swimmer’s itch, or cercarial dermatitis, normally crops up in freshwater. It is an immune system reaction caused when a certain type of parasite emerges from snail shells and attempts to burrow into a host’s skin. Usually, the parasite – a microscopic flatworm with a forked tail – bores into the legs and feet of birds, hitches a ride in the bloodstream and settles in the intestines to breed.

Got An Itch?