P.G. Chamber Of Commerce – What’s Your Job?

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce has launched three fundraising campaigns for various projects throughout the city:

• Furnish the teacher’s lounge at Pacific Grove Middle School.

• Funds for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary for more trees in the center of the sanctuary and a new drip irrigation system<

• Funds to assess the antiquated streetlights on Candy Cane Lane that require special and expensive maintenance.

All noble causes. But shouldn’t the COC be working to bring some commerce to town? They are out begging for $$ while storefronts remain empty.

PG Chamber Of Commerce – What’s Your Job?

Monterey Fireworks Barge Beached

A large ocean swell wreaked havoc in Monterey Harbor on Wednesday night, dislodging Monterey’s fireworks barge and four boats from their moorings.

The barge, known as Sparky, had been anchored in the water just off Del Monte Beach, on the east side of Monterey Municipal Wharf No. 2. It broke free despite being secured by a “double-anchor, fail-safe system,” said Scheiblauer.

Mother nature knows nothing is failsafe.
Beached Barge 1

Beached Barge 2

UPDATE – Barge pushed & pulled back out to sea.

The city used an 85-foot commercial fishing boat owned by the Pennisi family combined with contractor Steve Wendt’s bulldozer to refloat the 60-ton beached barge.

Scheiblauer did not have the total cost tallied on Tuesday, but he estimated the bill to be up to $7,000.

Barge Afloat

Monterey Fireworks Barge Beached

S.F. Police Rake In Parking Ticket Fees

Catching parking scofflaws in San Francisco has become easier with the help of high-tech cameras that scan license plates in search of cars saddled with unpaid citations.

A city parking crew operating the new system can almost instantaneously find cars with at least five outstanding tickets. A two-person team roams city streets with two small cameras mounted atop their unmarked vehicle. The cameras can scan 250 or more plates an hour.

And when a match is made, the crew attaches a yellow metal boot to the front wheel, removing it only after the tickets are paid.

Parking Favaloro Truck

Aint that cool? Could get more $$ from the merchants that park all day in 2 hour spots.

SF Police Rake In Parking Ticket Fees

Lawyer Falls To His Death In Seaside

In what police describe as a “probable” suicide leap, a prominent Monterey Bay Area attorney fell at least nine floors to his death at the Embassy Suites Hotel Monterey Bay in Seaside the morning before Christmas.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m. Sunday, officers found the body of Aptos attorney Paul Sanford in the west end of the hotel lobby, where he had landed on a large ventilation grate.

Police Capt. Steve Cercone said horrified guests were eating breakfast in the atrium at the time, and a number of witnesses saw Sanford fall from somewhere between the 9th and 12th floors.

Lawyer Falls To His Death In Seaside

P.G. Kids Turn In Lost Wallet

When a couple of sixth-graders from Pacific Grove Middle School found a wallet on the sidewalk in front of the school last week, they saved Christmas for (the Whitis) family in Texas.

“I just want you to know how impressed I am with the quality of students at Pacific Grove Middle School,” Whitis wrote school administrators on Thursday. “How easy would it have been for them to take the money and toss the wallet into the trash! Instead, they did what was right. They took it to the office so it could be returned to the very distraught owner.

“I have been in education for 26 years, and it is always heartwarming to know how wonderful young people can be. Thank you for what you have done to instill such wonderful values in their young lives. Their act of kindness saved Christmas not only for my daughter, but also for her entire family in Texas. I see your students as a Christmas miracle, and for that I want to say thank you.”

P.G. Kids Turn In Lost Wallet

Police Blotter

PGbull Header

Can I sue someone who says or writes something defamatory about me?

In order to prove defamation, you have to prove that what was said or written about you was false. If the information is true, or if you consented to publication of the material, you will not have a case.

Search the Herald for some research. I did and was surprised to find another article about domestic violence, financial troubles and more at another one of the Favaloro’s restaurants. Check it out, December 14, 2004.


Police Blotter

Extreme Geocaching Brings In The Bomb Squad

Deputies responded to a call Monday reporting a possible explosive device on Jolon Road, three miles south of King City.

A state work crew cleaning the road shoulder found a three-inch long PVC pipe with end caps and a thick wire protruding from one end.

The bomb squad deployed its new robot, affectionately known as “Boomer,” and reported that the package was “blown to pieces.”

It was then that officers discovered the item was actually a “hidden treasure” planted in the oak tree by a geocaching club.

The clubs, growing in popularity around the world, use Global Positioning System instruments to find hidden items after reading clues and GPS coordinates.

Check with geocaching.com for some helpful advice about leaving odd packages out in the wilds:

Please use common sense when choosing a location for your cache. Do not place your cache in any location where it might be confused with something more dangerous.

Whatever the container, make sure to mark your cache so that someone who doesn’t play can figure out what it is. Most folks mark the container with Geocaching.com, the name of the cache, and any contact information they feel is necessary. More info is better than less.

Extreme Geocaching Brings In The Bomb Squad

The Butterfly Hunters

Rounding up butterflies can be as difficult as herding cats. Ventana Wildlife Society biologists gathered in Pacific Grove early Tuesday, intent on catching, tagging and releasing at least 1,000 of the estimated 6,000 monarch butterflies clustered in the Monarch Grove Sanctuary’s eucalyptus trees. The butterflies did not make themselves too available.

Only 500 were resting in the trees on the 2½-acre sanctuary. The rest congregated in pine trees on adjacent private properties, which were off-limits to the research team.

Monarch Cluster

“as difficult as herding cats” Crikey!! LOL

The Butterfly Hunters

Cannery Row Construction Affects Some Merchants

Since August, a portion of Cannery Row has been closed to traffic and parking to accommodate construction.

Marsha Edwards, owner of Dippin’ Dots ice cream shop, next door to the construction, said she thinks the lack of parking right in front of her shop may have something to do with the slow sales she’s seeing.

Across the way at Bubba Gump’s, public relations manager Dave Trombetta said the restaurant is attracting just as many diners as it does during an average year.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is seeing a regular stream of visitors and hasn’t needed to make any extra efforts, said Ken Peterson, senior public relations manager for the aquarium.

Cannery Row Detour

Advertising makes people aware. Even if the Aquarium is well known it still advertises. Bubba Gump advertises. Since I visit the Row about as often as 99% of Americans (which is hardly once in every 5 years) I don’t know whats down there besides the Aquarium, Bubbas, Paradiso and the stuff that’s been there over 50 years like the Bear Flag, Kalisas and Wing Chong building.

Cannery Row Construction Affects Some Merchants

Water Bills Going Up Up UP

(The) . . surcharge approval comes on the heels of a 20 percent general rate increase approved by the PUC last month.

That increase covered all rates, including those paid by commercial users, which tend to be higher than than what consumers pay. The 10 percent surcharge is the consumer portion of that increase.

By time the 10 percent rate increase is reached, the average consumer’s bill will rise from the current $31 to $34 a month, said Cal Am spokeswoman Catherine Bowie.

And I used to think that gas stations and cable TV were bandits.

Water Bills Going Up Up UP