Marina Appoints Jenny McAdams To City Council

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Click the keyword Jenny McAdams and read all about the experience she can bring to Marina:

Jenny McAdams Under Investigation About Campaign Funds

Says Biological Males Can Get Pregnant

McAdams Triggered By Facebook Comment

Jenny McAdams  Calls Police Over Internet Post

Lied to get her child a Covid shot

Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Spent $4,500 to attend and vote at a conference recognizing the “full contribution” of its African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, Latino and Women’s caucuses and did not  cast a vote

Cheats On Her Property Tax

jenny lied

At the meeting, McAdams said she is fully prepared to serve the city of Marina “diligently and effectively” drawing from her experience of serving as a council member of another city, among other accomplishments.

in the end, Mayor Bruce Delgado, Mayor Pro-Tem and District 4 council member Liesbeth Visscher, District 1 member Brian McCarthy and District 2 member Kathy Biala, unanimously voted to appoint McAdams who will represent District 3.

District 3 is the airport and how appropriate, the hog farm. As a Marina homeowner, I will not vote for Bruce Degado in 2026 or Kathy Biala in 2024 which may not matter in this city but will have no respect from me.

Marina Appoints Jenny McAdams To City Council

Golf Course Grill Operator Charged With Defrauding Government Of $4 Million

Aqua Terra operated the Point Pinos Gill at the PG Golf Course. No stranger to getting free money from the government, they got $100,000 in back rent there forgiven by the city in 2011.

Monterey caterer Dory Lindsay Ford has been charged with defrauding the government out of $4 million in COVID-relief funds the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern California District announced.

A federal grand jury returned an indictment charging Ford with various crimes including bank fraud, three counts of wire fraud, and two counts of money laundering, according to a press release from the Northern District of California.

Ford, 57, of Monterey, operated Aqua Terra Culinary, Inc.,

indictment  alleges that Ford used the COVID-19 loan and grant money to purchase real estate properties in the country of Belize, to invest in the stock market, and to fund a different business venture instead of using the loan money for proper expenses, such as payroll costs, rent or mortgage payments, and supplies.

Golf Course Grill Operator Charged With Defrauding Government Of $4M

Was That A Gorgeous Postcard Of Monterey?

Winter storms, power outages, cancellations and an early end to the “golf world gravitas”.

“It seems the organizers are trading a little bit of the levity for a big increase in golf world gravitas,” said O’Keefe. “Making it a bigger and more serious golf world event. That will only benefit Pebble Beach and Monterey County’s tourism economy in the long run.”

O’Keefe explained that the new format should have a two-tier benefit starting with the broadening of the audience of serious golf fans who will attend, and secondly, the broadening of the broadcast audience with fans tuning in from the across the country and around the globe. He sees the tournament as “a gorgeous postcard of Monterey County broadcast” on all kinds of screens around the world.

Was That A Gorgeous Postcard Of Monterey?

Coyotes At The Beach Eating Seal Pups

The more seals we protect, the more predators we attract.

Wile E

A study has shown that coyotes hunt harbor seals and their pups. This newly observed dynamic could have consequences for the region’s marine mammal populations.

The headless bodies began turning up in 2016, and Grimes wasn’t able to pin down what was behind them. She suspected it might be coyotes, as she had found tracks in the area — but coyotes were not known to go after live marine mammals.

Coyotes At The Beach Eating Seal Pups

Two Arrested From Lovers Point Murder Attempt

Kids in the park at night.

Two women from Seaside were arrested in connection to an incident at Lover’s Point Park involving a gun. Ashley Aragon, 18, and Jennifer Javier-Ramirez, 20, were arrested for conspiracy, while Javier-Ramirez was also arrested for vandalism, and were booked into the Monterey County Jail.

Two Arrested From Lovers Point Murder Attempt

Hate Crime Vandalism On Pine Avenue

Mikhail Faybyshev arrested.

Mikhail Faybyshev

The night of Dec. 3around 9:16 p.m., officers responded to a report of vandalism in the 300 block of Pine Avenue after the victim — identified in the daily log as a 37-year-old female reported she was sitting in her car “when a male suspect approached and began to scratch letters into the vehicle.”

Hate Crime Vandalism On Pine Avenue

RHNA Goals Are Out Of Reach

RHNA – Newsome’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation. Only one thing to do, force residents that have extra unused bedrooms to rent them out to the low-income population. It’s The Substainable Thing To Do.

Rooms For Rent

The Housing Element addresses a range of housing issues such as affordability, housing types, density, and location, and establishes goals, policies and programs to address existing and projected housing needs.

Pacific Grove’s RHNA number sits at 1,125 units expected to be added by 2031, a huge challenge for a built-out city with limited space for new housing and some of the most expensive housing along the Monterey Peninsula.

As a result, Pacific Grove will be hard-pressed to provide housing at the low-income level. The state dramatically increased RHNA numbers on the city. The last RHNA requirements in the period of 2015 through 2023 were set at 115 units. From there to the current 1,125 units is an increase of 878%, with little or no explanation about why such a pronounced jump.

RHNA Goals Are Out Of Reach

Tourist Bureau Don’t Want No Blind People

How does one See Monterey when they are seeing impaired?

Trolley Riders

As part of the rebranding, the tagline that has been used for more than 10 years, “Grab Life by the Moments,” is giving way to a new brand platform, “Find Your Way Here,” which is said to be more than a tagline, as it is an open invitation to not only travel to Monterey County but to seek connectivity within, according to the organization.

The organization hopes to build upon the momentum of last year’s Long Term Strategic Plan, meant to guide the destination and tourism economy into the future. The new 2023-24 Business Plan continues the ongoing effort to drive the potential growth of $2.2 billion in incremental visitor spending over the next decade, said See Monterey.

Tourist Bureau Don’t Want No Blind People

Elephant Seal At Lovers Point

Keep humans off the beach, sharks can’t be far behind.

A weaned northern elephant seal pup was spotted at Lovers Point Wednesday. According to Giancarlo Rulli, a spokesperson for the Marine Mammal Center, the center’s response team placed signage in the area due to the popularity of Lovers Point and the growing crowds.

Elephant Seal At Lovers Point

Are You Ready To Fight Godzilla El Nino?

El Nino

Since 1951, there have been 26 El Niño events. Of those, 11 have been weak, 7 moderate, 5 strong and 3 very strong. Overall during all of them, rainfall in Southern California averaged 126% of normal. In the Bay Area it was 109% of normal.

During two of the three very strong El Niños, the winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98 were among the wettest in recorded California history, with massive Sierra Nevada snowpacks and major flooding.

The third, in 2015-16, was something of a bust. Hyped as a “Godzilla El Niño,” that event did see big winter storms, but they ended up hitting Oregon and Washington, dashing hopes of breaking a California drought, which didn’t end until big storms finally arrived in 2017.

Are You Ready To Fight El Nino?