New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2010

12/2/10 Towed vehicle on Lilly and McClellan.

12/2/10 Theft from motor vehicle on Withers Avenue.

12/2/10 COVINGTON, LINDSEY was arrested for felony vandalism on Lighthouse.

12/2/10 MCSO was aided in the arrest of COVINGTON, LINDSEY on Lighthouse Ave.

12/3/10 Robbery on the Rec Trail.

12/3/10 DENNY, SHAWN was placed under arrest for the theft and for being under the influence of a controlled substance on Artillery by Pacific.

12/3/10 Traffic accident on Lighthouse and Irving

12/3/10 CONSIGLIO, ERIC was arrested for vehicle burglary on Wave St.

12/3/10 Traffic accident at Lighthouse and McClellan.

12/3/10 Harassing phone calls on Devisadero Street.

12/4/10 Shoplifting on David Avenue.

12/4/10 Individual reports being battered on HWY 68.

12/4/10 FORD, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for battery on Cannery Row.

12/4/10 Suspicious circumstances on David.

12/5/10 Brandishing a knife in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

12/5/10 Stolen air compressor from Irving.

12/5/10 Vehicle burglary on Prescott.

12/6/10 Traffic accident at David and Hawthorne.

12/7/10 Graffiti on Lighthouse.

12/7/10 Found wallet on the Rec Trail at Prescott Avenue.

12/8/10 Stolen sports equipment and school items from an unlocked vehicle on Hawthorne.

12/8/10 Traffic accident at David and Oak.

12/8/10 Vandalism on Wave.

12/8/10 Transient was the victim of a battery in the vicinity of Lighthouse.

12/9/10 CITY OF MONTEREY reports unknown to have stolen 4 exterior box lights on Archer.

12/9/10 Suspicious circumstances in the 500 block of Lighthouse.

12/11/10 Towed vehicle from Lighthouse Tunnel.

12/12/10 Citizen contact in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

12/14/10 Traffic accident at Prescott & Spencer.

12/14/10 GARCIA, CALISTA was cited for driving on a suspended license, unsafe speed through the tunnel, and unsafe lane change from Foam and Cannery Row.

12/14/10 GARCIA, CALISTA was arrested for a warrant at Foam and Cannery Row .

12/14/10 GARCIA, JOHNNY, was arrested for DUI on Lighthouse.

12/15/10 Longley, Kaitlyn was arrested for DUI in the 300 block of Drake.

12/15/10 Found property on Laine Street.

12/15/10 Graffiti to the retaining wall of the harbor

12/15/10 LAMB, ALAN was arrested for public intoxication and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on David Ave.

12/16/10 MCDANIEL, TERESA, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at Lighthouse and Drake.

12/16/10 Hit and run collision at Foam and David.

12/18/10 Lost wallet in the 600 blk of Cannery Row.

12/19/10 Commercial burglary on Lighthouse.

12/20/10 Vandalism on Irving Ave.

12/21/10 Towed vehicle on 428 HAWTHORNE ST.

12/21/10 Towed trailer from the 700 block of Archer Street.

12/21/10 Automobile accident in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

12/23/10 BALLIN, MITCHELL and JUVENILE were arrested for public intoxication at Cypress and Hoffman.

12/23/10 Lost credit card in 700 block of Hawthorne .

12/23/10 Theft by use of credit card on Lighthouse.

12/23/10 Gordano, Lance, was arrested for public intoxication on Lighthouse.

12/23/10 LAMB, ALAN was arrested for public intoxication at Irving and Lighthouse.

12/24/10 Theft of a purse on Lighthouse.

12/25/10 Davis, Divioka, was arrested for DUI at Eardley and 4th.

12/25/10 Theft from vehicle on Oak St.

12/26/10 Vandalism on Lighthouse Avenue.

12/27/10 HARE, TIMOTHY, was arrested for public intoxication on Archer.

12/28/10 Vehicle vandalism on Wave.

12/28/10 WARNICK, Daren was placed under citizen’s arrest on Cannery Row.

12/28/10 Fall of person on Drake at Hawthorne.

12/28/10 BISHOP, CAMERON, was arrested for providing false information on Cannery Row.

12/28/10 MCSO was aided in the arrest of BISHOP, CAMERON on warrants on Cannery Row .

12/28/10 LLOPIS, STEVEN, was issued a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana on Foam St.

12/29/10 Theft on Cannery Row.

12/29/10 Found wallet on Cannery Row.

12/30/10 Traffic accident on David and Cannery Row.

12/30/10 MILLER, JACOB SCOTT was arrested for DUI at Irving and Lighthouse.

New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2010

Lighthouse Lodge Fails To Pay $231,602 In Taxes

Hasn’t made a mortgage payment since March ’09?

Lighthouse Lodge

Yelp Reviews

According to bankruptcy documents filed Dec. 15, Lighthouse Lodge LLC, employed 35 workers and in the last fiscal year had $3.2 million in gross revenues. It owed about $8.7 million on a to Orix Capital Markets, had $291,000 in “priority” unsecured debt and $5.7 million in other debt, owed to more than 175 suppliers and other vendors. Court records show the property was valued at $18.5 million and the company had $213,000 in cash.

The owners apparently stopped making payments on the mortgage sometime before March 2009, when Orix declared the loan in default. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Johnson ruled Dec. 28 the inn should be sold to pay off creditors.

Lighthouse Lodge Fails To Pay $231,602 In Taxes

P.G. Woman Shows Anti Christmas Spirit

A bit anti American too. Says to give instead to corrupt third world nations. Nah.

If anything at all, look around a little closer to home.

A Pacific Grove woman believes many of the planet’s most daunting problems — world hunger, clean water, treating all AIDS patients, educating the masses and saving the rainforests — could be eliminated if Americans reduce their holiday spending by just 1 7percent and commit that money instead to a humanitarian effort.

She said a spending reduction of $334.20 per person — money that instead could be donated to humanitarian-focused nonprofit organizations — would heal many of the planet’s most-serious maladies.

“I was extremely surprised at what I found,” she said. “About a year ago, a cousin posted a Facebook video that stated that Americans spend $450billion each year on holidays, but only $10billion was needed to provide clean water for everybody on the planet. That really shocked me. Is that all it would take? If that’s the case, maybe these huge problems could actually be solved.”

P.G. Woman Shows Anti Christmas Spirit

DUI From P.G. That Ran Over Campers Goes To Trial Soon

“We’re hoping to go with that date in January,” she said this week. Petrick, who was 25 at the time of the accident, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol for felony DUI and taken to Monterey County Jail after allegedly driving over Carmel High School student Ryan Marden — son of Carmel River School principal Jay Marden — with his 2007 Toyota Tundra pickup truck while trying to get up a hill. Marden and a friend had been in sleeping bags on the ground when the accident occurred shortly after 2:30 a.m. May 2, CHP public information officer Bob Lehman reported at the time, and Petrick was reportedly unaware what he had done until passengers in his truck yelled.

DUI From P.G. That Ran Over Campers Trial Soon?

Registrar Of Voters Gets DUI In P.G.

Alcohol arrests & DMP, they go together it seems.

Monterey County Registrar of Voters Linda Tulett, 43, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 19, after a Pacific Grove police officer pulled her over on David Avenue for speeding, according to PGPD Cmdr. John Nyunt.
“She showed objective symptoms of intoxication and was right at the [DUI]limit,” he said. Tulett, who lives on Funston Avenue in P.G., was taken to the police station and held there until sober. She was released just after 4 a.m. with a citation to appear in court on the charge.

Registrar Of Voters Gets DUI In P.G.

Burglars Having Record Success In P.G.

Even if you lock things up, scum may cause damage costing more to repair than the lost item.

Almost a dozen victims reported thefts and burglaries to P.G. police between Dec.14 and 20, with the bulk of them — nine — occurring the night of Dec. 15 or the morning of Dec. 16. Eight of those vehicles were unlocked, according to police, and the ninth had its convertible cover cut.

In addition, thieves stole computers, a phone system and keys from the Anton Inn on Dec. 3, someone took a television from a rental property on Dec. 18, and a suspect tried to break into a Lighthouse Avenue business Dec. 19 or 20 but failed to get through the window or the back door. Nyunt said parolees, drug addicts and gang members are hitting his city and other Peninsula locations, because they know the prey is easy.

Burglars Having Record Success In P.G.

Estates On The Bay Lawyer Confident In The Outcome

Mark. Those. Words.

Update 2015 – they were found guilty.

An attorney for a Pacific Grove real estate company accused by Monterey County prosecutors of fraudulent practices said Thursday the case is without merit.

“We are confident that will be the outcome,” said Bill Daniels, a Monterey attorney representing Estates on the Bay Inc.

The District Attorneys Office this week filed a civil complaint against the company and co-owners Susana Silva and Deanna Gobert accusing them of falsifying loan applications, recommending transactions to pump up their commissions and advising loans without regard to clients’ best interests.

Estates On The Bay Lawyer Confident In The Outcome

Estates On The Bay Sued

Real estate people – sheeshe.

A civil complaint filed against a Pacific Grove real estate company by Monterey County prosecutors accuses the firm and two sisters who own it of engaging in fraudulent business practices.

The suit, which seeks a permanent injunction, civil penalties and restitution for consumers, was filed Monday against Susana Silva and Deanna Gobert and their company, Estates on the Bay Inc.

Silva continued to solicit clients, negotiate loans and prepare loan applications though the company told state real estate officials that she divested her interests in the firm and was no longer its supervising broker, the suit says.

Estates On The Bay Sued

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Substainable P.G. type idea to make travel by car less desirable. Look at the picture, there is enough room on Pine Ave for 4 traffic lanes, curbside parking and bike lanes to nowhere.
Pine Avenue 1980s

Earlier this year, the Pacific Grove Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Commission made efforts to carry out a 3-lane conversion on Pine Avenue, with one lane each way and a center turning lane, adding bike lanes on each side. Amid mixed public reaction to the proposed project, the idea has been postponed and Public Works has completed a re-paint of the street in its familiar, 4-lane configuration. No plans for a 3-lane conversion are in the works at this time.

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Pollacci Trail For New Added Rape Charges Set For February 10

Tom Pollacci

Pollacci, who was living with his parents in Pebble Beach before he was jailed for raping a Colorado woman in the loft of his family’s Lighthouse Avenue liquor store and then leaving her at the hospital with a serious head injury in April 2008, stands accused of raping two more women who came forward during the investigation of that case and his trial this year.

According to investigators, Pollacci raped Jane Doe 1 in April 2007 and Jane Doe 2 twice in the fall of 2008. Deputy district attorney Mike Breeden and public defender Michelle Wouden are next set to appear in Duncan’s courtroom on the Pollacci case on Feb. 10, 2011, when the judge will consider any motions the defense wants to file.

Pollacci Trail For New Added Rape Charges Set For February 10