Alleged Murder Plot In New Monterey


Di Stylo
Around 3 p.m., officers arrested Monterey resident Di Stylo in the 600 block of Spencer Street on suspicion of attempted murder and solicitation, according to police.

Officers began investigating Stylo after they received information Tuesday that Stylo was planning on poisoning her mother in an attempt to kill her, police said.

Officers were then able to gather evidence that confirmed she had taken steps to carry out her plan, according to police.

Alleged Murder Plot In New Monterey

Trees Vs Gravity On Pine St

Glad it did not fall on anyone like in the butterfly grove.

Pine ave

Chaikin admits she hadn’t thought much about the conditions of the city’s trees until a limb from a eucalyptus fell on her car on April 30, damaging its roof. After trying several times to reach someone at the city to report the matter, Chaikin said she ended up hiring an arborist to come survey the situation. She has since been in touch with the city.

Trees Vs Gravity On Pine St

Taxing The Aquarium Admissions Back In The News

I think they do this to every new City Manager to introduce them to the town since they are never a current or previous resident.

Consideration of the tax comes after last week’s council meeting when City Manager Ben Harvey presented revenue-generating ideas for the city. That’s when councilman Dan Miller made a motion to consider putting an admissions tax on a future ballot, a move that could potentially drive up the cost of ticket prices at the aquarium, but also raise $700,000 for the city of Pacific Grove.

“The wear-and-tear done on our roads and infrastructure is by people who are coming here for admissions for one area event or another,” said Miller. “You have to just start saying, ‘They pay other taxes like a gas tax, sales tax except not admission to an event.’ Why is that special? It shouldn’t be.”

Taxing The Aquarium Admissions Back In The News

Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season

When the tourists roll into town with their SUVs and rented Hyundais they are easy to spot on the roads and we can drive defensively.  But these little yellow bug specks can jump out of nowhere.

Rent A Sea Car

There are several Sea Car options, depending on what you want to see and spend. The descriptions below are for a car loaded with a preset GPS route and that holds two people. A few larger cars are available, as are “Sea Car Scoot Trikes” ($30 per hour).

One hour tour ($60): Highlights include historical buildings around downtown Monterey, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row and Lovers Point.

Two hour tour ($110): This tour does all of the above, plus Pacific Grove’s downtown, and allows time for stops. Prefer to follow a guide? Sea Car offers guided two-hour tours ($130, reservations required), as well.

Three hour tour ($160): This is a good option if you know the area and just want to plug in your smartphone and listen to music while you cruise. (Note: No freeways allowed.)

Careful with that three hour tour ( a three hour tour…), if the weather gets rough you might be stranded in Sand City. Have plenty of coconuts and a professor along if you can.

Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

Why not make all the tourists ride bikes. Put up a gate at the tunnel, resident cars only.

Expect delays

Construction on the Holman Highway Roundabout project is expected to begin in June. The project, up at the intersection of 17-Mile Drive and state Route 68, will likely push a lot more vehicle traffic onto Lighthouse Avenue, a Monterey artery that is already frequently clogged.

“Come 3 p.m., 3:30 p.m., it starts to back up, and from that point until about 7 p.m., it’s pretty slow here,” said Jason Costanza, who owns Monterey Seibuken Academy, on Lighthouse Avenue.

Monterey is hoping rather than getting frustrated with even more traffic this summer, people will take a new route to work.

“We want to get people to walk, and we want to get people to bike,” said Andrea Renny, with the city’s traffic and engineering department.

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

When A Vehicle Burglar Is Caught, Others Move Right In

Caught a thief from Marina. If only there were some cops or something to patrol the streets maybe the thieves would go somewhere else.

Nicklaus Hall, 18, remained in Monterey County Jail this week without bail.

“We verbally told him that he was under arrest and to stop, and we caught him and took him to the ground,” Lakind said, adding that Hall probably tried to run because, “he was wanted, so he knew he was going to go away.”

Hall had a no-bail warrant for violation of probation from the previous burglary, according to Lakind, and police linked him to at least five other vehicle break-ins, which have become commonplace, in the area.

But even with Hall in jail, Pacific Grove police are still battling thieves. “We had a few more the other night, after he was arrested,” Lakind said.

When A Vehicle Burglar Is Caught, Others Move Right In

Highway 68 Roundabout Booster Has No Clue

I think the TMAC in its entirety has no clues.

The roundabout works like this – once you enter, you yield to oncoming traffic and you can only go right. TAMC officials said the one way turns make it safer than drivers trying to turn left against oncoming traffic.

First if you see oncoming traffic in the roundabout you are going the wrong way. Second you yield to traffic that is in the roundabout when you are entering the loopy thing.

Here’s a video clip of what possibly could be a TAMC official in a Marina roundabout

Highway 68 Roundabout Booster Has No Clue

Where’s Ottmar?

What is he hiding from?

A Pacific Grove High School girls’ basketball coach has been on paid leave since last September — and has collected more than $60,000 in paychecks — but officials won’t say why he’s off the job and whether or not he’ll return.

Ken Ottmar, who is also an English teacher and the activities director at the school, has been paid $63,020.02 since Sept. 27, 2015, the date he was placed on leave.

Ottmar has coached several sports in the district, including boys’and girls’ basketball, football and golf, PGUSD human resources director Billie Mankey said.

Where’s Ottmar?

What Stores Have In Store At ATC Hotel

Parking Meters Ocean View

Now that Pacific Grove residents have passed Measure X, the detail design, approval process and environmental study are next in line for Project Bella, the five star hotel which could be built after the American Tin Cannery is bulldozed.

“We have made a commitment to make this if not the most sustainable building in the United States, certainly the most sustainable buildings, not just hotels but buildings in general,” said Crall.

As developers map out the 225 rooms and suites, shops and more, businesses inside the American Tin Cannery are wondering what’s in store for them next.

Next? The highest substainable rent for an art gallery or restaurant in the substainable states of America. Substainable Substaining Substainability.

What Stores Have In Store At ATC Hotel

P.S. Substainable!

Here Comes More Second Home Buyers

Real Estate barons selling out the town. AND blocking sidewalks.

Kelller Williams Sign In Way

Recently Pacific Grove is seeing a renewed interest from the southern end of the Bay Area. About 35 percent of the homes in Pacific Grove belong to people who do not live there full time.

“It’s just the last small hometown,” said Keller Williams/Monterey Peninsula Home Team realtor Jeff Davi. “It’s way out here on the Peninsula and it’s relatively quiet. It’s so safe and the prices are even less expensive than San Francisco.”

Since they’re only home on the weekends, second home buyers don’t use fire, police and other municipal services as often, even though they pay the property taxes for them.

“They’re [SIC] kids aren’t showing up at parks and recs, their kids aren’t crowding our schools,” explained Brouder.

On the flip side developers told KION second home communities make neighborhoods feel more like a ghost town. They’re also not shopping as much, so they aren’t contributing a lot to the local economy. Add to that, they’re competing for houses with locals who may not have big bucks and that has created some resentment.

Here Comes More Second Home Buyers