New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2007

Still lots of graffiti reports. Looks like the gangs have moved in for good . .

12/2/07 Lighthouse Television & Video 400 block of Lighthouse Ave. reports unknown to have vandalized (graffiti) their wall.

12/2/07 Citizen reports unknown to have vandalized her vehicle in the 1800 block of David Ave.

12/3/07 Citizen reports the theft of construction tools while working in the 2000 block David.

12/4/07 MPD towed a 82′ tan “Coleman” trailer that was parked at 1600 block of David for expired registration over 6 months.

12/4/07 Citizen 500 block of Belden, reports an individual to have struck his parked vehicle while conducting a parking maneuver.

12/5/07 BARAJAS, JANET was cited for driving on a suspended license and speeding at Del Monte and El Estero.

12/5/07 Citizen reports unknown to have smashed the front windshield of her silver 02′ Ford while parked in the rear parking lot of the Sardine Factory.

12/6/07 Graffiti was found spray painted on a rock along the recreation trail south of Drake.

12/7/07 PAHALAD, RAJIV was arrested for Felony DUI after colliding with a light pole in the center median of Lighthouse just south of Foam. Passenger severely injured.

12/7/07 Traffic accident versus a parked vehicle in the 600 block of lighthouse.

12/7/07 Citizen reports her cat was attacked by two dogs in the 600 block of Lily.

12/8/07 Traffic accident versus a parked vehicle in the 100 block of Lighthouse.

12/9/07 MPD aided in the water rescue at 32 Cannery Row

12/9/07 Citizen reports graffiti to a utility box at 400 block of Foam.

12/9/07 Citizen reports graffiti to two utility boxes along the north wall of the 400 block of Lighthouse.

12/10/07 Mutual combat in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

12/10/07 TURNBEAUGH, ADAM was arrested for public intoxication in the 700 block of Irving.

12/11/07 Citizen reported an unknown substance, possibly fiberglass resin, splattered on her vehicle while parked at 600 block of Lighthouse.

12/11/07 JEWETT,DANIEL was cited for possession of an open container of alcohol at Prescott & Lighthouse.

12/11/07 Citizen reports unknown to have filled the gas tank of her tan, 1997 Ford F150 pickup, with sand or sugar, while parked in the 1700 block of David.

12/12/07 Monterey Public Works reports, “Tagging” on the signal boxes at Lighthouse and McClellan.

12/14/07 Citizen reports another citizen to have struck her vehicle at Cannery Row and Hoffman.

12/15/07 Citizen reports unknown to have hit his vehicle and leave the scene at Lighthouse and Drake.

12/15/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was cited for an open container at Prescott and Lighthouse.

12/15/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was cited for possession/drinking an open alcoholic beverage in public in the area of Lighthouse and Prescott.

12/16/07 Citizen reports unknown to have burglarized her white vehicle on Hoffman, E of Hawthorne.

12/17/07 Citizen 300 block of Belden reports the theft of his set of golf clubs from his unlocked vehicle.

12/18/07 Citizen 2300 block of Prescott reports seeing a prowler outside his residence. Suspect is described as a white male adult 5-9, brown hair, with dark colored clothes.

12/23/07 Citizen reports a burglary of his 1999 Toyota Tacoma Truck in the 500 block of Irving.

12/24/07 Citizen fell and injured herself in the 800 block of Cannery Row.

12/27/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was cited for open container of alcohol in public at Prescott and Lighthouse.

12/28/07 Male juvenile was arrested in the 400 block of Cannery Row for vandalizing (spray paint graffiti).

12/29/07 Citizen 2000 block of Withers reports unknown to have stolen three bicycles from his carport.

12/30/07 Citizen was the victim of a fall in the 400 block of Cannery Row.

12/31/07 Citizen reports losing his wallet in the 800 block of Cannery Row.

12/31/07 Citizen reports unknown to have entered his unlocked vehicle while parked in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2007

Letters From The Editor

The battle is brewing between the come-heres and the been-heres. Do we sell out to tourist machines or hang on to the shreds of small town livability?

P.G. should not be L.A., Michael Zambory

in desperation an attempt is made to sell the city to an entrepreneur in exchange for the use of the golf course and various city facilities on a seasonal basis over an extended period of time. Never mind the effect on the city and its residents, just think of all that money. . . What price should we place on the peace of mind of the residents affected by visitors filling our neighborhoods?

Don’t trash our course, Roger Pasquier

The reason the Concorso Italiano didn’t make it in Pacific Grove had nothing to do with local residents. It was the Coastal Commission.

The chamber (of Commerce) seems to think the only way to get people into P.G. is to hold big events. Downtown business has been eviscerated by this mentality.

Letters From The Editor

More Online P.G. Restaurant Reviews



At the very least, have a snack before you leave home. The crowd seemed sort of old-money, country club, tennis snobbish.


The Boston clam chowder wasn’t piping hot, however it was thick, the way I like it, but I didn’t get much ‘clam’.


great before. These were, alas, bad. Tasteless goo. I’m sure the tourists will LOVE it, like they love Fisherman’s Wharf and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Like morons do. Ga-hilk.


Lovers Point deserves sparkly windows. The floor in the restaurant was also filthy and the air inside was not as fresh as it could be-

Tillie Gorts

I’d never had a bad tuna sandwich…til I ate here. C’mon, crack open the can, throw in some mayo, how hard can it be?

Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro:

This place has all the ambiance and romance you want, with a nice fat side of pretentious, mostly the clientèle of course. I came here with my boyfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary and left unimpressed with the service and accommodations. We felt discriminated and really, the food wasn’t that great for me. I’ve had better clams! Anyhow, the experience left me disappointed and hurt, so I wrote a letter to the owners. I explained my experience in detail and got a call a few days later. Maria, one of the owners understandably defended her family business and yet was very accommodating and offered me a gift certificate. If only in response to my uncomfortable experience did I in turn offend her. So 3 stars on the account of Maria’s efforts and the fact that they are a family business. I don’t intend on returning with the gift certificate. What am I supposed to say “Hey I’m the girl who totally dissed your business with a big fatty letter and now I’m back, so feed me for free?” nah, I don’t think so


WHACK!!! lots of old people. Overpriced breakfast with bad coffee. $8 for two pieces of “french toast”, are you serious?
The waitress hurries and let’s the hostess know she does not want us in her section because she already has one table…..Well……I’m tall and dark, and came in with a beanie on. It was blatant racism by one person

Red House:

Sometimes you get somebody sweet and helpful, but thrice I have dealt with this snotty, rude college-age girl with blond hair. had the crab cakes and almost gagged upon the first bite–fishy in that BAD fishy way, bits of crunchy i-don’t-know-what.

The waiter suggested a basket of fries for the table and assured us that they were worth the price of $3.50 a basket. Shoestrings with a smidge of garlic. Wow! Cutting edge. A girlfriend ordered extra cheese on her sandwich and was charged an additional $3.50 for that as well. I guess that is there way of telling you You’re in PG now.

Lighthouse Cafe:

made a big mistake in ordering the salmon benedict though. I paid dearly for ordering that–it was too salty and I had extra servings… errrr, shavings of pubes. Not the way to start your day!

More Online P.G. Restaurant Reviews

Candy Cane Lane – Tradition Of Over 50 Years

Toy Soldier? Always thought he was the Nutcracker. His jaw opens and closes when his arms move

Ccl Soldier

“The whole idea is to do it for the kids,” Jones said, “and see their faces light up.

“There’s nowhere else in the city to go and see something like this.”

A fixture in the neighborhood has been a giant robot constructed by retired Pacific Grove Fire Capt. Howard Cowen that used to grace the city fire station’s front lawn. The robot wore a firefighter’s hat and turnout gear when it was displayed at the fire station. Now it greets visitors on Cowen’s front lawn at Beaumont and McFarland avenues, reincarnated as a giant toy soldier.

Candy Cane Lane – Tradition Of Over 50 Years.

Two Possible Revenue Enhancements For P.G.

Op Ed article by David R. Henderson.

Do you really think that P.G.’s library, street repair, tree trimming, and landscaping are run as efficiently as they could be? What are the odds of that given that they have not had to face competition for decades? According to the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank in southern California, contracting tree trimming and landscaping creates savings of 16 to 35 percent. So, let’s put it to a test, a market test, in Pacific Grove and see what kind of savings the city government can reap. And if it works for those services, let’s extend it to other government services.

“not had to face competition” is right – but also have not had to face discipline for poor work habits.

There’s another option to consider: expand the tax base. I’m not advocating a tax increase. Rather, the city government should liberalize its rules to allow peaceful activities that are not now allowed. The city does not allow bars, even though bars generate substantial tax revenues. How about allowing one or two and see what happens?

And how about allowing fast-food restaurants so we don’t have to go elsewhere? The only fast-food restaurants the city government has allowed in Pacific Grove are McDonald’s and Subway. Those who don’t like such food don’t have to buy it.

Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Common sense hospitality that can bring back the families that don’t have the need for snooty bistros or $30 bottles of wine.

Two Possible Revenue Enhancements For P.G.

Seals Taking Over The P.G. Shorelines

The city’s Beautification and Natural Resources Committee submitted a report to the Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday noting that Pacific harbor seals are crowding the west beach of Hopkins Marine Station and, in 2006, some mother seals used the beach west of Fifth Street to bear pups.

All recommended that the city establish a plan to keep the seals off the beach. Once ashore and pupping, the experts said, the seals own it.

The policy, they said, should discourage “haul-outs” by seals by chasing them back to sea if they come out of the water, by banging on pots and pans, using other noisemakers, scarecrows and human presence.

Be careful when you ask for radical conservation and nature preservation, you just might find yourself banned from your own public beaches.

Here’s a suggestion:
Seals And Bag Pipes

Seals Taking Over The P.G. Shorelines

P.G. Man Spits At Carmel Cops In DUI Arrest

The altercation occurred after police took Soney Bae into custody for suspected drunken driving and drove him to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for a blood test because he refused to submit to a breath test, according to Cpl. Steve Rana. “He kept on getting more and more aggressive and refused to walk with the officers back to the car,” Rana said of Soney Bae, who had also refused to identify where he lived and began yelling and swearing loudly in Japanese and English. “He broke away from them a couple of times. He got away but was stumbling drunk and fell down.” Bae then reportedly spat at one of the cops. The officers finally succeeded in getting him back in their car and took him to Monterey County Jail.

P.G. Man Spits At Carmel Cops In DUI Arrest

Aquarium Employees To Help Staff Mvsevm

What could go wrong?

The Mvsevm


Workers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium will help staff the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History until the city can develop a long-term plan to hire employees and become profitable.
The staffing is necessary because the city, as part of a reorganization to save money, laid off the museum’s assistant curator and eliminated the museum director job, effective with the retirement of Paul Finnegan, who is leaving his post in January. “Some of the aquarium’s guest services people will be working the main floor of the museum,” city manager Jim Colangelo told The Pine Cone.

Aquarium Employees To Help Staff Mvsevm

Thank Apollo, Solar Permit Fee Hike Rejected

The Pacific Grove City Council Wednesday rejected a bid to increase development permit fees by 15 percent and voted unanimously to cut drastically the fees homeowners pay for going solar. City manager Jim Colangelo recommended tacking on a 15 percent long-range planning fee on all development permits, something the council said needed more public input.

Only a “handful” of P.G. residents each year apply for a solar permits, Colangelo said.

Solar in P.G? That makes about as much sense as drawing heat from the bay or milking raccoons for sustainable protein sources.

Over in Santa Clara, there is a war between two neighbors. Get this, the Earth loving ones with the solar panels are suing to get the next door neighbor to CUT DOWN their redwood trees because they block the panels . .

A judge ordered Carolynn Bissett Treanor and her husband Richard Treanor, who live on the 1500 block of Benton Street in Sunnyvale, to trim or move two redwood trees on the north side of their property because they shade Mark Vargas’ solar panel installation, which is over the fence on the 3700 block of Benton Street in Santa Clara.

Thank Apollo, Solar Permit Fee Hike Rejected