Urinal Cake Thieves On The Loose

Please remind the tourists from Tennessee that the rock candy in the sinks are not for them…

An unknown culprit has been stealing the urinal cakes from the men’s restroom at the After Dark nightclub in Monterey.

The thefts have occurred on both weekends and weeknights for the past four week, according to nightclub owner Weldon Webb.

“We think he must be using a plastic bag to take them out of here,” said Webb, “but we haven’t seen anything suspicious so far.

Webb doesn’t think that another business is stealing the urinal cakes since the culprit leaves behind the toilet paper and paper towels. “It’s just very annoying,” said Webb.

Earlier this year, the club’s sign was stolen and later returned. Anyone with information regarding the theft or whereabouts of the urinal cakes is encouraged to call the After Dark, although Webb does not want the cakes returned.

Urinal Cake Thieves On The Loose