Newcomer Challenges Sham Farr

As one letter from the editor puts it, an empty chair would be preferable to Sam The Sham

With one candidate vanished from the 17th District House of Representatives race, two are still in the running for the position in November.
U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, who has held the seat since 1993, faces newcomer Jeff Taylor, a last-minute Republican write-in candidate who supplants Anthony De Maio in next Tuesday’s election. De Maio, a finance entrepreneur whose name remains on the ballot, did not return repeated calls for comment.

Newcomer Challenges Farr

Darius Engles Is The New P.G. Police Chief

Local boomerang makes chief.

Darius Engles, 51, who graduated from Pacific Grove High School in 1973, replaced Carl Miller, who retired Friday after 30 years with the department. He had served as chief since 2003.

Engles attended Monterey Peninsula College and then California State University-Sacramento, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He worked in the Sacramento area as a police officer for 10 years before returning to the Peninsula in 1985.

Darius Engles Is The New P.G. Police Chief

If It Rolls Downhill, Our Man Sam The Sham Is All Over It

And wants more tax dollars to research it.

Farr Piggy

To prevent future E. coli outbreaks linked to leafy greens, U.S. Rep. Sam Farr said Friday he will request $6 million in federal funds for food-safety research.

Farr’s comments followed a closed-door meeting of about 75 Salinas-area growers, agricultural officials and lawmakers who discussed potential strategies for making local produce safer and restoring the confidence of consumers in the wake of the nationwide E. coli outbreak.

Yep, throw more taxpayer money at it Sam, that’s your shtick. What about making the growers and sellers of contaminated food pay for the study? Here, I’ll do it for free:
E. coli is poop. Animals are pooping or spreading poop in fields. Keep animals out, or clean the food before selling it. No charge, Sam. Now get your grubby hands off my wallet.

If It Rolls Downhill, Our Man Sam The Sham Is All About It

Martha Vasquez Gets 15 Years For Cooking Oil Injection Death

Who wants to die from oil injected into their butt?

Martha Vasquez
Martha Mata Vasquez

Martha Mata Vasquez, 39, likely will be ordered to serve 15 years in prison under the plea deal with prosecutors. She initially faced a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Olivia Castillo, of Castroville. Prosecutors said Vasquez injected Castillo in the buttocks with corn oil, claiming it was an anti-wrinkle treatment she called “French Polymer.”

Stick with drawing eyebrows with a Sharpee, that’s not lethal.

Martha Vasquez Gets 15 Years For Cooking Oil Injection Death

Jason Chioino Files Claims Against County

County supervisors have denied two claims brought Tuesday afternoon by Jason Chioino, who is facing trial on three counts of possessing drugs with intent to sell.

One claim seeks compensation for allegedly being exposed to asbestos in the Salinas Courthouse. The second claim asserts that the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office improperly restrained Chioino, physically harming him.

Chioino’s record includes felony convictions for kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and breaking and entering. He has served two prison terms.

Chioino is awaiting a Nov. 9 hearing to set the date of his jury trial. He is representing himself, said prosecutor Anne Hill.

Concerned that he have been exposed to asbestos but uses meth? Can’t brush his teeth while shackled is the other reason, he has teethe after using meth? Sounds like the American Criminal Liberties Union is recruiting out at CJ.

This man was allegedly caught in PG with a pound of Meth. And now of a sudden he is all concerned about his health? I got a big claim in return – endangering me an my family by bringing dangerous drugs and their users to my town. The compensation? Lock him up for life.

Jason Chioino Files Claims Against County

Pebble Beach Worker Killed In Work Accident

An employee of the Pebble Beach Co. died after a workplace accident Friday, the Monterey County Coroner’s Office reported.

Cristobal Reynoso, 45, was working on a large lawn mower in the company’s maintenance shop at 7:25 a.m. when a 500-pound “blade wing” fell on top of him, causing fatal head injuries, the coroner said.

Authorities said Reynoso failed to lock the mower’s blade before it fell. He was taken to Community Hospital, where he died in the emergency room.

Pebble Beach Worker Killed In Work Accident

How To Pay Back The Golf Fund

Pacific Grove city staff members will be looking for ways to repay more than $1 million taken from the city’s golf enterprise fund during the past several years that was moved to three other city funds.

The City Council’s decision late Wednesday was based on a partially completed audit released by the Harvey Rose Accountancy Corp. earlier this month.

The auditors found that all money in each of the city’s 24 funds was accounted for. But it showed that several inter-fund loans were made without the consent or knowledge of past councils, and without proper documentation, including the transfer of more than $1 million from the city’s golf course enterprise fund to its sewer service, workers’ compensation and Chautauqua Hall funds.

Well some suggestions I’ve heard:
More metered parking.
Turn the shoreline into an RV park.
Nude 2007 City Council Calendars.
Tax churches.
Tax real estate transfers.

How To Pay Back The Golf Fund

Golf Money Loaned To Other PG Funds In 2003

More than $1 million was transferred from Pacific Grove’s golf enterprise fund to three other city funds, according to a partial audit report released this month.

Among other issues, the report by the Harvey Rose Accountancy Corp. focused on fund-to-fund loans, specifically more than $1 million of golf course enterprise money loaned to three other city funds as of June 30, 2003.

Hear-old reported it as 2005 – a serious error.

Golf Money Loaned To Other  PG Funds In 2003