Ben Harvey Gets Physical With Citizen

Spongebob Rage

The “lousy” City Manager was ignoring calls to fire Tina Rau.

Davis, 70, said when he asked Harvey why the DEI task force meetings were still only being held remotely and whether he would fire Rau or ask for her resignation for the social media post, Harvey told him the decision was not up to him. According to Davis, he responded by telling Harvey, “You are a lousy city manager and you ought to go back to L.A. where you got fired from your last city manager job,”

The comment, Davis said, triggered Harvey, who got in Davis’ face and accused him of harassing a secretary. Davis asked the secretary if he was harassing her and she shook her head no, according to Davis. “He went ballistic,” said Davis, adding that Harvey was screaming at him. “His nose was 2, maybe 3, inches from mine. Harvey had his finger in my face and I got angry. I can’t remember if I cursed, but I said, ‘Get your finger out of my face,’ and he started shaking his finger and he barely touched my nose.”

Ben Harvey Gets Physical With Citizen

Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

So the city’s distant city manager has a $40,000 investigation of Luke Coletti take place, only to have the complaints sustained.

And just who leaked the “documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source”? Either Ellis Investigations or Ben Harvey himself.


In January, Harvey filed a harassment complaint with the city’s human resources director. The city entered into a contract with Ellis Investigations on Feb. 11 to investigate the complaint, not to exceed $40,000, according to documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source.

Harvey’s three allegations against Coletti were sustained, according to an email sent on Oct. 10 from Harvey to the special counsel

Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

Mayor Peak Stoned Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Maybe the mayor needs to be in the city managers real hometown to know what’s going on.

“I was not aware that Ben Harvey was contacting cannabis companies in July,” Peake said. “I was surprised because there was no interest in a cannabis store shown by the council.”

Harvey said Monday there was absolutely nothing inappropriate about his conversations and meetings with Apothecarium, and that to do so is part of his job as a type of ombudsman between elected officials and business projects.

“Part of my job is to deal with prospective businesses,” Harvey said. “I routinely meet with people interested in starting a business here, whether it’s a retailer, restaurant, brewpub or a cannabis dispensary.”

Another criticism of Harvey is that he allowed the one company, Apothecarium, to help draft the ordinance that would then be presented to the council on Sept. 2. Harvey argued there is nothing out of the ordinary in doing this. And he is right in that industry helps draft legislation in Sacramento regularly.


Mayor Peak Stone Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Ben Harvey Says Close The Streets Off

Parklett Parking

So we can eat our $22 noodles out in the street with the seagulls.

“So far, we have identified two businesses that are in favor of the street closure out of 33 businesses in the two blocks,” Ammar said in a letter urging the council to not OK City Manager Ben Harvey’s plan and keep all of Lighthouse open to vehicles Besides being unpopular, Ammar said Harvey’s plan lacked transparency and would eliminate 48 parking spaces. The Monday farmer’s market shuts down Central Avenue, which means drivers trying to get through the area would have to be rerouted to Laurel or Pine avenues.

Ben Harvey Says Close The Streets Off

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Asilomar Tent Rooms

Monterey County District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams, who represents Pacific Grove, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific criteria for sites that can be used for quarantines. She said that’s why the state chose Asilomar to quarantine the passengers.

“Asilomar, a state-owned facility, is one of the places that was identified,” Adams said. “So as the people up in Oakland were trying to parse out all of the folks around the state to different places, each one going to a spot that was the right level of care for them, there were people who were identified that should be able to come and stay at Asilomar.”

Local politicos remind us that they did not invite or volunteer to take in the passengers. Might be bad for elections.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake said state officials informed City Manager Ben Harvey Tuesday afternoon.

“The city was not part of any decision-making process to bring people to Asilomar,” he said. “We learned of this after the fact, pretty much at the same time the public learned that the state had decided to bring people to Asilomar.”

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Better idea: bypass all the complicated water credit issues and send that toilet water straight to the new hotels.

Toilet to Tap

So it must have been a shock to P.G. City Manager Ben Harvey to receive a letter from the state water board on May 16, stating that the board was holding back on the payment because the city’s plan might be a breach of contract.

The issue appears to be a discrepancy of interpretations stemming from the water board’s 2009 order to the Monterey Peninsula to stop using water from the Carmel River. One interpretation is that due to the order, P.G. cannot keep any new water credits for itself – they all have to go back to the river.

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

P.G. Bella Players “Costly Mistake” Cited In Grand Jury Report

You need to approve it before you can see it. And the city manager that lives in another city needs to commute by jet. P.G. voters please don’t elect any more mistakes.


The mishandling of the failed luxury hotel project known as Project Bella ultimately cost Pacific Grove $100,000. That was the main finding of a recent Monterey County civil grand jury report investigating why the 160-room hotel development, which was proposed to replace the American Tin Cannery Outlets, failed to become a reality.

While Roufougar had also determined allegations that Harvey accepted paid airfare and other gifts from Domaine developer Ron Meer had no merit, the grand jury report looked deeper into Harvey’s part in a group membership into a private airline with his friend and sub-contractor of Domaine, Jared Ficker. Meer was also part of the membership.

P.G. Bella Players “Costly Mistake” Cited In Grand Jury Report

Harveyspeak: We’re Not Doing Work In A Nature Preserve . .

. . . We’re doing improvements to a recreation zone.

All to bring a car auction circus to the golf course. Will Morrie Fisher get free admission?

Red Ferraris On Golf Course

City Council unanimously authorized City Manager Ben Harvey to enter into a five-year agreement with Worldwide Auctioneers for the annual car auction special event to take place on the 18th fairway during Classic Car Week in August.

In doing so, council members also approved proposed changes to the golf course’s 18th hole designed to accommodate the auction event, which displays more than 60 vintage automobiles ranging in price from $50,000 to $2 million. Specifically, the improvements would involve leveling a portion of the hole, which includes grading and filling, cart path realignment and the installation of a pedestrian walkway along Asilomar Boulevard.

Harveyspeak: We’re Not Doing Work In A Nature Preserve . .

He’s Got A Ticket To Ride

To leave the the city he’s supposed to manage every weekend. Plus expenses.

Flying Ben Harvey

city manager Ben Harvey’s revised employment agreement includes a $4,000 per month reimbursement plan to fly to Southern California on the weekends to see his children and a $500 per month car allowance, according to the contract approved by the city council in late.

He’s Got A Ticket To Ride