New Monterey Police Blotter – September 2007

Car burglaries are out of control.

9/8/07 Citizen reports theft from his motor vehicle while parked on Oak.

9/9/07 MPD towed a white 1991 Mazda Protege from Laine and Hoffman for registration expired for over six months.

9/9/07 Citizen 800 block of Filmore reports unknown to have burglarized his vehicle

9/9/07 Citizen 500 block of Lighthouse, reports an unknown to have stolen her hand made, leather, backpack from the back of her motorcycle.

9/9/07 LOMBARDO, MEL TOMMY was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle) after intentionally striking a motorcycle at Pacific and Lighthouse.

9/11/07 Citizen reports vandalism to the door on the east side of the building at 871 Jesse, Hilltop Community Center.

9/11/07 Citizen 700 block of Lighthouse reports peace disturbance.

9/13/07 CINECON GROUP INC. reports burglary of their building under construction in the 600 block of Wave.

9/13/07 Citizen 800 block of Archer, reports unknown to have entered her unlocked vehicle.

9/14/07 Citizen 2200 block of David reports a burglary to his residence.

9/14/07 Traffic accident at Irving and Wave.

9/15/07 Traffic accident versus roadway and tree at Withers and Taylor.

9/14/07 Citizen reports being robbed by SKERBELIS, JESSE on the Rec trail approximately 400 ft. south of Cannery Row. SKERBELIS swung a knife the citizen and took his bike. SKERBELIS fled on the stolen bike southbound on the Rec trail. SKERBELIS was located on the Rec trail in possesison of a knife and the bike, and arrested on the bike trail near English.

9/16/07 Citizen reports being battered in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

9/17/07 Civil problem in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

9/17/07 BYRUM, HARVEY, JOHNSON, JAMAR and CASEY, JUSTIN were arrested for robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of cocaine, and possession of stolen property on the Rec Trail just south of Cannery Row.

9/18/07 Citizen 700 block of Taylor, reports the vandalism of her vehicle

9/18/07 Citizen 600 block of Lobos reported vandalism to her 02 Chevy.

9/18/07 Citizen 600 block Lyndon reported vandalism to his 01 Nissan.

9/19/07 Citizen reports unknown to have shattered the front passenger window to his vehicle while parked at Alice and Withers.

9/19/07 Citizen reports hit and run to his 2002 Mits. while it was parked in the 500 block of Lighthouse.

9/20/07 Citizen reported losing his black leather wallet while inside the aquarium.

9/20/07 Martin, Kenneth and Jewett, Daniel were cited for possession of open container of alcohol in public at Hawthorne and Irving.

9/21/07 Citizen 400 block of Archer reports unknown person to have make annoying phone calls to his residence.

9/21/07 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen his IPOD and wallet from an unlocked door of vehicle in the 300 block of Reeside.

9/22/07 Citizen 200 block of Hawthorne reports unknown to have burglarized her vehicle.

9/22/07 Citizen 200 block of Hawthorne reports vandalism to her vehicle.

9/22/07 Owner of Caffe Gelateria reports the theft of her tip jar, containing approximately $20, from the business.

9/23/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was cited for possession of an open container of alcohol at Prescott & Lighthouse

9/24/07 REYNOLDS, LARRY GENE was cited for open container at Foam & Irving.

9/24/07 HUDSON, GLENN was cited for open container at Scholze Park.

9/24/07 Male fell off his skateboard in the 800 block of Pine.

9/25/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was issued a citation for drinking in public at Foam and Irving.

9/25/07 Citizen 500 block Lighthouse, reports the theft of personal items from his unlocked vehicle.

9/26/07 Citizen reports a hit and run accident involving her vehicle in the private parking lot of 571 Lighthouse.

9/26/07 Citizen 700 block of Belden reports the theft of her red Mongoose mountain bike from her unsecured garage.

9/27/07 JEWETT, DANIEL was issued a citation for open container at Prescott and Lighthouse.

9/27/07 THE CITY OF MONTEREY had unknown break into the shower coin meter in the men’s restroom at 32 Cannery Row.

9/27/07 Citizen 800 block of Filmore, reports unknown suspect to have keyed his vehicle’s hood and window.

9/29/07 Citizen 700 block of Spencer St reports burglary to her vehicle.

9/29/07 CUPP, ANDREW was arrested for burglary from the Nob Hill located at 900 Lighthouse.

9/29/07 SCHAFER, KENNETH was arrested for public intoxication in the 300 block of Prescott.

9/30/07 POPPLETONS’S 200 block of Lighthouse reports burglary to their business.

New Monterey Police Blotter – September 2007

Level Heads Should Prevail In Moth Spraying

Did you know that an organic gardening agency approves of the pheromone spraying?

Those who have opposed this spraying program presumably are concerned with issues other than the scientific and economic justifications for controlling the LBAM with pheromones. They have presented two points: federal and state agricultural agencies have not given local citizens and public officials research data to prove that pheromones are safe for humans or a role in the decision-making process.

Such arguments reflect a distrust of federal and state authorities more than substantial concerns. To be realistic, we are exposed daily to numerous chemicals that have not been proven safe for human exposure, and federal and state agencies make countless decisions without citizen participation. Our complex, fast-moving society simply could not function if we require absolute foreknowledge of the consequences of our actions and decision-making at the grass roots level.

Level Heads Should Prevail

Union Fights P.G. Job Cuts

Can’t let the cash strapped city control the flow of money to the union . .

A union representing Pacific Grove city employees plans to challenge announced layoffs that will affect its members.

Laborers Local 270 president Tim McCormick, representative for the Santa Cruz-based local’s public employee section, said he plans to attend the Pacific Grove City Council meeting Wednesday to argue that the city doesn’t have the right to cut its members from the staff without negotiating with the union first.

“I pay my dues ahead of time, when the benefits come I’m last in line” – Neil Young

Union Fights PG Job Cuts

Continuing – Lynn Nicole Feurer

Nicole Feurer Joseph Cupita

In Joseph Cupita’s last moments, his live-in companion was kneeling on his chest, suffocating him, and smothering his face with a pillow as the 81-year-old man grappled for his life, according to a picture painted by a prosecutor during a preliminary hearing for Lynne Nicole Feurer on Friday.

Prosecutor Elaine McCleaf presented witnesses who said tiny hemorrhages in Cupita’s face and chest areas showed he died of asphyxiation. Bite wounds on his hands and arms and scratches from his own fingernails on his face indicated he was trying to fight off his attacker when he died. There was also blood on his pillow, according to testimony.

Continuing – Lynn Nicole Feurer

Check Your Purses! Sam Farr Is Reaching For Your Money

. . again. This time to lure just what we need, more tourists.

Farr Piggy

U.S. Reps. Sam Farr (D-Carmel) and Jon Porter (R-Nevada), introduced a bill Wednesday to lure more visitors to the United States.

The “Improving Public Diplomacy through International Travel Act” calls upon the secretary of state to enhance diplomatic relations with foreign countries and to advance domestic business interests abroad by establishing a competitive grant program with a budget of $50 million in matching funds over the next five years.

. . individual grants would range from $150,000 to $1 million, with participants required to come up with matching funds and develop international travel programs focused on the country’s top five overseas markets, beginning with Canada the first year and adding Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany in subsequent years.

Check Your Purses! Sam Farr Is Reaching For Your Money

Lynne Nicole Feurer Can Change Wardrobe

About time . .

Nicole Fuere Court

A Pacific Grove woman accused of suffocating her husband will be unshackled and in street clothes when she faces preliminary hearing Friday.

Judge James Cadle granted the motion by the defense attorney for Lynne Nicole Feurer, 65. Frank Dice argued that forcing Feurer to appear shackled and in orange-and-white-striped jail garb conveys an image of guilt.

Lynne Nicole Feurer Can Change Wardrobe

Willoughby Imprisoned For Life

WACO, Texas—A man who fled on a bicycle after burglarizing an elderly woman’s home was sentenced to life to prison.

Jurors deliberated about 45 minutes Wednesday before recommending the maximum prison term for Gary Wayne Willoughby, 47, whose felony conviction a day earlier was his 10th since 1981. He first went to prison at age 17 for breaking into a San Antonio home.

Willoughby, described by his attorney as nonviolent but with a lifelong drug problem, will be eligible for parole in 15 years, court officials said.

Willoughby Imprisoned For Life

Lawyers In Love

Doing what they do best.

Monterey County Superior Court Judge Robert O’Farrell last week declined to issue a writ of mandate requested by Carl Mounteer to remove measures O, P and Q from the Nov. 6 ballot. But Mounteer, who is also a lawyer, said he will probably file a post-election suit seeking to have the measures invalidated if they pass. “I would pay the tax then sue them for my money back,”

Lawyers In Love

Fatal Holman Highway Head-On

Officer Larry Starkey of the California Highway Patrol said Phillip Johnson was westbound on Holman Highway about 11:20 p.m. when his motorcycle and a Nissan pickup collided head-on.

The driver of the pickup, a 43-year-old man from Seaside, apparently lost control just west of Scenic Drive, crossed the center line and continued into the path of Johnson’s motorcycle, said Starkey.

The force of the impact threw Johnson to the road. He died at the scene.

Fatal Holman Highway Head-On

The Pie Man Cometh – Jobs Cut In P.G.

Announcements of planned layoffs were given Monday to around 15 Pacific Grove city employees, including department managers, by City Manager Jim Colangelo.

Employees received e-mails Friday asking them to meet with Colangelo on Monday, when they received the news, said Recreation Director John Miller, one of those who got notice.

Three positions would be permanently eliminated, Colangelo said, while others affected will be offered other jobs with the city, “admittedly at a lower pay rate.” The layoffs and reorganization should save the city around $500,000, he said.

The Pie Man Cometh – Jobs Cut In P.G.