New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2006

8/2/06 Monterey Boat Works, 32 Cannery Row reports suspicious circumstances and vandalism to their business.

8/4/06 MERCURIO, JOHN was arrested for possession of a switch-blade at Lighthouse and Drake. Juvenile male was cited for possession of marijuana.

8/4/06 NAPOLITANO, ROGER was arrested for public intoxication at Cannery Row and Prescott.

8/4/06 KADJEVICH,NICHOLAS was arrested at Prescott and the Rec Trail for public intoxication. POLD: Sly McFly’s.

8/5/06 Two female victims report being battered by an unknown Black male in the parking lot at Planet Gemini at 625 Cannery Row.

8/5/06 SALINAS, ROBERTO OSWALDO was arrested at 700 Cannery Row for public intoxication.

8/6/06 700 Cannery Row (Elegant Illusions), reports an unknown stole 8 gold toe rings between 1400 and 1420 hours this date. Value estimated to be $600.

8/8/06 Business reports a white male adult 40’s, brown hair, white t-shirt and beige pants to possible used a stolen credit card to attempt to purchase items at Nic’s Market, 701 Lighthouse.

8/9/06 The Blue Moon restaurant, 654 Cannery Row was the victim of a meal skip. Total loss:$66.71.

8/10/06 MPD officer reports losing his APS expandable baton in the area of Lighthouse and Dickman.

8/10/06 Prescription medication taken at Longs located at 2170 N. Fremont.

8/10/06 Citizen reports unknown to have hit his vehicle while parked in the 300 blk of Hawthorne.

8/11/06 Victim unknown driving a White Toyota Tacoma with a white camper shell to have struck him while riding his motorcycle in the area of southbound
Lighthouse south of Private Bolio on 8-10-06 at approximately 1720 hours.

8/12/06 Theft of cell phone while at Ocean Thunder 214 Lighthouse between 8/9/06 2355 and 8/10/06 0100 hours.

8/12/06 Citizen reports unknown to have struck his vehicle while parked in the parking lot of Gianni’s Pizza.

8/12/06 Citizen reports being battered at the seen of an accident at 800 Cannery Row.

8/13/06 MPD towed a green 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood from 800 block of Cypress for registration expired over 6 months.

8/13/06 Resident 800 block of Taylor reports the burglary to a Hyundai 8/12/06 2330 and 8/13/06 0230 hours. Taken 12″ woofer speaker and box and 40 music Cd’s Value $600.

8/14/06 MPD towed an abandoned vehicle, 1987 Pontiac Fiero, at Laine and Reeside.

8/15/06 Livermore PD was assisted in the recovery of there stolen 2005 GMC in the 800 block of Lighthouse.

8/15/06 Monterey Public Works reported graffiti to the north wall of 200 Foam.

8/15/06 Monterey Public Works reported graffiti to a bike storage box located behind 299 Cannery Row.

8/15/06 Found boys Mongoose dirt bike in the 500 block of Belden and a blue Shimano Ultra-Shock 21-speed mountain bike in a dumpster at 400 Cannery Row.

8/18/06 MCSO was aided in the issuing of a citation to TRIPP, JAMES on their outstanding $3000 warrant in the 300 block of Prescott.

8/18/06 Security guard in the 400 block of Foam, reports a white male, 30s, 6′, 220 lbs, wearing dark clothes, prowling in the parking garage at the above.

8/18/06 McDANIEL, KENNETH was arrested for public intoxication at 686 Lighthouse.

8/22/06 theft of a tailgate from a white Ford F150, 500 block of Pine, between 8/21/06 at 1230 hours and 8/22/06 at 0730 hrs.

8/22/06 MPD towed a blue 1996 Honda Civic from 800 block of Lighthouse for registration expired over 6 months.

8/23/06 MPD towed a gold 1999 GMC Sierra from 400 block of Spencer for expired registration over 6 months.

8/23/06 FAHEY, JOHN was arrested for public intoxication at 23625 Holman Highway.

8/23/06 Victim reports a hit and run to her parked vehicle in the 600 block of Belden.

8/25/06 Citizen reports unknown to have smashed the passenger window of his 1996 Ford while it was parked at David and Wave.

8/27/06 Hit and run traffic accident versus parked vehicle at 701 Wave.

8/29/06 Victim 20 block of Cannery Row reports someone to have cut the bird netting off his roof.

8/30/06 WARD, DANIEL was cited for indecent exposure on the Recreation Trail.

8/30/06 WARD, DANIEL was arrested on five outstanding misdemeanor warrants, $27,000 on the Recreation Trail.

8/31/06 Citizen 600 block of Lily, reports the theft of a house, car, and P.O. Box key from his unlocked Toyota

8/31/06 Citizen 500 block of Parcel reports someone to have stolen his XM Radio from his vehicle while parked.

8/31/06 LYONS, KRISTINE was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on Lighthouse and Prescott. LYONS additionally charged with possession of prescription medication w/out prescription and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2006

Flood Of P.G. Businesses Closing

An inability to draw first-run Hollywood movies and low attendance numbers is forcing Lighthouse Cinemas in Pacific Grove to shut its doors.

A theater representative said the last movies will be shown at the four-screen theater Sept. 7.

“We wanted to do everything possible to keep the theater up and running, but for all its quaintness and charm we simply couldn’t get the kind of movies needed to keep it operating,” said David Corwin, president of Metropolitan Theaters Corps., which has operated the Lighthouse for the past two years.

The kind of movies available is only part of the problem. The service and value for the money paid is a big part.Lighthouse Cinema

But wait! There’s more! Other shops closing this month:
SPCA Shop, went upscale & moved to Carmel.SPCA shop

SPCA 2 went with them too.SPCA too

Schnarly’s Pizza. That stuff was too expensive for locals.Schnarly Pizza

Oh Flowers moved to a low rent district (Laurel Ave).Oh flowers

Piano Store – 86 those 88s.Piano store

Laundromat at Congress and LHA.Laundrymat

Home Sweet Home. Corny imported ‘country charm’.Home Sweet OOB

First Noel year round X-mas store, closing before the season starts on November 1.First Noel Out Of Business

And of course, with all these places closing, a shop called All Things PG looks pretty bare. Matches the rest of all things P.G.All Things PG OOB

Flood Of P.G. Businesses Closing

Teen Robbed, Beaten Unconscious in PG

A 15-year-old boy was robbed and beaten unconscious in Pacific Grove Friday night, police said.
Two boys were arrested and police are seeking two others in connection with the attack on a 15-year-old boy. Officers said a search warrant was served on one suspect’s residence.

The victim was walking at 10:30 p.m. in the 2800 block of Ransford Avenue when four teenage boys in a vehicle stopped, got out and began hitting him with their fists, officers reported, holding the victim and then knocking him to the ground. Then the assailants kicked the 15-year-old in the back and head, police reported, and robbed him of his coat, shoes and cash.
The four assailants are all believed to be residents of the Monterey Peninsula, police said.

The Bulls***in reported this as a drug deal gone wrong. Speaking of, where is Nick Gore these days anyway?

14th St Celeb Almost Burns Down The House

A Plastic cutting board left on top of a stove caught fire in a 14th Street house last week. The resulting flames charred the kitchen and left most of the house and its contents smoke damaged.”The resident indicated she was cooking something in the morning and left the cutting board on the stove, left the burner on warm and went off to work,” said Fire Chief Gunter, who would not identify the homeowner but said she is a “very well known,” longtime Pacific Grove resident.

14th St Celeb Almost Burns Down The House

The Last Spinning 76 Ball In Town Is Gone

I didn’t notice this until I saw a story on the Internet. Ever since a merger with Phillips/Conoco the bright orange globes that have uniquely represented Union 76 stations are being taken down and replaced with generic looking tombstones, and the long used color scheme is changing from organge to red.

The 76 stations on the Peninsula:
76 Stations

Number 1 – North Fremont, before:
N Fremont

N Fremont gone

Number 2 – Downtown Monterey
Still there! Get a glimpse before it’s gone.
398 Fremont St 1

398 Fremont St 2

Number 3 – Munras Ave. Never had a ball.
1401 Munras

Number 4 – Seaside. Gone
1600 Fremont

Number 5 – Pacific Grove. This was the only spinning ball for miles around.
1140 Forest

It is gone!
1140 Forest ball gone

Number 6 – Carmel. Not only a no ball station, one with an old Union sign.
544 Carmel Rancho

Number 7 – Marina. Gone.
3044 Del Monte

Here is one fallen symbol of American branding, being put to rest. Spotted heading north on SR1.
Dead 76 ball 1

Dead 76 ball 2

The Last Spinning 76 Ball In Town Is Gone

Charlie the Holman's Cat Dies From Cancer

Charlie the cat had developed a huge fan base and was featured in numerous cat publications, including a full-page photo that graced a magazine called Cats & Kittens.

Charlie the cat even had his own bank account, which was spawned after customers at the Holman Building started making contributions for Charlie’s upkeep. Withdrawals from the account involved getting Charlie to “sign” the withdrawal slips with a paw print.

And though he was a glamor puss, Charlie still had a bit of the tom in him, serving as the ferocious watchcat against the dogs who might wander into his turf.

Charlie the Holman’s Cat Dies From Cancer

Toys Given In P.G. Library Program Recalled For Lead

Recalled library toys

The distributors of bendable toys given to children participating in a Pacific Grove reading program have announced they are recalling the toys.

Pacific Grove Public Library officials estimate they gave about 50 of the bendable dog and cat toys to the children during its summer reading club in June and July.

The distributors said the toys apparently exceed the maximum allowable lead limit under current federal regulations.

Library officials are asking parents of children who received the toys to return them to the library’s children department, where substitute reading reward prizes are available.

Dang. Exposure limits to lead? When we was kids we melted lead curtain weights to make fishing sinkers..

Toys Given In P.G. Library Program Recalled For Lead