Another School Tax To Vote On

This one is said to be for technology upgrades.

Do we not learn from stories about kids hacking school issued iPads and spending learning time watching twerking videos and clicking around on Facebook all day?

Taxpayers in the Pacific Grove Unified School District will be asked in November to pay for the technology — such as tablets for students and teachers — with a $28-million bond strictly designed for such uses. The money would be spent in intervals over time, such as every three to five years. The idea is to create a funding stream to replace worn or obsolete technology as needed.

Pacific Grove has about 2,000 students and would work with a local committee, with representatives from various groups, on how best to spend the money. The school system has various types of computers and would have to determine its technology needs.

28,000,000 divided by three years – 9,333,333. Divided amoungst 2,000 students = $4,666.00 per student.

(L.A. Times)
Another School Tax To Vote On

Got Solar Panels On Your Home?

If a fire starts, they may just let it burn rather than risk firefighters’ lives.

In a fire, seconds count, and that was why firefighters were speaking out Saturday about the consequences of an added obstacle sprouting up on Bay Area rooftops: solar panels.

Solar panels covered part of the roof of a Piedmont home that was destroyed by a 2-alarm fire on Tuesday.

The cause of the fire was still under investigation Saturday, but Piedmont Fire Chief Warren McLaren was clear with reporters after the blaze was extinguished that the home’s solar panels made fighting the fire that much more difficult.

“Oh absolutely, it made it hard on the roof,” said McLaren.

Concern over solar panels prompted a 2010 report from the Fire Protection Research Foundation that said that the panels were not only potential hazards for tripping or slipping, but the additional weight from the panels contributed to the possibility that the roof would collapse.

Got Solar Panels On Your Home?

Rod Herndon Dies While Working At P.G. High

Rest in peace.

Rod Herndon reportedly died of a heart attack.
According to police, a passerby noticed Herndon lying under the scoreboard behind the team room near the west end of the retaining wall at the south end of the field but thought he was resting. “After approximately 30 minutes, the person decided to check on the subject after noticing the body had not changed positions,” the officer wrote.

According to several obituaries about Herndon, he was a Marine who served in Vietnam, was married to Elaine Herndon for 33 years, and had one son, Andrew, who is a police officer in New Mexico. Services were held for him this week, and he will be interred in the San Joaquin National Cemetery

Charging Deer Refuses Ride

Mad Deer

Buck didn’t want to stay in the car or become venison..

She said the animal “looked angry” as he charged the car and then hit the little Chrysler 200 — “I guess he liked it,” she said — shattered the passenger-side headlight and flew over it, his hooves striking a cooler in the backseat.

After the animal flipped over their heads, Tetreau was convinced he was stuck in the rear seat and thought she could hear him breathing, but by the time she slammed on the brakes and pulled over, the buck had vanished. Or, as the Pacific Grove police officer who took Tetreau’s report had written it, “the deer had fled the scene.”

“He was perfectly fine, which is bizarre to me,” she said. “I was hoping I killed it, because I would have liked to have some deer meat — it’s expensive and it’s healthy for you.”

Charging Deer Refuses Ride

Mvsevm Of Natural History Aborts Its History

The Mvsevm

The Mvsevm is becoming less about the natural history of Pacific Grove and more of a substainability re-education camp.

The decades-old fetus was discovered in the basement of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in 2011 before museum officials — uncomfortable with having it around — gave it to the city’s police department for safekeeping. The city recently donated the specimen to the university.

Both CSUMB and Monterey Peninsula College were interested in taking the specimen, which caused a minor power struggle when it was found two years ago. While former museum board member Esther Trosow argued the specimen — which had been kept in a jar of alcohol — should be kept at the museum as part of its “cultural patrimony,” Frutchey said it shouldn’t be returned because it hadn’t received “the respect it deserved.”

Mvsevm Of Natural History Aborts Its History

Anti Abortion Group Greets Students At P.G. High

Police were called to Pacific Grove High School on Tuesday morning after a group of anti-choice protestors who set up full-color, large-format photos of bloody fetuses and handed out leaflets on the Monterey Peninsula College campus intimidated P.G. High students outside that school.

According to an email sent to parents by PGHS Principal Matt Bell and obtained by the Weekly, a group of men gathered outside the school to hand out pamphlets as students were dropped off in the morning.
“These pamphlets were particularly disturbing and the manner in which the pamphlets were being distributed was very aggressive,” Bell writes in the email. “Mrs. Martinez came out as soon as she was made aware and called the PG Police.”

Anti Abortion Group Greets Students At P.G. High

Woman Causes Multiple Car Accidents On Lighthouse Avenue

Eventually, they determined that a Buick, driven by a 73 year old woman from Monterey, was northbound in the 400 block of Lighthouse when it sideswiped a Federal Express truck parked along the right curb. The Buick continued northbound on Lighthouse and ran the red light at McClellan, hitting a utility truck.

The Buick continued northbound on Lighthouse and ran into the rear of a Lexus SUV, which was pushed into a small bus that had six passengers. The Buick ended up flipping on its side and came to rest facing southbound.


Woman Causes Multiple Car Accidents On Lighthouse Avenue

Want To Save Money On Electrical Contractor? Get What You Pay For

Ex Convict posing as a licensed electrical contractor charged with ripping off customers.

The “burglary charges stem from a search of Langley’s house where blank checks and credit card numbers were found belonging to one of Langley’s customers, a homeowner in Pacific Grove,” Lopes explained. “It’s believed Langley stole the items when at the residence where he had done extensive work.”

“Langley is a convicted violent felon who served time in San Quentin Prison,” according to the state board. Langley secured jobs by advertising in online bulletin boards as a licensed contractor, and he used a state contractor license number that was never issued to him.

Want To Save Money On Electrical Contractor? Get What You Pay For

Stuart Elder Accident Investigation Sent To DA

Who is Stuart Elder anyway?

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol delivered their report on Thursday to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office in connection with a collision that killed two Peninsula women.

Linda LaRone, 65, and Sharon Daly, 72, well-known former owners of a Pacific Grove pet store, died in the April 7 crash on Sloat Road in Pebble Beach.

Stuart Elder, 30, was arrested by CHP officers on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.

Selvia Gattas, 20, a passenger in Elder’s car, was hospitalized and released.

Friends of LaRone and Daly expressed frustration that months after the crash, Elder has yet to be charged by prosecutors in what Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Spitz calls a “fairly complex” case.

Spitz said prosecutor Ed Hazel was briefed Thursday on the CHP’s report and “has questions for the investigator to follow up on.”

Stuart Elder Accident Investigation Sent To DA