HPOL Canceled – Somebody Must Have Been Offended

It just aint going to be Christmas without a decorated shark. Parade Shark

The parade was planned for 6 p.m. Thursday in Downtown Pacific Grove. The city did not say when and if they would reschedule the parade.

“We hope to celebrate this beloved event with you all soon.,” said the Pacific Grove Chamber.

HPOL Canceled – Somebody Must Have Been Offended

The Opinions Of A Few Affect Us All

Not even P.G. is safe from bitter sorrow created by country & western dances.

a group calling it the “Coalition for Asian Justice” said the event should “end permanently.” The Feast of Lanterns “appropriates Chinese culture and history, causes deep hurt to Asians and has no relationship to anything Chinese,” the group declared. “Continuation of the Feast of Lanterns will only perpetuate the bitter sorrow it has caused.”

And Jenny McAdams jumps at the chance to virtue signal

After public comments, city councilperson Jenny
McAdams also apologized for the event. “I am very sorry
for the pain the event has caused,” McAdams said. “It’s
time for the city to take this important step toward healing
and atonement.” McAdams said she was sorry for participating in the event

The Opinions Of A Few Affect Us All

Letters From The Editor – Canceling Feast Of Lanterns

History being rewritten. Jenny McAdams seems to hate the feast.

FOL mug


Lantern festival honors Chinese
Lantern Festival celebrations began around 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE). The holiday’s exact origins are somewhat unclear. Several different origin stories are used to explain where the festival came from. One of the most common stories is that Emperor Ming was a supporter of Buddhism and after he learned that it was customary for Buddhist monks to light lanterns on the 15th day of the first lunar month, he decreed that imperial palaces and individual households should do the same. This concept lives on as today’s Lantern Festivals.

The woke people who want to stop the Feast of Lanterns in Pacific Grove may be trying to end a longtime Chinese custom. What gives them the right to dictate what should be canceled as part of their cancel culture. I have always believed that the Feast of Lanterns honored the Chinese people and their decedents who settled in Pacific Grove. Why do so many traditions and customs have to be removed from our lives?

— Vince Tuminello, Pacific Grove

Cancel Feast of Lanterns?
First, the PG city council unanimously endorsed transforming the Monarch Inn into an ocean view homeless shelter, without the knowledge of the owners. Now, PG Councilwoman Jenny McAdams, along with 300 whining woke malcontents who signed a petition, want to permanently cancel the Feast of Lanterns due to alleged “cultural appropriation” of Chinese culture.

In the era of wokeness, it’s suddenly racist to enjoy and explore other cultures? Does McAdams and her followers want to further deprive PG of needed tax revenue and the income for the vendors at such events?

These whiners should stop ordering Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican food for fear of being called misappropriating bigots.

Maybe they should pool their money and buy the Monarch Inn so they can have a safe space to pout.

— Gregory D. Lee, Pebble Beach

Letters From The Editor – Canceling Feast Of Lanterns

Feast Of The Woke

It’s the last Saturday in July 2021 and not a hint of anything Feast Of Lanterns on the streets. They say the were not sure if there was going to be a feast so no one got a permit.

FOL 1 2021

And it would cost $2,5000 to put up banners or lanterns. But we got banners to celebrate internal combustion powered personal motor cars. How substainable can that be?

FOL 2 2021

I’d say that the people put in charge are working to cleanse the FOL of all it’s perceived racist cultural misappropriation and sterilize the celebration. No corny stories, no jewel tinted gowns. No Torii gates. No belly dancers. No showing of affection between man and woman. No dragon. No Chinese fonts. No fun. Just a lecture telling you to be ashamed using a collection of folk tales for selfish entertainment.

Stick a fork in it, the Feast Of Lanterns is done and gone forever it seems.

Feast Of The Woke

Another Piece Of P.G.’s Soul Gets A Makeover To Be Marketed

1999 BF Parade Animal Control

Dixie Lane has another ‘gig’, after attempting to gut and transform the 2009 Feast Of Lanterns to some kind of multiculturalism experiment then abandoning all traditions in 2010 is out to mess up the Butterfly Parade, with help of Moe Ammar.

Sad to see the small town family events get gutted and made into an sideshow of marketing and a bus ride.

The local pageant and accompanying activities, part of the traditionally two-day event that have taken place since 1939 (excluding during World War II), are getting a makeover thanks to The Heritage Society of Pacific Grove’s board member Dixie Layne. Layne was responsible last year for putting together the new 90-minute bus tour featuring the Pacific Grove landmarks from the lives of Monterey Peninsula residents John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts.

Another Piece Of P.G.’s Soul Gets A Makeover To Be Marketed

KSBW Moves Feast Of Lanterns To Florida

With Princess Miami, Princess Tampa, Princess Tallahassee, Princess Orlando. The story changes to Princess Jacksonville and Prince Ft. Lauderdale escaping on an airboat and turning into alligators.

KSBW Moves Feast Of Lanterns To Florida


PACIFIC GROVE, Fla. —The annual Feast of Lanterns festival lit up Lover’s Point Park in Pacific Grove Saturday night.

People packed beach as colors filled the sky as 105-year-old Pacific Grove tradition continues.

The event celebrates a Chinese legend called the “Blue Willow,” a story about a princess’ forbidden love. The ceremony at Lover’s Point re-enacts the story, and for the grand finale the lovers flee together and turn into monarch butterflies, cuing the fireworks show out over the Monterey Bay.

KSBW Moves Feast Of Lanterns To Florida

Butterfly Parade 2013

Butterfly Parade Title
1970s Butterfly Parade

Self sustaining before it was a UN buzz phrase. One of the few remaining events that are not capitalized on. Flutter on, little chrysalis’ and butterflies.

On a sunlit, 80-plus degree Saturday morning in Pacific Grove, several hundred kids dressed up as insects, sea creatures, farmers, artists, pioneers, clowns and healthy vegetables for the 75th annual Butterfly Parade and Bazaar.

A few parents, grandparents, babies and dogs dressed for the occasion, too.

The popular, don’t-you-wish-you-lived-here event is a rite of passage for Pacific Grove grade-schoolers. As they move from kindergarten to fifth grade, they get promoted from caterpillars to monarch butterflies, lady bugs, bumble bees, jellyfish, otters, farmers, pioneers, gold miners and, finally, clowns.

They gather in their handmade costumes in front of Robert Down Elementary School to pose for the paparazzi, then convene with their classmates for a 1-square-block strut that starts and ends on Pine Avenue.

Butterfly Parade 2013

Feast Of Lanterns Keeping Secrets?

There were fireworks of course, but the first rule of Feast Of Lanterns is you don’t mention the fireworks.

Second rule is don’t hang the Feast Of Lanterns banners from the streetlights.
Taken July 27:
No FOL Banner

The Mon Sori percussionists, a group of local people with Korean heritage, were just one of many attractions at the Feast of Lanterns, which drew more than 1,000 people by 2 p.m.

Although the lantern-adorned vessels and fireworks gathered bigger crowds later in the day, afternoon crowds could not seem to stay away from the Chinese-inspired event.

Music constantly played as the smell of burnt food filled the air, children ran in the water and made sandcastles, impromptu volleyball games were constant, inflatable bounce houses wore out the kids and a bashful sun kept the temperature around 65 degrees.

“The nice thing is the whole city does something,” said Virginia Coleman, a longtime volunteer.

The event was first held in 1905 but did not become an annual festival until 1957. Coleman said she and her husband understand the appeal, having been involved since 1985.

Feast Of Lanterns Keeping Secrets?