If Dead Rock Stars Get Plaques So Should Dead Computer Pioneers

About time, eh? Refer to the 2009 article What If Digital Research Had Won IBM’s Love? and another from 2007: Tech Tour Of Pacific Grove.

801 Lighthouse June 2014

dr plaque

Gary Kildall, the pioneer digital visionary whose development of the microcomputer operating system in 1974 led to the personal computer, was honored Friday in Pacific Grove, the town where he had lived and worked.

Kildall, who died in 1994, was called “Father of the interconnected universe” at the commemorative event, held at Pacific Grove City Hall


Good credit where credit is due, but one is left hanging to know what happend to Digital Research. Trip over to The Six Serendipities of Microsoft and read about how close DR came to being the DOS that shipped with every new IBM PC and becoming big as or bigger than Microsoft.

The IBM design team knew immediately which operating system it wanted …They wanted CP/M, a product of .. Digital Research, of Pacific Grove, California. But when IBM first approached Digital Research, the company’s founder Gary Kildall was out of the office for the day. In his absence, Kildall’s wife and business associates were reluctant to sign the stringent IBM nondisclosure agreement…

If Dead Rock Stars Get Plaques So Should Dead Computer Pioneers

New Monterey Meth Pusher Busted

Officers said they watched Leopold Cortes for about two months as they investigated his alleged involvement in high volume methamphetamine sales. That investigation culminated with warrants being served on 1113 McClellan Avenue, Apt. A in Monterey and on 1158 Kenneth Street in Seaside.

Investigators seized two stolen vehicles, two assault rifles, a shotgun, two pistols, one revolver, two rifles, a shotgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, more than one pound of methamphetamine, marijuana, hashish, evidence of drug sales and approximately $71,000 in cash.

New Monterey Meth Pusher Busted

Deadly Poisonous Sponges Found Off Coast


“Killer sponges sound like creatures from a B-grade horror movie. In fact, they thrive in the lightless depths of the deep sea,” the aquarium research center said in a statement.
The institute said scientists first discovered that some sponges are carnivorous 20 years ago. Since then, only seven carnivorous species have been found in all of the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

The sponge was living near colonies of clams and tubeworms that use bacteria to obtain nutrition from methane seeping out of the seafloor.

(KTVU News)
Deadly Poisonous Sponges Found Off Coast

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

Doesn’t running an eating establishment (or any business) require intelligence? This scam has been all over the news and was reported in February

And he wants PG&E to take the blame! I totally freak out!

(Ranieri) Guimaraes said someone called saying they were with Pacific, Gas and Electric and told him his bill was overdue. If he didn’t pay up in 30 minutes, it was lights out.

In a panic, he paid $1,000 with a cash card. One very expensive mistake.

“I’d like to see PG&E take full responsibility for this,” he said.

PG&E said this type of scam happens all the time, usually with restaurant owners in their peak business hours using a cash card.

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

Mayor Kampe Has Surgery

Heart? Might have been better to fix the bypass in his head.

kampe xray

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe is recuperating after undergoing heart-bypass surgery this week and likely will be away from city duties for a few weeks.

“I would say at least three weeks,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Robert Huitt on Friday. He will chair the City Council in Kampe’s absence.

The surgery was done Tuesday. It wasn’t triggered by any symptoms the mayor had been experiencing, but by things that came up during a routine exam, he said.

“All indications was that it was successful, and his recovery is going to be great,” Huitt said.

Mayor Kampe Has Surgery

Jacob Miller Pleads No Contest To Possession Charges

Son of sheriff and former P.G. police chief.

Jacob Miller pleaded no contest Tuesday in Monterey County Superior Court to possession of stolen property and possession of methadone related to an alleged theft at Asilomar Conference Grounds.

Chapman said the DA agreed to drop a separate weapons charge.

Miller will likely receive probation — which can mean up to a year in jail — and be required to do a minimum six-month drug treatment program.

Jacob Miller was sentenced in February 2012 to three years probation and 90 days in jail for possession of methamphetamine for sale. At the time, he completed a rehabilitation program at Genesis House and was living in a sober-living home.

Jacob Miller Pleads No Contest To Possession Charges

Give Away The Golf Course And Lose Free Golf

mad golfer

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, council members voted in favor of the golfers.

The vote happened after a lawsuit was filed by 13 former city employees who were about to lose their free golfing privileges after new management transformed the Pacific Grove Golf Links into a private course.

New management was ready to offer retirees one free game of golf a month, but retirees said that’s not what they were promised years ago.

Councilmembers decided it was not worth the fight and lawsuit to change the city’s 35-year-old city policy, which allows retired city employees courtesy golf.

Give Away The Golf Course And Lose Free Golf