Groundbreaking Ready To Bring More Minimum Wage Jobs To P.G.

Envision the traffic.

So long Holman’s Garage, Bye Golden Egg, Adios S&H Green Stamps redemption center.

Grand Hotel

The Kimpton Hotel by IHG Hotels & Resorts will be located at 157 Grand Ave., a property also bordered by Fountain and Central avenues that was most recently home to a Mexican restaurant, a benefit shop and an animal adoption center until they all vacated the property in late 2022. The old building will be demolished to make way for the hotel, which will have four floors.

“With 95,263 square feet spread across four stories, it will offer 102 guest rooms and redefine luxury hospitality in the region.” IHG Hotels & Resorts, otherwise known as InterContinental Hotels Group, also owns the oceanfront Clement Monterey hotel on Cannery Row.

Groundbreaking Ready To Bring More Minimum Wage Jobs To P.G.

Tina Pulling a Jenny?

So much for inclusion. Or pie. No transparency here. All of the nasty posts are now safely hidden away from all those so called stalkers. Don’t trust her.


Sure Tina. Hide your hate.

Press Release
From the office of Tina Rau, Candidate for Pacific Grove City Council Monday September 26, 2022

After having a group of people – none of whom I know, nor do they follow anyone I know – attempt to follow me on Twitter, I have locked my account temporarily for security reasons.  I will not allow my followers, some of whom are in marginalized communities, be subject to stalking or harassment.

No, she wants to hide her unhinged hateful messages from anyone that might not think “her way”.


Tina Pulling a Jenny?