Roof Jumping Stabber Had Restraining Order Against Victim

Looks scared. So why was he at her house?

Matthew Huntington

Police say Tara Desousa, 50, and Matthew Kyle Huntington, 44, were dating, but according to a restraining order Huntington filed against her in November 2014, he claims she stalked and abused him.

“She is obsessed with me. She is mentally ill. She has others threaten me,” Huntington wrote in the order. “Tara is not (in) her right mind and is a threat to myself and my family.”

Monterey detectives believe Desousa, a petite blonde woman who worked as a server in Monterey, was stabbed to death in the bedroom of her Laine Street home by Huntington, a golf caddie at one of the country’s best golf courses, Wednesday night.

Roof Jumping Stabber Had Restraining Order Against Victim

Relationship Ends In Stabbing Death Then Jumping Off A Roof

With a bar owner intervening and a woman waiting for a bus.

Late Wednesday night Monterey officers responded to a report of a stabbing in the 200 Block of Laine Street.

It happened at 10:21pm, and the initial report indicated the woman was stabbed by a man she knew at a home. Officers located a woman suffering from multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect had fled the scene before officers arrived.

Shortly after, the suspect was found just blocks away near the intersection of Lighthouse and Reeside. Police say the suspect was unconscious and had significant injuries resulting from a fall from the rooftop of Oya Inc hair salon.

Carbone took pictures with his cell phone of Huntington lying on the ground, as officers arrested him and took him to the hospital. Carbone said initially he thought a cab driver may have hit Huntington, but another woman waiting for a bus was (said) what happened.

“I said, did that car just hit him? And she looked in the air and said he just jumped off that roof,” Carbone said.

Relationship Ends In Stabbing Death Then Jumping Off A Roof


The Perception Is What Matters In Stuart Elder Trial

Nevermind the facts like he was intoxicated and speeding when he crashed, killing two women.

Sillman said Elder’s blood alcohol level was of .17 — more than twice the legal limit. Lukehart did not say whether Daly’s blood alcohol level was ever determined.

Data pulled from Elder’s Cadillac SUV showed that 1.5 seconds before the vehicles crashed head-on, Elder was driving three times the 25 mph speed limit. It wasn’t until a half-second before the wreck that Elder hit the breaks, slowing from 77 mph to 71 mph, Sillman said.

“We will not be contesting the physical facts of the case. What we are contesting is the perception,” he

The Perception Is What Matters In Stuart Elder Trial

Pacific Grove To Unleash Birds Of Prey On Wildlife And Drones To Spy On Rooftops

All this over gulls while a major contributor goes unchecked.

Business property owners have until Feb. 20 to remove the birds’ nests on their buildings or face fines and penalties.

To help make sure owners are in compliance, the city plans to send drones to record video footage of business district rooftops in a search for nests.

The drone-and-raptor plan was the brainchild of economic development director Mark Brodeur, who also happens to be in charge of vector control.

“Sea gulls are essentially flying rats,” he says.

(City Councilman Rudy Fischer) said the city has already dealt with the “easy food” that tempts gulls by modifying downtown garbage cans.

“The gulls are getting aggressive at restaurants and pooping everywhere,” Fischer said.

Restaurants are attracting the gulls by not following health department rules. They need to be penalized with fines and made to pay for the cleanups.

One can take a walk and see the local businesses that have no respect for the town they operate in:

Dumpster Mandos 150124

Dumpster Mandos 150124 grease barrels

P.G. Juice N Java:Dumpster Juice Java 150124

Classic Catering: Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 150124

Fandango:Dumpster Fandango 150124

Pacific Grove To Unleash Birds Of Prey And Drones To Spy On Rooftops

Stuart Elder DUI-Manslaughter Trial Defenses

Denial is more than a long river in Africa.

Elder faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Because investigators did not find previous driving under the influence convictions, he is not facing a life sentence. Elder has a checkered driving history, with more than a dozen traffic citations between 2003 and 2012.

He says we was cut off:

“He said he was cut off by a vehicle and was unable to avoid it, then they collided,” Avila said. “He seemed to be upset, irrational, excited and talkative.”

Then his DUI blood test was unconstitutional:

Prosecutor Meredith Sillman argued that Elder signed a release allowing medics to withdraw blood from his body prior to being jailed, and that the officer acted in conformity with the law. The court agreed with Sillman and admitted the tests as evidence during trial.

Then it was due to the way the road is laid out:

“What if it was a traffic engineering issue? What if others reacted the same way in that area? Since it’s a homicide, perception here is crucial,” he said.

Sillman said “it is just too much” data for her to collect and find exactly what the defense is looking for. The court denied the defense’s motion.

Stuart Elder DUI-Manslaughter Trial Defenses

Lady Bank Robber Faces Substantial Penalty

Things must be tough all over.

Cristina Padilla Bank Robber

Cristina Fernandez Padilla, 51, pleaded no contest Thursday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court to eight felonies, including several counts of second-degree robbery, evading a police officer, and assault with a car as a deadly weapon. Without that plea she faced up to 32 years in prison, prosecutors said, but is now facing 20-year prison term.

Padilla was arrested in August 2013 after she tried to rob a Golden Credit Union branch in San Luis Obispo. She was known for robbing smaller banks and credit unions, often chatting amicably with tellers before showing them a note demanding money.

The Monterey Credit Union robbery in Pacific Grove was the only robbery in which Padilla allegedly brandished a handgun.

Besides Pacific Grove, she is suspected of robbing banks in Atascadero, Nipomo, Paso Robles, Modesto and Pismo Beach. In 2005, she was convicted for a burglary in Monterey County.

Lady Bank Robber Faces Substantial Penalty

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

LHA Starbucks

The closed KFC on Lighthouse Avenue in New Monterey has been transformed into Starbucks and Pacific Grove’s MoeAmmar sent out a message that there are P.G. coffee sellers that are superior to the mega coffee chain.

Shirt-for-hire wants us all to know that P.G. offers up coffee that costs more, is less convenient and has fewer choices than Starbucks.

The new Starbucks has a drive through, coffee that is cheaper, open for business when people want it and stands a less chance of being pooped on by gulls. No wonder P.G. fails to attract tourist dollars.

In reaction to a new multi-million dollar Monterey Starbucks opening less than 400 feet from its border, the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce took an advertisement in Wednesday’s Herald declaring its “preferred coffee shops.”

Starbucks is not on the list and Thursday the chamber will launch a marketing campaign to highlight its smaller, independent coffee shops.

“My mission is to educate and remind our residents and our businesses there are, at least, nine, 10 places where you can have coffee that, to me, is better than Starbucks,” chamber president Moe Ammar said.

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks