Mayor’s Zoom Meeting Gets Good As Goatse

This would not have happened if they had trusted the schlock website operators that know better.

And Moe? The same Moe that talks about his orgasms in meetings? He did not say his normal “the best thing to happen to P.G.”

“My wife was watching from home, and she was shocked,” Peake said. He added that former P.G. Chamber of Commerce president “Moe Ammar was there, and he said something to the effect of that it was ‘ugly. ‘ There was no laughing.” Peake, who said his State of the City address will be rescheduled, added that “city staff was aware” of the potential for hacking, “and if they had set up the meeting differently, this would not have happened.”

Mayor’s Zoom Meeting Gets Good As Goatse

Don’t google “goatse”. Trust me.

Moe’s Fantasy Open Again

Tourist Misinformation

Moe thinks his Tourist Misinformation Center is the ONLY local source of information needed. Fleece the tourists. Ask where can you get a Crockerburger.

The Pacific Grove Tourist Information Center is throwing its doors open to guests once again after being closed for about 15 months due to the pandemic.

“Since closing, we learned that it is critical to businesses in the 2-mile radius” of the tourist information center, said Moe Ammar, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce president. “It is the only local source of tourist information needed by the visitors to the area.”

Moe’s Fantasy Back Again


Arrivederci, Bank Of Italy

PG needs more stuff for transients. Banking for the locals is not making it.


Colleen Haggerty, a senior vice president for the bank, said on Wednesday that during the pandemic, one of the steps Bank of America took was to temporarily close some financial centers to help consolidate resources at nearby locations.
“In this case, the Pacific Grove financial center has been closed for nearly a year, at the onset of the pandemic, with services consolidated to the Monterey financial center less than two miles away on Franklin Street and to our Seaside location less than four miles away,” Haggerty said.

Moe Says:

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, said the branch has always been engaged with community events in the downtown. And while he said he understood the reason for the closure, he is concerned about the effects on residents, particularly seniors.

Hah! He is really afraid of losing the use of the bank’s parking lot during his Goodish Days.

Arrivederci, Bank Of Italy

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

More hand washing stations, that will make it good.

Good Old Days, the annual big bash in Pacific Grove that has historically drawn hundreds of people to Butterfly Town, is moving ahead undaunted by the spread of the coronavirus.

Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said Tuesday the only way Good Old Days will be cancelled is if the Monterey County Health Department orders it.

“We’ll only react to the health department,” Ammar said. “If they say cancel the event then we will. We have 235 vendors and only one said they wouldn’t come.”

Event planners have increased the number of hand-washing stations and cleaning crews, he said.

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

Brewpubs Are The New Bistro

I did not note where this newsbit came from – it’s atrocious. Probably written by Moe after an orgasm while sampling a brew.

economy is America takes a downturn

Hambrook’s Auction next door to Pier 1 has already closed its doors. The auction house was in business for almost five decades.
Almost 5 decades? 40 years ago I was buying furniture from McMahons.

there were no pubs at all until 2018 when the Monarch Pub opened.
Try 1970s Forest Hill, Fairway Center. Pizza Pub

A brewpub is big news for Pacific Grove, well known for remaining a temperance town long after the ratification of the 21st amendment. Until 1968 Pacgrovians couldn’t buy a beer in town and there were no pubs at all until 2018 when the Monarch Pub opened.

The downtown is going through a period of change. Several storefronts are vacant as the retail economy is America takes a downturn. This month Pier 1 announced it is closing 450 of its stores nationwide, including the one on Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove. For some, it is the end of an era.

“We got excited because it was Pier 1 right on main street,” said Pier 1 shopper Connie Thompson.

Thompson said she is sad to see the storefront close. Ammar said in the case of the Pacific Grove store it came down to lease negotiations not sales.

“It’s financially viable they were just not prepared to sign the lease,” said Ammar about lease negotiations between Pier 1 and its landlord.

Hambrook’s Auction next door to Pier 1 has already closed its doors. The auction house was in business for almost five decades. The owner plans to renovate the space into an event center, a first for downtown Pacific Grove.

Brewpubs Are The New Bistro

Park Presenting Play

Can I come early and put down a tarp?

Paraphrase said the rendition of the classic play, which will be produced Oct. 11-13, “extends its relevance to the Pacific Grove community.” “We’ve had music in the park before but never a play,” Chamber president Moe Ammar told The Pine Cone, who said the intent is to offer an outdoor theater experience similar to Carmel’s Forest Theater. “I’m excited about it and I hope it works.”

“Audience members can also choose to bring their own food, folding chairs, and blankets, and enjoy a picnic during the performance.”

Park Presenting Play

No Early Beach Reservations At Feast Of Lanterns

And this time, we really mean it.

Empty Beach Tarps

Moe is one of the culprits it seems.

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce and a fan of the pageant for 32 years, said he’s setting up shifts for family members an hour at a time.

“The chamber is supportive of the new initiative,” Ammar said. “The board of directors of the Festival of Lanterns has been going to the city for years talking about this.”

The decision is causing a bit of a dust-up in the community. Ammar said the neighborhood social media platform Nextdoor has been lit up in past days with debates over the decision.

And City Manager Where’s Ben Harvey equates it to blocking the sidewalks. See anyone picking up tables, signs, trash cans and putting them in a collection spot?

In the days leading up to the festivities, unattended items like blankets, tarps, chairs or cones will be picked up by city crews and taken to a collection bin in the park. Signs are posted at the park to alert attendees of the new prohibition, said Ben Harvey, Pacific Grove’s city manager.

“This is a public area and it’s no different than putting out chairs on sidewalks,” Harvey said. “They don’t have the right to do that. It prevents access to public property and no one has the right to claim the area for their own.”

No Early Beach Reservations At Feast Of Lanterns

Andronico’s Opening Soon

I remember it as Co Op Foods before it was a Nob Hill.


Andronico’s is a specialty market operated by Safeway with unique offerings that may not be found at regular Safeway stores…

…Anderson previously said the store was first built and opened in 1960 as Purity Supermarket before becoming a Nob Hill Foods some years late.

And under Stupid Things Moe Ammar Says:

“New Monterey and Pacific Grove residents will have access to a very unique shopping experience that is not available on the Peninsula,” said Ammar, who also noted the store’s convenient location, close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “Aquarium visitors, staff and volunteers can walk a block and do not have to drive to Whole Foods at the mall.”

Drive to Whole Foods? When there’s a Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Lucky and high priced Grove Market close by?

Andronico’s Opening Soon

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism

Don’t give Moe any ideas.

Moe Ammar Dont Buy American

The conditions caused by the California wildfires that have affected a number of tourists visiting popular summer destinations like Wine Country and Yosemite have conversely led to a surge in visitors to Pacific Grove.

That’s according to Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar who said that in particular, the number of foreign visitors to America’s Last Hometown has nearly doubled this summer, according to statistics gathered from the town’s tourist information center.

“It’s very unfortunate what’s happened there but the fact that we don’t have any fires on the Monterey Peninsula is good for us,” said Ammar, who noted the cancellation of his own family’s upcoming trip to Yosemite.

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism