Moe Even Uses Tragedy To Promote Tourism

John Denver plane
20 years since the pop performer plunged at Point Pinos.

Add to the list of Stupid things Moe Says:

“I was there within five minutes when they pulled him out – when the national news was here,” recalled Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar, about the incident. “As much as I hated to admit it, that put P.G. on the map.”

Even now, Ammar said he gets inquiries on a weekly basis from people who come in to the Chamber looking for where Denver’s plane went down.

Moe Even Uses Tragedy To Promote Tourism

Another Piece Of P.G.'s Soul Gets A Makeover To Be Marketed

1999 BF Parade Control

Dixie Lane has another ‘gig’, after attempting to gut and transform the 2009 Feast Of Lanterns to some kind of multiculturalism experiment then abandoning all traditions in 2010 is out to mess up the Butterfly Parade, with help of Moe Ammar.

Sad to see the small town family events get gutted and made into an sideshow of marketing and a bus ride.

The local pageant and accompanying activities, part of the traditionally two-day event that have taken place since 1939 (excluding during World War II), are getting a makeover thanks to The Heritage Society of Pacific Grove’s board member Dixie Layne. Layne was responsible last year for putting together the new 90-minute bus tour featuring the Pacific Grove landmarks from the lives of Monterey Peninsula residents John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts.

Another Piece Of P.G.’s Soul Gets A Makeover To Be Marketed

Tourist MisInformation Center's 5th Anniversary

5 years at one end of the Lighthouse Avenue traffic jam. Pushed a longtime business out to the lonely ATC that faces a dead end.

Tourist info sign

Who do you take advice on Pacific Grove hospitality? People that have spent time and $$ in the locations or a self serving “Information Center”?

Ed Flatley, who owns Pacific Grove’s Victorian bed and breakfast the Seven Gables Inn with his sister Susan, proposed creating the center as a way to generate business for the city during the economic downturn. Since it opened its doors five years ago, the center has served over 550,000 visitors from 120 countries, according to Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

“The internet is great to get people to the area but once you’re here it’s a great way for visitors to get local information,” said Flatley, noting that hospitality is the number one money generator in Pacific Grove. “It actually saves time to stop in here. Visitors can find out where to eat, stay, etc. in a matter of minutes.”

Tourist MisInformation Center’s 5th Anniversary

Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax

But no increase in business license cost. Don’t want to run more shops out of town. Does Moe have chamber members that are unlicensed?

After weeks of speculation, the city of Pacific Grove on Wednesday took another step toward instituting a citywide admission tax by approving the measure 4-3 for the November ballot.

Conversely, a potential ballot measure that would increase the existing business license tax by 40 percent and remove its existing cap, was voted down 5-2.

Eleven California municipalities currently collect admission taxes including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Pasadena.

Moe Ammar recommended that the city collect money from P.G. businesses that are operating without a license. According to a physical audit by the chamber, there are estimated to be 60 businesses operating in the city and 100 businesses operating out of the post office and UPS store without a permit.

Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax

Pacific Grove's McDonald's Closed

Other locations are close (permanently)

We Are Close

Thought to be the slowest McDonald’s in the world but it held on.

In 1995, the city adopted a ban on any “formula fast food” establishments coming in, but the four existing fast-food spots were grandfathered in and allowed to remain. Today those spots are occupied by McDonald’s, Subway, Mountain Mike’s and Domino’s.

Moammar discovers the secret of PG’s business areas south of Sinex and will help kill that too, undoubtedly.

“It attracts people from different walks of life and has the most diverse group of people because it’s affordable,” said Ammar, noting the many times he’s seen the restaurant packed with senior citizens in the morning having coffee. “Last week I must have seen 18 different groups of people in there ranging from children to teens to construction workers and seniors.”

Pacific Grove’s McDonald’s Closed

Letters From The Editor: Moe Loves These People

Thank you Monterey Herald (March 27), Monterey County Weekly, Cedar Street Times, Carmel Pine Cone and KSBW television for endorsing Measure X, that will change zoning at the American Tin Cannery to allow a hotel at the site.

Thank you Mayor Bill Kampe, former mayors Carmelita Garcia and Jeanne Byrne, former councilman Alan Cohen, former school board member Beth Shammas and retired teacher Jean Anton for signing the argument in favor of Measure X in the voter guide. Others that signed the argument in favor, include civic leader Richard Stillwell, First Awakenings owner Craig Bell, and general manager of Asilomar Conference Grounds, Mairead Hennessy. Opposition to the argument was signed by only two residents.

— Moe Ammar, Pacific Grove

Letters From The Editor: Moe Loves These People

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Project Bella overhead view

While a few P.G. residents did express their concerns about the effects of the project and the special election — like Pacific Grove resident Luke Coletti, who thought the special election was a “cynical attempt to lower voter turnout,”

“I have a lot of faith in P.G. voters,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, at Wednesday’s meeting. “It’s to the benefit of Pacific Grove to get that dollar in the bank as soon as possible.”

The question of compensation was addressed first because, as Mayor Bill Kampe explained, “We want to know we’re getting reimbursed.”

For his part, Kampe has advocated moving forward in a timely manner because of the multiple hurdles involved in a development project of this size. He said he was pleased to see the city reach a point where the election has been called and a reimbursement agreement has been made. So did David Armanasco, a spokesman for the project.

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Greenwaste’s mandatory recyclables sorting rules are not making the trash creators happy. Was he old way any better?
hollys cafe

And what a typo – Ron Shank!

Ron Shank with St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store said a centralized location to deal with the cardboard isn’t what the businesses are paying for.

Shank said he’s paying more money under GreenWaste for less service.

“I don’t mind paying a few more dollars, I realize costs are going up. I expected that,” he said. “I did not expect to have poor service and in my opinion, it’s poor service.”

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, said a lot of work needs to be done for the sides to reach an agreement. He criticized GreenWaste’s claims of being environmentally friendly, saying some businesses will end up just driving to the dump or putting recyclables in the trash.

“The only thing that’s green about that company is money,” Ammar said.

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Nevermind the minimum wage workers and predators that follow.

The Holman renovation will include four ocean-view penthouses, eight new stores, and 25 2,000-square-foot luxury condos.

The condos are expected to cost between $550 and $700 per square foot.

“We have never had condos built in this price range on the Monterey Peninsula with the exception of the Inn at Spanish Bay,” Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said.

Ammar said he believes even though it’s a first for Pacific Grove, the development will be successful.

“We know it’s going to work because the demand is there,” Ammar said. “Everybody wants to live on the Central Coast. Everybody wants an ocean view. And ocean view development just doesn’t exist anymore.”

At the Tin Cannery, a 160-room hotel is being planned across the street from the aquarium.

Still in the early stages of the project, the development needs approval by the Coastal Commission. But first, the city’s voters will have to approve zoning changes that allow for a hotel.

The Chamber of Commerce predicts the hotel could bring in $30 million a year, or 25 percent of the city’s budget.

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Forest Hill Too Good, Let's Ruin It

Coming soon to Forest Hill. Roundabouts, bumpouts, unused bike lanes, and other “traffic calming improvements” to bring the war on cars to another Pacific Grove roadway much like Central Avenue. Just the thought is costing taxpayers $150,000.

Some of the design solutions on the table include extending sidewalks and slowing down vehicle traffic with narrower turn lanes.

Leaders charged with making Highway 68 a safer place for everyone in Pacific Grove took to the streets Wednesday to identify key problems.

Recently a $150,000 Cal Trans grant was allocated to study ways to improve all modes of transportation along Highway 68 within Pacific Grove city limits.

“We are looking at the physical corridor to see where the issues really lie and where the problems are,” Ariana Green with TAMC said.

“It’s really sad all of the accidents, all of the fatalities. Just in the last year there have been three fatalities and seven accidents with pedestrians getting hurt, so it’s pretty bad,” Moe Ammar with the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce said.

Forest Hill Too Good, Let’s Ruin It