Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Resident being forced to comply with someone else’s idea of appearance or risk having his home taken away.

On Sept. 12, Pacific Grove’s code compliance division heard from four residents who live near Jack Van Bebber, a resident on Grand Avenue they say has been a problem for years. They asked a hearing officer for the city to take action against Van Bebber, including placing a lien on his house.

Grand Avenue? Same street where “ground zero” for the Sustainable Pacific Grove’s shining example of green living, the old drive through bank building on Grand and Pine.

Not Van Bebber's Yard

One person’s trash is another mayor’s “sustainable society”, I guess.

Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking

I say they should be allowed to sleep in Parklets overnight too.

The Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday moved closer to creating a city ordinance allowing homeless people to sleep in their cars at church parking lots and other approved locations.

The city has been “visionary” in its approach to homelessness, said Tia Sukin, founder and director of One Starfish Safe Parking and Supportive Services, which will run the project.

“They’ve also been very aggressive in making sure this gets on their agenda. That’s really nice to see, trying to help people,” she said.

Under the program, homeless people with vehicles will be screened before they are approved to sleep in a designated church or other parking lot.

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking