P.G. School Found To Have Cameras In Kids’ Bathrooms

Creepy. Monterey Bay Charter School. Same one that had a teacher accused of child molesting in 2010.

School principal Cassandra Bridge told the Pine Cone last week that the school installed the cameras in the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms in 2013 to prevent vandalism.

While there’s a law on the books stating it’s a crime to place a camera inside a bathroom or other area where occupants have a reasonable expectation of privacy, police did not find that the charter school’s installation of the cameras rose to the level of a crime.

P.G. School Found To Have Cameras In Kids’ Bathrooms

New Monterey Man Arrested For Sex With Underage Child


Mathew Nuttall


Mathew James Nuttall was arrested Saturday at his Monterey residence in the 400 block of Belden. Police say the arrest followed an investigation by Monterey Detectives that began earlier in the week.

Nuttall faces several charges including unlawful sex with a minor, annoy or molest a minor and contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual act.

Police say Nuttall was a afterschool club league at the City Beach Monterey Bay Volley Ball Club. He also coached at the International School of Monterey.

New Monterey Man Arrested For Sex With Underage Child

Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

Might as well bring this picture back with an update. How are those sex offender programs working out, son of Pollacci?


Jordan Pollacci, 24, who is the son of convicted rapist Tom Pollacci, was taken into custody for misdemeanor invasion of privacy and felony probation violation after a man reported seeing Pollacci using a cell phone to snap photos under his wife’s dress.

PS, the KSBW URL link for it’s story is somewhat amusing calling Jordan a Pebble Beach Pervert –

Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

KSBW Explains the squirrel bit.

Pollacci Going To Prison – Finally

He’s been in County Jail ever since the first trail.

Pollacci in chains

He has been held in Monterey County Jail since the first guilty verdict but will now be moved to a state prison. While in the county facility, “he has received no disciplinary action reports or writeups” for bad behavior, according to Wouden.

Meanwhile, his parents have settled a federal civil lawsuit brought by one of Pollacci’s victims, which claimed they were negligent for letting their son, who was first convicted of sex crimes in the early 1990s, work in their liquor stores. A lawsuit by Jane Doe 1 was filed in federal court against the Pollacci’s. Late last year, a judge ruled they could be held personally liable for negligence. The family also sold its Pacific Grove and Carmel liquor stores, which are now owned by Lopez family, who also owns Lopez Taqueria & Liquor on Del Monte Avenue and Lopez Restaurante y Cantina on Cass Street.

Pollacci Going To Prison – Finally

No Venue Change For Pollacci's Next Rape Trial

Should I modify a “Parking for Ron’s Liquor Only” sign to say “Parking for Jury only”?

Judge Terrance Duncan said that despite extensive news coverage of Pollacci’s previous cases, prospective jurors will be screened to eliminate those who have been prejudiced by the publicity.

“There is no way he can get an unfair trial in Monterey County,” prosecutor Michael Breeden told the judge.

No Venue Change For Pollacci’s Next Rape Trial

Pollacci faces an additional eight years for each potential rape conviction. But if Breeden files an enhancement for sexual assault against multiple victims, Pollacci could face life in prison.

Jason Wright Child Pornography Update

He’s out on bail..

After a months-long investigation, last Thursday, federal agents recovered several thousand child porn pictures and hundreds of videos on his work computer, that he originally deleted.

He works as an agent at Farmers Insurance on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove. His family owns that business. Also, at his home on Park Street, agents found up to 40 sex toys in a shed in his backyard.

Jason Wright Child Pornography Update

Pollacci Attorney Asks For Change Of Venue

Jumping in during some time off to bring this update and show the sign mockups mentioned in the media

Wouden said a Google search of Pollacci’s name turned up 13,000 hits. From March 2009 to February 2011, the three local television stations ran 224 stories on Pollacci’s charges. Five local newspapers, including The Herald, ran 174 articles, one of which quoted a judge saying Pollacci is a predator with a “long-lasting and enduring” reputation as a rapist in the community.

Wouden noted that many websites allow the public to post comments about news stories and www.lighthouseavenue.com ran photos that appeared to depict parking signs in front of Ron’s Liquors stating “Parking Only for Rape Victims” and “Parking Only for Registered Sex Offenders.”

Constant Readers of lighthouseavenue.com should know the Admin’s non news peeves. Open dumpsters is one, another is sidewalk blocking signs. It was there that the sign photos began. On March 12, 2009 this claim that public parking was reserved exclusively for Ron’s Liquor was posted:

Liquor only parking
Then on March 13, 2009 when the media revealed that Tom Pollacci was a registered sex offender I took the “Liquor Store Only” picture and made this. This website was the first to question “would you show your ID to a sex offender?”
Liquor only not

The latest sign mockup was January 21, 2011 – for the trial of even more rape charges for Tommy. The original picture was taken June 6, 2009:
Parking for Pollaccis
Thanks for reading, and I think Tom will be found guilty anywhere in the USA. Hope he’s enjoying the stay in prison.

Pollacci Attorney Asks For Change Of Venue

Pollacci Defense Says He Has A Reputation

She also noted a comment by a Monterey County judge, who stated, “Pollacci has a reputation that is well-known, long-lasting and enduring as a rapist in this community.”

The study also included a doctored photo of a sign that pretended to be in front of Ron’s Liquors on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove that said “Parking only for registered sex offenders.” The photo appeared on local Internet message boards.

Found the other original picture of Ron’s Liquors sidewalk sign that claims the parking spaces on Lighthouse Avenue are for their customers only.
Original Rons Parking sign

Pollacci Defense Says He Has A Reputation