Newest TAMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

And who really thought that Measure X was going to improve roads for cars? Better spent on substainable things like slow empty buses and more unused bicycle lanes.

Would it not be easier to use those metal ribbons and come up with some sort wheeled vehicle that could ride people from one end to the other faster and safer than MST buses?

For Monterey County, the study concluded that a “bi-directional” busway along the branch line between Fremont Boulevard and Reservation Road would be the “most cost-effective alternative,” noting that it is supported by TAMC’s Measure X funding (about $15 million designated for bus rapid transit, along with potential grant funding). The project cost is currently estimated at about $33.4 million, according to a TAMC staff report.

Newest TMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

Politicizing The Butterfly

Butterfly Molesting

Ahhh politics. Here’s a the work of one that looks good

Assemblymember Mark Stone — whose district includes Pacific Grove’s Monarch Sanctuary — is pushing a bill, AB 2421, to protect the iconic black and orange insects. “As monarch butterfly populations decline, ecosystems across our state are at risk of collapse,” said Stone, who introduced the bill in February. “This measure provides grants and support to preserve and restore monarch and other pollinator habitats.

Then we see what it really is. Looks like another tax and spend project.

The bill would establish the Monarch and Pollinator Rescue Program, which would be overseen by the California Wildlife Conservation Board. The program would offer grants to farmers, ranchers, nonprofits and public agencies to pay for habitat restoration projects throughout the state.

Politicizing The Butterfly

Uh, About All That Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

Looks like it will be less than promised.

In a split vote Tuesday, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors cut marijuana businesses’ tax rates, in some cases by two thirds, said Luis Alejo, the board’s chairman.

Greenhouse growers, who had been staring at a $15-per-square-foot tax, will instead pay $5 per square foot while indoor cultivators will pay $8 a square foot, he said.

Uh, About All That Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Tax the tourists. Oh, and 41 percent come up negative on short term cyber rentals.

The survey also showed that 41 percent of the 375 likely voters surveyed on the phone and online believe that the city has done a “poor” job of managing the city’s vacation rentals, while 28 percent gave the same grade for the way the city manages its pension obligations. Similarly, 22 percent said P.G. is doing poorly managing its finances.

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Monterey Getting $8,000,000 For A Short Section Of Recreation Trail Improvements

Eight Million Dollars for “to go from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Coast Guard station”. The money is coming from a grant (taxes) called the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 that was sold to the tax payers as an investment to fix our roads, freeways and bridges in communities across California. As usual, Governor Moonbeam lies about where our tax dollars are spent.

At least put some lights up and maybe a few 911 phones to cut down on the rapes, robberies and assaults that happens on that dangerous trail.
Recreation Trail Vandalism

“Solutions for congested corridors are usually for Los Angeles or San Francisco so one of the things that we try to do with this grant is highlight the importance of offering an environmentally friendly and alternate form of transportation,” said Andrea Renny. She said that by creating a smoother running trail, drivers could be swayed to become bikers, therefore the improved Rec Trail could also serve to alleviate congestion on the road. And while some have advocated for the need to separate the bicyclists and pedestrians in that stretch of the trail, Renny said that the Parks and Recreation Master Plan calls for widening the trail first before other alternatives can be considered.

Monterey Getting $8,000,000 For A Short Section Of Recreation Trail Improvements

Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax

But no increase in business license cost. Don’t want to run more shops out of town. Does Moe have chamber members that are unlicensed?

After weeks of speculation, the city of Pacific Grove on Wednesday took another step toward instituting a citywide admission tax by approving the measure 4-3 for the November ballot.

Conversely, a potential ballot measure that would increase the existing business license tax by 40 percent and remove its existing cap, was voted down 5-2.

Eleven California municipalities currently collect admission taxes including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Pasadena.

Moe Ammar recommended that the city collect money from P.G. businesses that are operating without a license. According to a physical audit by the chamber, there are estimated to be 60 businesses operating in the city and 100 businesses operating out of the post office and UPS store without a permit.

Citizens Will Vote On Aquarium Tax

City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Increasing business tax as other sources for more money fail.

The proposed increase would take the current rate from $0.001 per dollar of gross receipts to $0.0024.

If passed, the initiative would also remove the current cap.

Right now, if a business makes more than $3 million in gross receipts, they only pay $3,000 in business license tax because that is the current cap.

City Manager Ben Harvey said there are about 20 businesses in Pacific Grove affected by the cap.

The city has been exploring ways to increase revenue for months and this is one of the ideas the council thinks could work.

City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Ticket Taxes, That's the Ticket

Admission taxes and business taxes, those will save us.

The citywide admissions tax would apply to ticket sales for all attractions, including movies, sporting and special events, tours, concerts and the aquarium. Approximately 20 percent of the aquarium is located under Pacific Grove’s jurisdiction.

The other tax in question on Wednesday will be the city’s business tax license. The current cap for a business license is $3,000 with the minimum cost set at $15.

Options proposed to the city, to be considered separately or in combination, include removing the $3,000 maximum tax cap, retaining the cap and increasing the tax rate, or removing the cap, streamlining the process by eliminating the separate current tax/process method and applying a tax rate by business type.

Ticket Taxes, That’s the Ticket


Taxing The Aquarium Admissions Back In The News

I think they do this to every new City Manager to introduce them to the town since they are never a current or previous resident.

Consideration of the tax comes after last week’s council meeting when City Manager Ben Harvey presented revenue-generating ideas for the city. That’s when councilman Dan Miller made a motion to consider putting an admissions tax on a future ballot, a move that could potentially drive up the cost of ticket prices at the aquarium, but also raise $700,000 for the city of Pacific Grove.

“The wear-and-tear done on our roads and infrastructure is by people who are coming here for admissions for one area event or another,” said Miller. “You have to just start saying, ‘They pay other taxes like a gas tax, sales tax except not admission to an event.’ Why is that special? It shouldn’t be.”

Taxing The Aquarium Admissions Back In The News

Sea Lion Posse Wants Your Tax Dollars

Animal lovers want tax money to protect seals. Liken it to feeding stray cats. Keep protecting them and the population quickly increases, outstripping the food sources and attracting more predators.

Harbormaster with the city of Monterey, Steve Scheiblauer said last spring the number jumped to about 700 and with it came a lot starving juveniles.

“At that time the animals were young and thin very emaciated looking,” Scheiblauer said.

For many it was hard to watch the animals, which can be an annoyance to many boaters and fisherman but are also endearing.

“It’s hard to witness this kind of thing, but you know I have seen a lot of it and this is nature appears to be unfolding,” said Scheiblauer about the event in 2015.

Delong said the population is seeing its first big disturbance in decades thanks to the warm blob which has been pushing food sources farther out to sea.

Sea Lion Posse Wants Your Tax Dollars