Continuing Cannery Row Caboose Updates

Said to be open in January 2020


Ed Ciliberti purchased the caboose in April 2018 with plans to redo it and open it as a gift shop and a display for railroad memorabilia. To get ready for it to open, Ciliberti had the railcar’s roof replaced and fumigation done. He also obtained a lease from the City of Monterey so he could keep the 45-foot-long car on Cannery Row. “It will be open in January with railroad memorabilia for sale and a museum highlighting the history of the railcar,” including before it was converted to a caboose in the 1940s and came to Cannery Row in 1968,

Continuing Cannery Row Caboose Updates

Motorcycle Race Celebrations – Guard Your Bikes

The crowds on Cannery Row are often victims of motorcycle thefts when the event is in town.

The 22nd edition of Race Night on the Row will start at 4 p.m., with Cannery Row closed to cars until 10 p.m. as motorcycles park along the street. The event is billed as the area’s most popular afterparty for the FIM Superbike World Championship, which will be making its only U.S. stop at Laguna Seca with races Friday through Sunday.

Motorcycle Race Celebrations – Guard Your Bikes

Big Advertising Is Watching You

Probably the NSA and Illuminati too.


A technology being deployed along Cannery Row is able to tell businesses how many people are walking down the sidewalk in front of their stores at any particular time of the day and even what gender the pedestrians are.

The device and software, called ViMo, is a vision-based sensor with AI analytics that can, for example, tell a business that 200 men of an average age walk past the store on Tuesdays between noon and 1 p.m. A retailer could then adjust its marketing to target that particular customer base.

The software does not use facial recognition.

Big Advertising Is Watching You

Swimmer Cross Bay With Proper Teatime

English Channel Rules – Must stop for tea.

The 36-year-old swimmer and his brother Joe Zemaitis set off from Santa Cruz around 7 p.m. on Tuesday hoping to become the first men to complete the 25.1 mile swim across the bay using “English Channel” rules. Those rules state that the swimmer must be unassisted and cannot wear a wet suit.

Only John was able to complete the swim. His older brother, Joe, had to be pulled from the water after showing signs of hypothermia about a mile offshore from Monterey.

Swimmer Cross Bay With Proper Teatime

Michael Balesteri, Monterey’s Master Criminal

Michael Balesteri

Stolen cars, drugs, counterfeit money, hit and run, running from police. Still got caught.

On March 27, detectives spotted Balesteri in Monterey driving another Acura sedan that was stolen out of Seaside.

Baleseteri was contacted after parking the car and was arrested without incident.

Police found tools used to commit vehicle thefts, methamphetamine, and counterfeit U.S. currency on Balesteri.

Police searched his home on the 800 block of Belden in Monterey found evidence he was creating counterfeit currency including a computer, printer, specialized paper, and additional counterfeit currency.

They also found property stolen from the Acura involved in the vehicle pursuit and crash on March 17, drug paraphernalia, and methamphetamine.

Michael Balesteri, Master Criminal

Andronico’s Opening Soon

I remember it as Co Op Foods before it was a Nob Hill.

Nob Hill Oob

Andronico’s is a specialty market operated by Safeway with unique offerings that may not be found at regular Safeway stores…

…Anderson previously said the store was first built and opened in 1960 as Purity Supermarket before becoming a Nob Hill Foods some years late.

And under Stupid Things Moe Ammar Says:

“New Monterey and Pacific Grove residents will have access to a very unique shopping experience that is not available on the Peninsula,” said Ammar, who also noted the store’s convenient location, close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “Aquarium visitors, staff and volunteers can walk a block and do not have to drive to Whole Foods at the mall.”

Drive to Whole Foods? When there’s a Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Lucky and high priced Grove Market close by?

Andronico’s Opening Soon

Anti-Plastic Fish Prison Puts Plastic In Bay

Do as I say, not as I in a glove
New York Post Picture

“Unfortunately, we didn’t monitor our contractor closely
enough and the contractor used the wrong bag covers — plas-
tic instead of burlap or paper,” Meister told The Pine Cone.
In 2017, after learning of the infraction, the coastal com-
mission slapped the aquarium with a notice of violation of the
Coastal Act. At the Fort Bragg meeting, commissioners will
weigh a bid by the aquarium to remove the plastic-wrapped
sacks, which also haven’t worked, and install concrete and
stainless steel supports for the pipelines.

Anti-Plastic Fish Prison Puts Plastic In Bay