Cannery Row Caboose Rides Again

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Cannery Row Caboose

Ed Ciliberti of Pebble Beach told The Pine Cone that Monterey gave him a license for the 1916 caboose, which he purchased from local author Randall Reinstedt and his wife, Debbie. The state granted Ciliberti a seller’s permit this week.“I hope to have the new ground lease in the next few days for The Cannery Row Caboose,” said Ciliberti on the train car’s new business name.

Cannery Row Caboose Rides Again

Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

More tax dollars spent on stoplights to route the tourists and tourist industry workers. Where would we be without tourists?

Narrowing the sidewalks on Lighthouse or making Hawthorne one way to Pvt Bolio were all great ideas, but they are all pro-car and not an option.

Lighthouse Curve

On an average day 54,000 cars come around the Lighthouse curve passing Private Bolio Gate to the Presidio of Monterey. That is more vehicles than travel any given spot on Highway 1, Highway 101, Highway 68, or Highway 156 in Monterey County.

The first step has been adding adaptive traffic signals.

“What this system does is every two and a half minutes it makes decisions based on the traffic that is coming,” Renny said.

The signals also keep a history of traffic so the system can make predictive decisions. A portion of Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey already has the signals but by Summer 2019 the city plans to install the lights stretching from David Avenue and Lighthouse Avenue all the way to English Avenue and Del Monte Avenue.

The money for the project is coming from a grant, neighborhood improvement fund dollars and Measure X.

Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

Andronico’s Coming To Closed Nob Hill Store Location

Well they have a good location among the rest of the high priced businesses. Will they have cheap wine for the frequent shoplifters or Safeway offerings, Trader Joes parking with Whole Foods prices?

Nob Hill OOB

“We are excited to introduce Andronico’s Community Markets to the Monterey community,” Safeway spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall told The Pine Cone Wednesday.

Andronico’s — which is supposed to be open in the former Nob Hill spot by Thanksgiving — was a small San Francisco Bay Area chain that Frank Andronico, a native of Greece, opened in 1929 in Berkeley. While it once had nine locations,
it fell on hard times, and Safeway purchased its remaining stores, and now it plans to open one here.

Andronico’s Coming To Closed Nob Hill Store Location

Fish Prison Borgs Neighboring Building

Getting real close to Doc’s.

810 Cannery Row

On July 13, the aquarium purchased a two-story, oceanfront structure located between its Open Sea exhibit wing and Pacific Biological Laboratories from Frances Yee for $2.4 million.

“The building at 810 Cannery Row was acquired from the family of the late Jack Yee, whose father, Won Yee, was the model for the character of grocer Lee Chong, proprietor of the Wing Chong Market,” Monterey Bay Aquarium spokesman Emerson Brown told The Pine Cone

Fish Prison Borgs Neighboring Building

Consuelo’s “Greene Mansion” Sold

After the losing art gallery closed. Out of towner playing with his phone buys it.

Building Of Light

Mike Mollica, a 45-year old bio-tech professional based out of San Diego has purchased the historic property for close to the asking price of $999,000. Mollica, who has former ties to the Peninsula as one of the first 500 students to ever attend CSU Monterey Bay, plans to live in the upstairs portion of the mansion and rent the downstairs out for special private affairs.

“I was satisfied I could turn this place into a home for myself but also use the downstairs and have rooms themed for events too,” explained Mollica, who said the timing involved in buying the stately manor was serendipitous. Mollica had recently been thinking about re-locating to Monterey when he was scrolling on his smart phone and saw the story in the Herald about it being on the market.

Consuelo’s “Greene Mansion” Sold

Sunshine Surf Shop Shutters

Bought gear there for my kids. Seemed higher priced but definitely an excellent customer experience.

Sunshine Freestyle OOB

While Sunshine Freestyle has had a few different owners over the years since it first opened in 1976, when Wenzlik and Kreyenhagen purchased it on April 1, 1998, the store carried winter sports gear. But when sales of skis, snowboards and winter clothing started to decline, they stopped carrying that inventory and turned their focus to summer merchandise.

“Since 2010, there’s been a lot of changes with corporations,” said Wenzlik, noting that both the REI in Marina and the Vans store in the Del Monte Center have affected his sales.

The one thing that remained over the years was the annual Surfabout two-day event that Sunshine Freestyle sponsored at Carmel Beach. This year, due to the store closing and mounting costs to schedule the use of the beach, the event was canceled.

“It was an idea of bringing the tribe – all the surfing communities around Monterey Bay and Monterey County – of bringing everybody together for a community family event and friendly competition,” explained Wenzlik, noting that this last three or four years, he’s been able to witness three generations compete in the contest. He hopes to resurrect the event in the future.

Sunshine Surf Shop Shutters

Straws Banned On Wharf

Making the wharf substainable. First the bags, then the straws and the cup lids. Next thing you know there will be cloth napkins and no more plastic toy souvenirs.

60s wharf at night

“It’s one thing to have a ban on plastic bags, but once you go to plastic straws it takes it up one more level,” said Mary Alice Cerrito Fettis, a board member and past president of the Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf Association. “We’re very excited that all the beverage serving businesses on Fisherman’s Wharf have figured out an alternative to using plastic straws.”

According to Ted Terrasas, the city’s sustainability coordinator, it was an effort to get early stakeholder input, especially by those most affected, the restaurant owners. About 30 attended the gathering, which included Monterey Bay Aquarium officials and local non-profit representatives.

Straws Banned On Wharf

End Of The Line For Cannery Row Caboose

Cannery Row™ is changing, along the lines of less Steinbeck and more Stockton.


Ciliberti purchased the historical caboose for $27,000 with the expectation to not only keep and maintain the piece of history and landmark in Cannery Row, but to also run an antique and collectibles business out of it as the previous owners did. He recently paid upward of $20,000 for the railroad memorabilia inventory owned by the caboose’s previous owners Debbie and Randy Reinstedt.

“I didn’t know – I purchased it with the idea of keeping and knowing that it would stay local and hopefully it would continue as a business,” said Ciliberti, noting that he had bought it under certain assumptions but had not yet talked with the city about it. “I recently purchased all the memorabilia with the hope to continue on the same path (as the previous owners).”

End Of The Line For Cannery Row Caboose

Like Sharks Following Sea Lions, Monterey Criminals Follow The Money

Noticing a pattern in the arrests – drugs.

The Monterey Police Department has seen an increase in property crimes in recent months, specifically automobile and residential burglaries,” police said.

Police believe there are two categories of thieves targeting Monterey: 1. a roving group that travels to Monterey, and 2. local criminals.

The roving groups “target areas that they know have financial means,” police said.

There were some arrests, among them:

May 21: Monterey Police Officers, with the assistance of the Seaside Police Department, arrested Zachary Thomas, 31, of Pacific Grove, in the 1100 block of Fremont, Seaside, for commercial burglary, possession of stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance.

May 23: Officers arrested Julia Natale, 51, of Monterey, in the 800 block of Archer, Monterey, for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of a controlled substance, being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and smuggling drugs into the jail.

Officers also arrested Ashley Beck, 30 of Pacific Grove, in the 800 block of Archer, for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Monterey Police Officers, with the assistance of the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team, Pacific Grove PD, Marina PD, Carmel PD, and the Drug Enforcement Agency served a search warrant in the 900 block of McClellan, Monterey. Officers arrested John Spataro, 47, of Monterey, for possession of heroin and possession of methamphetamine. Officers also arrested Gary Russo, 43, of Monterey, for possession of methamphetamine.

Like Sharks Following Sea Lions, Monterey Criminals Follow The Money

Sketch Artist Getting Erased From Wharf After 34 Years

Longtime wharf mainstays get booted to go upscale and corporate, rent is too high, plus Monterey has “other plans” for the minuscule space she rents.

Baila Berks, who goes by “Gypsy” of Gypsy Arts Studio, will spend her last day on Thursday perched in her chair, under her umbrella and in front of her easel at the end of Wharf 1 near Princess Monterey Whale Watching.

That’s because, according to Berks, she can no longer afford the rent she pays for the 60 square feet she inhabits outside on the wharf that she also says the city has other plans for.

“Over the years, people come back time and time again and tell me how much they look forward to getting their sketch done,” said Berks. “People will be very disappointed if there’s no longer a sketch artist – especially after it was here so long.”

Sketch Artist Getting Erased From Wharf After 34 Years