Moth Spraying Canceled – People Still Report Sickness

For the 4th night in a row, the fog (and low cloud cover) caused the cancellation of the spraying of a phermone designed to help eradicate an invasive pest. The California Department of Food And Agriculture will try again tonight.

It was reported on KSCO that people from Santa Cruz still reported symptoms of reaction to the spraying. Even when the planes never took off.

Moth Spraying Canceled – People Still Report Sickness

Susan Goldbeck’s Computer Stolen

Goldbeck reports she has had a $3500 laptop computer containing important information, stolen from her home.

She reported to police that someone entered her unlocked residence Tuesday and removed her laptop computer. No other items were disturbed or taken. The Pacific Grove police department says the case is being investigated.

Wonder if any REAL important information was on that laptop – we’ve heard stories about personal information being exposed when entrusted individuals lose computers.

Goldbeck’s Computer Stolen

P.G. Man Pleads Guilty To Internet Sex Instant Messages

Homayun Ahmad pleaded guilty to federal charges related to a case of internet sex. The 37-year-old man admitted to have engaged in sexually explicit conversations on AOL instant messenger with someone he believed was a 16-year-old girl. He is expected to receive a 5-year prison sentence as part of a plea agreement.


P.G. Man Pleads Guilty To Internet Sex IMs