Newcomer Fischer Running For Mayor


In June of 2106 after declaring his run for mayor against Mayor Bill Kampe, Fischer pulled out of the race, citing that his views were too similar to Kampe’s to run against him.
Fischer said he wants to continue the council’s current policies and direction, which involves improvements to the city’s infrastructure, something he said he’s long emphasized.

Uh oh.

Newcomer Fischer Running For Mayor

Another Newbie Running For Office

Been here for 3 whole years and has the experience and background to help the city deal with the various and wide-ranging concerns that a city has to face. The city? a City? Can not remember the name of the city he is running for office in. Oh well, all the come-heres that P.G. has elected as leaders have done so much already why not.

Originally from the San Joaquin Valley, Smith, 36, moved to Pacific Grove in 2013 and has served the last two years on the Planning Commission while working as a civil litigation attorney. He works at the public agency law firm Lozano Smith, LLP .

“Because my law practice is in the public agency realm and I have defended public agencies from lawsuits, I feel I have the experience and background to help the city deal with the various and wide-ranging concerns that a city has to face,” said Smith.

Another Newbie Running For Office

This Year’s School Tax Vote Fails

Lots of taxes passed for ‘education’ and all I can see is parking lots and football stadiums.

Measure G Trash

In Pacific Grove, residents failed to pass Measure G, the Pacific Grove Unified School District-backed proposal that asked taxpayers to pay about $30 per every $100,000 of their assessed home value for tech devices and programs for the district’s schools.
But the measure, which had the support of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association, fell short of the 55 percent it needed to pass, receiving 2,030 Yes votes (51.51 percent) to 1,911 No votes (48.49 percent).
Backers had said the funds would have been collected for 20 years in a series of short-term, low-interest bonds and would generate about $27.8 million for the district to purchase computers, electronic tablets — such as iPads — update security cameras, and implement statewide technology requirements for testing and learning.

This Year’s School Tax Vote Fails

Measure G – Another School Tax To Refuse

Aint there enough tax dollars going toward things that are not basic education? Parking lots, football stadiums, district offices and now give tablet computers to every student?

This is just another example of the kind of thinking that leads to an appalling waste of tax dollars like spending $6.8 million on a refurbished sports stadium. And now they want to buy iPads for every student? PGUSD does not need new iPads for every student. Oh, and by the way, what percent of students in the school district don’t already have iPads? Does the school district even know? Does it care?

The fact that this is how they are thinking of spending Measure G money demonstrates that they cannot be trusted to use your tax dollars wisely. It should be an easy call for every voter to reject Measure G.

Residents on the Monterey side of David Avenue support it . .
Measure G In Monterey

Measure G – Another School Tax To Refuse

P.G. Dog Is A Registered Voter

Davis said he has no intention of actually filling out and casting a ballot on behalf of Cooper in November. But he does intend to show how easy it to for a fake person or non-American citizen to vote.

“I’m concerned that non-citizens are registered to vote, and to prove a point, I registered him,” Davis said. “I’d like to have the system fixed.”

“I’d like to have them verify that you’re a citizen, or at least the right species. That would be nice,” he said.

Dog would vote for Ernest if he could..
Ernest And Shugart

P.G. Dog Is A Registered Voter

Election 2009

Vote 2009

Two No On J Votes

Another tax request, again for city services. I cannot support this or any other begging from the city until they show that they can manage what they have already.

Need a start?
– End all city supported funding of the ineffective Chamber Of Commerce.
– Cut all ties with “ICLEI”, the Local Governments for Sustainability.
Think that this added tax will benefit the library only? Wrong. The city will be able to draw money away from the library to fund other things. Say forinstance, sustainable seagull repellent for the roof of city hall.

Monterey Hear-Old, 8/25

“It is a way to set the library up with a base outside of the city’s general fund,” Becklenberg said.

Passage of the measure, he said, could secure the future of the library and provide general fund savings of approximately $400,000 toward the $2 million city budget deficit, since Measure J funding would allow the city to use its regular library budget for other purposes until the budget can be balanced.

Election Coverage Up To The Minute

No official word yet on Mayor’s race, but can be assumed to be Dan Cort.

Losin’ Susan maintains her record of well, losing. Same with David “no credibility” Dilworth.

William R. Kampe 3,205 20.69%
Carmelita Garcia 2,160 13.95%
Deborah C. Lindsay 1,942 12.54%
Daniel Miller 1,772 11.44%
Ken Eduardo Cuneo 1,767 11.41%
Susan Goldbeck 1,611 10.40%
David Dilworth 1,544 9.97%
Richard A. Ahart, Jr. 1,486 9.60%

Vote Count Percent
YES 5,778 75.83%
NO 1,842 24.17%

Vote Count Percent
YES 3,227 56.32%
NO 2,503 43.68%

Election Coverage Up To The Minute

Cost Of Running For Local Office

According to his campaign finance disclosure form filed Oct. 18, Hollister, a retired veterinarian, has received $3,432 in contributions from 19 supporters and made himself a $500 campaign loan. He has spent $1,861.

Cort, the only mayoral candidate listed on the municipal ballot, reported no expenditures and has financed his campaign through a $14,500 self-loan.

· Richard Ahart, $1,355 in cash donated by seven contributors ranging from $20 to $100 each, and a $5,200 self-loan, with expenditures of $5,204.

· Deborah Lindsey, $3,137 in cash, $1,084 in nonmonetary contributions, and expenditures of $5,963.

· Susan Goldbeck, $3,300, including a loan to herself of $925, and expenditures of $2,537.

· Carmelita Garcia, $4,893, including a $200 loan to herself, and $82 in nonmonetary contributions, and expenditures of $5,237.

· Bill Kampe reported $6,578 in contributions, including a $2,000 loan to himself, and expenditures of $3,940.

· Daniel Miller reported a self-loan of $5,753 and contributions of $730 for a total of $6,582, and expenditures of $2,738.

· Ken Cuneo and David Dilworth reported no contributions. Cuneo stated his campaign is entirely self-funded.

No one contributed to Dilworth. ha ha.

Cost Of Running For Local Office

Mayor Cort Dismisses Write In Challenger

Hollister For Mayor

Mayor Dan Cort this week blasted a last-minute write-in campaign by a longtime city resident to run against him in the Nov. 4 election.

Ted Hollister, who has lived in Pacific Grove for 49 years, announced himself last week as a write-in candidate for mayor, which makes him Cort’s only competition.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the response,” Hollister told The Pine Cone. “Honestly, it’s very humbling to see all the support.”

But Cort accused Hollister, 77, of not attending a city council meeting in years and questioned the former veterinarian’s motivation for seeking the job.

“We have serious problems facing this city, and if you haven’t been at a city council meeting in four or five years, then really you have no business inserting yourself into something as important as serving on the council,” Cort said.

Our passive and kind mayor is getting a bit testy. He seems surprised that anyone would want question him or take a stab at leading the town,

Mayor Cort Dismisses Write In Challenger