Change It To Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency


Not a repeat from 2015’s What Do You Smell, Ralph?

Raw wastewater flowed onto the Rec Trail and into the Monterey Bay from about 7 to 8:30 p.m. after a power surge caused the pump station’s electrical equipment to fail, according to Mike McCullough, government affairs administrator of the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency.

“All of the bumps and power surges — sometimes that can throw some of the electronic equipment into chaos,” said McCullough, who noted that shortly after the incident, officials from the agency successfully hooked up another generator to do the pumping that needed to be done.

Change It To Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency

Captain Obvious Prepares To Battle Gulls

1. Forget about enforcing covered dumpster rules and gulls come back.
2. Birds of prey don’t help the situation

Gulls Fight The Power

On Wednesday, the Pacific Grove City Council will discuss bringing back the program to control gulls. With an additional $30,000 in city funding, the proposal will aim to kickstart the effort once again.

“It is prudent to get back on the program,” said Ben Harvey, the Pacific Grove city manager. “You have to do this year in and year out, otherwise the birds just come back.”

Harvey was hesitant to label the gulls as a problem, “We are a coastal community and this is their habitat,” he said. The real problem, he said, is that they skew away from natural behavior. “They are no longer hunting for food, but they are scavenging for garbage.”

Captain Obvious Prepares To Battle Gulls

On Probation, Possessing Drugs And Guns A Block From Cop Shop

And busted. We wont name the persons that might have discharged a 30.06 rifle and a .357 magnum in the 400 block of Grand 30+ years ago..

Lorien Weaver Herbert Stevenson

During the search, detectives found five guns, high capacity magazines, ammunition, about two grams of methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia, and over 20 morphine pills.

46-year-old Herbert Stevenson and 40-year-old Lorien Weaver both of Pacific Grove, were arrested on suspicion of violating probation, various drug and firearm-related offenses, and child endangerment.

[KRON News]
On Probation, Possessing Drugs And Guns A Block From Cop Shop

Fish Prisons And The Zoo Are Top Attractions

Monterey has a Zoo? Oh it’s an Animal ranch for film and television in Monterey,California with Bed & Breakfast, educational program, tours and animal training school.” In Salinas.

Cannery Row attracts over 5 million visitors per year.

While the report shows Cannery Row ranked No. 1 most frequented attraction in Monterey County, Old Fisherman’s Wharf was ranked No. 2 and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, No. 3. The top three destinations showed increases from the previous year.

Other attractions named by visitors in order of popularity were: State park or beach, 17 Mile Drive, Point Lobos State Reserve, historical attractions, any art museum or gallery, wine tasting tours, missions, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and the Monterey Zoo.

Fish Prisons And The Zoo Are Top Attractions

Who Remembers "Most Romantic Destination"?

Propaganda piece proclaims P.G. the place for passion while the screening’s location may be a better bet.

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce will screen a four-minute music video, “Pacific Grove: A Love Story,” highlighting Pacific Grove as a top romantic destination, on Feb. 24 at its annual membership luncheon.

The luncheon at the Inn at Spanish Bay is $25 for members and $40 for nonmembers.

Who Remembers “Most Romantic Destination”?