Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 2

Weird. Got a guy that is a former gun dealer that should not have guns. No one checks this stuff?

After searching a Pebble Beach home last week as part of a sexual assault investigation, Monterey County Sheriff’s detectives ultimately found and seized thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of guns.

On Thursday, deputies served a search warrant issued for the Shepard’s Knoll residence of 56-year-old Michael Abbott. The search yielded over 80 firearms, more than 50,000 rounds of ammunition, and hundreds of magazines for various firearms, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Abbott is a previous gun shop owner, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derrel Simpson added.

Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 2

Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 1

Glue Gun
A glue gun. It bonds things

On Thursday the Monterey County Sheriff’s Detectives served a search warrant in Sheppard’s Knoll to investigate the sexual assault of a 17-year-old victim.

Michael Abbott, 55 of Pebble Beach, allegedly entered a B.DS.M (Bondage/Discipline/Submission/ Masochism) relationship with the victim against their will, where the victim was coerced into being the submissive partner, according to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

Abbott met the female victim on social media and enrolled her in an online submissive training course and met her several times for sexual encounters.

Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 1

100% Pay Raise Plus Full Medical For McAdams?

300 Forest Ave

Doesn’t she already have a full-time job paid for by our taxes? Must need more money to pay her property taxes on the Seaside house she owns/

Isn’t it about time for Jenny McAdams stop self rewarding herself on our dime and do something for all the citizens of Pacific Grove?

McAdams also proposed giving council members medical benefits. If the council OKs the raise and all seven council members enroll in the health plan, it would cost taxpayers about $178,000 per year with increases in future years.

“A family with two working parents and young children often cannot afford to dedicate the time required to serve on council,” Tomlinson told The Pine Cone. “In general, increasing pay will give more citizens the opportunity to serve, and this will increase the candidate pool come election time. This is very good for P.G.”

100% Pay Raise Plus Full Medical For Jenny?

Property Seizure Preview

Monarch Resort

It’s happening. Swooping in and taking property away to house the bums that don’t want the responsibilities of adulthood. Soon it may be YOUR spare bedroom they give away to the losers. We already have a person in charge it seems :Pacific Grove Housing Manager Anastacia Wyatt.

When the issue came back to the council on Feb. 16, Wyatt had to amend the Homekey grant proposal to state that the Monarch Resort was no longer available and another site would have to be found, although it appears unlikely that will happen soon. At a meeting of the P.G. Hospitality Improvement District on Feb. 9, hotel owners, including Dianne Mahroom, said they would not consent to selling their hotels for “homeless shelters.” (Homekey projects are permanent homes.) Wyatt points out that refusing to sell for such housing could be ruled discriminatory under federal law.

Property Seizure Preview

First It Was Statues, Then Festivals, Now Streets With Mens’ Names Got To Go

chlam ct

The Feminist Street Initiative aims to rename streets across the country after historic women. It comes after the fifth anniversary of the nationwide Women’s March and in the days before the start of Women’s History Month in March. The Women’s March Foundation is campaigning for streets to be named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem and Maya Angelou, among others.

First It Was Statues, Then Festivals, Now Streets With Mens’ Names Got To Go

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Jenny McAdams Boudior

Must hate the news for also busting her for cheating on property tax?

She needs to take a tip from mentor Nancy, go and have some ice cream and ignore the facts that escape to the media. Must add that I was unaware that she had a full time job. So why was she looking to get a 100% raise with medical benefits?

In a document filed on Feb. 15 in Monterey County Superior Court, McAdams claims that Miller, now the managing editor of a weekly newspaper called the Pacific Grove Press, has been sending what she described as harassing emails and making calls to her employer, the office of Monterey County Supervisor Wendy Root Askew where she works as an executive assistant, as well as to city officials.

“Mr. Miller then takes his ongoing harassment to the next level and writes about it in his paper,” McAdams states. She claims his actions have “taken an emotional toll” on her and that she remains “in a state of fear.” She also claims he’s disrupting her work.

Miller denies he’s done anything wrong. He says he’s a journalist who’s doing his job covering an elected official. Miller writes a 2,000-word weekly column called “View From The Rocky Shores,” where he routinely reports on and criticizes city officials with a noticeable focus on McAdams. Since starting the column in September, he’s reported on and taken her to task for numerous items, including more recently missing parts of Council meetings or leaving early.

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media