Mayor Wants No Smoking In Public

Monterey has an ordinance against smoking on the rec trail. Cuneo, Kampe and Cohen all opposed the action. Kampe said “It’s incredibly rare to encounter second-hand smoke in Pacific Grove.” Kampe has never walked past Juice & Java or Hazara’s I take it.

No Smoking Dogs

Are Pacific Grove’s smoking regulations strong enough?

Mayor Carmelita Garcia doesn’t think so. She proposed Wednesday that the city consider tightening rules about smoking in public places, particularly parks, beaches, recreation areas, outdoor dining areas and sidewalk tables in front of restaurants and coffeehouses.

The motion to ask staff to draw up an ordinance failed 3-3, with Cuneo, Kampe and Cohen opposed

P.G. Mayor Wants No Smoking In Public

3 thoughts on “Mayor Wants No Smoking In Public

  1. Let people have their right to smoke in public for crying out loud. Soon enough, you won’t even be able to smoke anywhere but your house because some soccer mom is offended.

  2. Do something about those sidewalk tables first:
    PG Muni Code:

    11.32.010 Goods, stands, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

    It is unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed upon any public street, alley or sidewalk, any rack, sign, stand, or any materials or goods. Goods or merchandise, while being received or removed, and materials used in the course of repairs or construction, may be permitted to remain immediately in front of the premises for which they are intended, providing not less than four feet of sidewalk and not less than two-thirds of the roadway are left unobstructed to traffic, and provided proper warning lights are maintained at night.

  3. There were hardly any outdoor seating areas in foggy P.G. before the indoor smoking ban. Now that every bistro has rusty tables out in the open air we have to ban smoking there too.

    And the patio umbrellas that are set up to keep the gulls from pooping on the customers are at the right height to poke me in the eye.

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