Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

Might as well bring this picture back with an update. How are those sex offender programs working out, son of Pollacci?


Jordan Pollacci, 24, who is the son of convicted rapist Tom Pollacci, was taken into custody for misdemeanor invasion of privacy and felony probation violation after a man reported seeing Pollacci using a cell phone to snap photos under his wife’s dress.

PS, the KSBW URL link for it’s story is somewhat amusing calling Jordan a Pebble Beach Pervert –

Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

KSBW Explains the squirrel bit.

Pollacci Stalling State Prison

For some “medical treatment”.

Sentencing for convicted rapist Thomas Pollacci has been delayed until November to allow him time to seek medical treatment for “recently discovered medical issues.”

Deputy Public Defender Michelle Wouden said her client “is addressing medical concerns prior to being sent to state prison, not at the county expense.”

Pollacci was to have been sentenced this morning to six years in prison for raping a woman in his parents’ travel trailer. The sentence was part of a plea bargain that spared him a potential 30-to-life sentence for three rapes.

Pollacci Stalling State Prison

Pollacci Going To Prison – Finally

He’s been in County Jail ever since the first trail.

Pollacci in chains

He has been held in Monterey County Jail since the first guilty verdict but will now be moved to a state prison. While in the county facility, “he has received no disciplinary action reports or writeups” for bad behavior, according to Wouden.

Meanwhile, his parents have settled a federal civil lawsuit brought by one of Pollacci’s victims, which claimed they were negligent for letting their son, who was first convicted of sex crimes in the early 1990s, work in their liquor stores. A lawsuit by Jane Doe 1 was filed in federal court against the Pollacci’s. Late last year, a judge ruled they could be held personally liable for negligence. The family also sold its Pacific Grove and Carmel liquor stores, which are now owned by Lopez family, who also owns Lopez Taqueria & Liquor on Del Monte Avenue and Lopez Restaurante y Cantina on Cass Street.

Pollacci Going To Prison – Finally

Tom Pollacci Gets Another Six Years In Prison


Faced with nine women waiting to testify he had raped them over three decades and one survey that showed 95 percent of the public believed he was probably guilty, Pollacci didn’t like his odds.


As a condition of his plea agreement, he was required to dismiss his appeal in that case and to waive all rights of appeal in the current case as long as he receives the stipulated sentence. He must serve at least 85 percent of the total 14-year sentence, nearly 12 years, before he is eligible for parole. He has served 13 months.

Tom Pollacci Gets Another Six Years In Prison

Pollacci Plea Bargains In Rape Trial


Pollacci made his plea the same day his trial was set to begin. Nine women were scheduled to testify that they were raped by the Pebble Beach man over the past three decades.

In 2008, a woman went into a Pacific Grove liquor store where Pollacci worked to buy water, prosecutor Michael Breeden said. Pollacci asked the woman to go on a lunch date with him and she agreed.

“They went to lunch a second time, and he took her to the travel trailer,” Breeden said. “She did not want to go in. He raped her once they were inside.”

In April 2007, he went on a dinner date with another woman and also forced her into his parent’s travel trailer and raped her, Breeden said. The trailer was parked at the Monterey airport at the time.

Pollacci Plea Bargains In Rape Trial

Tom Pollacci's Next Rape Trial Starting

Or is it?

There is still a chance the trial will not go forward. On Friday, the attorneys indicated there were ongoing settlement discussions

He was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison for that crime last year. The victim in that case will join his current accusers and six other women who will testify they had been raped by Pollacci since the 1980s.

All of the victims claim they were attacked by Pollacci on dates or in some other consensual social setting. The current charges allege he raped both victims in his parent’s travel trailer. The third rape allegedly occurred in the loft at his father’s former Pacific Grove liquor store, Ron’s Liquors.

That business, which was recently sold, was also the location of the 2008 rape for which he was convicted last year.

Tom Pollacci’s Next Rape Trial Starting

Pollacci Liquor Store Sold

Lopez liquor

The store on Lighthouse played a prominent role during Tom Pollacci’s 2010 criminal trial in which a jury found he raped a woman in the loft. According to prosecutors, nine other women have reported being raped by him over the last three decades. His next trial, on charges of raping two of them, is scheduled to begin July 11 in Monterey County Superior Court.

Pollacci and his family are also being sued in Superior Court by one of his victims and in U.S. District Court by another. Pollacci worked at the Ron’s Liquors in Pacific Grove and Carmel for many years, and met several of his victims there, where he commonly checked the IDs of customers, according to court testimony.

Pollacci Liquor Store Sold

7 More Rape Victims To Testify Against Pollacci

Good chance of Tom being put away for life.

Tom Pollacci won’t have to face the woman whose powerful testimony riveted his first rape trial last spring, with her story of being kidnapped in her bathrobe and raped by him in 1980 when she was just 16 years old.

But seven other women who say they were raped by Pollacci — including Jane Doe 10, whose accusations resulted in his conviction in April 2010 and sentence of eight years in prison — will be allowed to testify against him on charges of raping two more victims in 2007 and 2008, a judge ruled Friday.Prosecutors now say there at least 10 women were victimized by Pollacci during a crime spree that began when he was 20 years old and continued while he worked at his family’s liquor stores in Carmel and Pacific Grove

7 More Victims To Testify Against Pollacci

Pollacci's Second Rape Trial Witness Admissibility Hearing

Normal delays. But article does mention that the former P.G. Ron’s Liquors clerk is a guest of the former P.G. Police Chief’s jail, and sadly has not made it to the ‘Big House’ yet.

Tom Pollacci

(Judge) Grover had to postpone the discussion because of jury selection in another case and asked public defender Michelle Wouden and deputy district attorney Mike Breeden to return at 8:30 a.m. June 17 for arguments

Pollacci, who has been in county jail since receiving an eight-year prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of rape last summer, appeared in court briefly Wednesday afternoon

Pollacci’s Second Rape Trial Witness Admissibility Hearing

Seven Of Pollacci's Alleged Victims Will Testify

And lawsuits have been filed against the Pollaccis and the liquor stores, which coincidentally are in escrow

Prosecutor Michael Breeden did not get all he asked for Friday. Judge Adrienne Grover, who was recently assigned to the case, said the account of one woman who says she was kidnapped from her home by Pollacci and another man, taken to the Carmel River and raped 31 years ago is too dissimilar to the other women’s stories and too damaging to Pollacci to be told to his new jury.

According to statements in court, one of the women who has yet to tell her story publicly maintains she met Pollacci when she bought a bottle of water at Ron’s Liquors and told him she was going to the beach to study. She told investigators Pollacci later found her on the beach south of Asilomar, walked her to her car and raped her in the parking lot.

Seven Of Pollacci’s Alleged Victims Will Testify