Missing Woman Recovered From Surf In Pebble Beach

One still missing.

The female body recovered Wednesday near Bird Rock may have been one of the two people who were swept into the ocean on Saturday in that same vicinity, according to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

According to published reports, one person was swept off the rocks and a second apparently went in to rescue the first near Bird Rock at 17 Mile Drive and Bird Rock Road in Pebble Beach on Saturday.

Missing Woman Recovered From Surf In Pebble Beach

Waves Take Two People Away At Bird Rock

Rough seas and big waves are best witness from the shore.

One person was swept off rocks into the surf and another is missing after apparently going into the water to rescue the first person, near Bird Rock on Saturday morning.

Tim Berget, Cal Fire San Benito-Monterey Unit information officer, said rescue and law enforcement crews searched for the missing pair for a couple of hours on Saturday after the initial call came in about 9:50 a.m. Berget said the incident occurred near Bird Rock, at 17 Mile Drive and Bird Rock Road.

Waves Take Two People Away At Bird Rock

So Long Fisherman's Wharf, Was Nice To Know Ya

A visit to the wharf for some KarmelKorn may be in order to see the place before it turns into another tacky tourist trap.

Louie Linguine greeter

The City of Monterey confirmed Friday it is in talks with San Francisco based firm SFO Forecast Inc. to lease Balesteri’s old spot on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sam Balesteri owned a gift shop at the location for five decades but failed to negotiate a new lease with the city in 2016. In August Balesteri received an eviction notice and in December vacated the property.

SFO Forecast Inc. already manages two properties in Monterey, Louie Linguini’s and After the Quake, both are on Cannery Row.

So Long Fisherman’s Wharf, Was Nice To Know Ya

Socialism Comrades To Assemble

Like socialism worked out so well in Venezuela.


A People’s Rally for Unity and Equality will be held at the Window on the Bay, Del Monte Avenue at Camino El Estero, Monterey, January 20 from 1-6 pm. The rally has been called to bring people together to stand up for common values: making our community a safe place for immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, people of color, women and others, protecting women’s right to full reproductive health care, workers’ right to receive fair wages and to organize unions, and our children’s right to a livable world without catastrophic climate change.

Socialism Comrades To Assemble