P.G. May Sell Old Bath House Restaurant

Old Bath House

The Pacific Grove City Council will consider plans to sell the Old Bath House building at its next meeting on Wednesday.

The Old Bath House restaurant closed Nov. 6, after a 30-year run as one of the city’s most recognizable eateries.

At its Feb. 15 council meeting, the city reviewed proposals in closed session for the city-owned property at 620 Ocean View Blvd. At the time, City Manager James Colangelo said the council was still considering several leasing proposals for the site, which previously housed the restaurant.

Now the council is said to be unanimous in support of selling the property or offering a lease with an option to buy.

PG May Sell Old Bath House Restaurant

More Vacancies, Fewer Applicants For City Panels

Applications for city commissions, boards and committees are half what they were a year ago, a problem exacerbated by city foot-dragging in filling vacant seats.

The number of board applicants dropped this year from 51 to 25.

Of those, only 18 appointments were recently recommended by the mayor to the City Council, despite the fact that several committees have long-standing vacancies.

Well, no one with a second/vacation home in PG would be interested, most of the better qualified residents have jobs to go to. That leaves us with retired teachers and Bay Area refugees.

More Vacancies, Fewer Applicants For City Panels

Naked Kayker Dies Off Otter Point

The nude body recovered off Otter Cove in Pacific Grove on Monday morning has been identified as that of Kenneth Robert Burrell of Sacramento, police said Tuesday.

Burrell, 55, had parked his vehicle near Lovers Point sometime late Sunday afternoon and launched his kayak from Lovers Point Beach, said police Cmdr. Darius Engles.

There are lots of places to bathe in the buff, but the icy waters off PG are not the best one  of them.

Naked Kayker Dies Off Otter Point

Coach Chamberlin Dies After Being Hit By Car

Chamberlin, 72, was killed late Thursday while taking the familiar path home. Chamberlin was walking home after attending the Mission Trail Athletic League wrestling championships at Pacific Grove, an event he had coordinated, when he was hit by a car.

Though he had retired as a teacher 12 years ago, Chamberlin was still wearing a path between his home and the high school, still coaching and directing other athletic events.

Officers said Roger Holiday, the 74-year-old driver of the car that hit Chamberlin, apparently did not see Chamberlin in the crosswalk. Holiday was headed west on Sunset Drive, which is a part of Holman Highway.

A driver behind Holiday said he saw someone in the crosswalk. But it was too late to stop.

Coach Chamberlin Dies After Being Hit By Car

Pacific Grove Pharmacy Robbed


A man stole two bottles of prescription medication Thursday from a Pacific Grove pharmacy at Central Avenue and 15th Street.

The man had been lingering in Central Avenue Pharmacy for about 45 minutes when at noon, he walked up to the pharmacist and demanded the medication, police said. The robber at some point threatened the pharmacist saying, “You don’t want me to take out this gun,”.

Druggies. Sheesh.

Pacific Grove Pharmacy Robbed

Drunk Driver Wipes Out 5 Cars On Lighthouse Ave

A man apparently under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol smashed into five parked vehicles along Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove Saturday afternoon.

Arrested was Steven Nacchitello, 49, of Fremont, who was given a Breathalyzer test which showed he been drinking.

DUI Laws as they should be:
First offense – Drivers’ license suspended for life. Vehicle impounded. Can never own a car or get insurance for life. Fine equal to 2 years wages.
Second offense – enabler that gave drunk a car loses the car. Another fine – same rate PLUS add the same fine to the enabler.
Third offense – 10 years in jail.

Drunk Driver Wipes Out 5 Cars On Lighthouse Ave.

Tree Trimmers Overcharging Elderly Customers

Alatini Saulala, 37, is charged with with three counts of financial elder abuse and two counts of grand theft, all felonies.

“He goes door to door saying, ‘I see your trees are overgrown, do you need them trimmed?’” said Monterey County Deputy District Attorney Lisa Poll. “He was not a licensed contractor at the time.”

Saulala, who faces up to four years in prison if convicted, is accused of fleecing four residents, ranging in age from 77 to 94, who have dementia, Alzheimer’s and failing memory.

The most serious allegation involves a 77-year-old woman from Carmel Valley who paid Saulala $50,000 during a six-month period for tree work that Poll said should have cost about $5,000.

Tree Trimmers Overcharging Elderly Customers

Hometown Events Safe, Council Says

After what Susan Goldbeckc alled a “tempest in a teapot,” Pacific Grove’s City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to exempt 10 downtown events from paying thousands of dollars in overtime and other costs to the city.

“You automatically pushed our protecting button,” former Feast of Lanterns president Sue Renz told the council.

‘Hometown spirit’ events in P.G. Events exempted from city fees: Good Old Days Fourth of July Celebration Feast of Lanterns Concourse Auto Rally & Barbecue Butterfly Parade Pacific Grove High School Homecoming Parade High School Marching Band Competition Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony Stillwell’s Snow in the Park Holiday Parade of Lights

Hometown Events Safe, Council Says

Diver Dies In Bay

Bret Ramage, 35, was scuba diving with a chartered boat off the coast of Monterey at around 2 p.m. when he lost consciousness.

Dive instructors came to his aid and when the boat reached the shore, Ramage was rushed to the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for emergency medical care, but doctors could not save the man, and he was later pronounced dead.

Diver Dies In Bay