New Monterey Police Blotter – January 2007

1/1/07 Citizen fell on the recreation trail adjacent to the Lighthouse Curve.

1/1/07 MPD aided the Secret Service in the investigation of a counterfeit $10 bill from 886 Cannery Row, The Aquarium.

1/2/07 KALEEF, JAMES was cited for driving on a suspended license and stop sign violation at Cannery Row and Prescott.

1/3/07 KENYON, JOHN was arrested for public intoxication on Lighthouse at Drake.

1/3/07 Valero gas station, 700 Lighthouse reports theft of $42 in gas.

1/4/07 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen his 30 GB IPOD from his vehicle at 400 Cannery Row on 12/30/06 between 0030 hours and 1300 hours.

1/5/07 MPD towed a 1991 Geo, from Foam and David for expired registration.

1/6/07 Citizen reports someone to have slashed his tire while at 701 Wave.

1/7/07 Hit and run accident 1500 block of David

1/8/07 QUIGLEY, PETER was cited for driving on a suspended license, throwing a cigarette onto the roadway and speeding at David and Lily.

1/9/07 Citizen 300 block of Drake, reports unknown to have burglarized her detached garage and taken luggage and other unknown items.

1/9/07 MPD towed a black 1999 Lincoln Towncar (Limo) for being parked more than 72 hrs in the 500 block of Newton.

1/9/07 Battery reported 800 block of Hawthorne.

1/11/07 Mountain lion sighting Alice and Withers.Ruttschow

1/12/07 LOUIS ALBERT SANDOVAL, EDWARD JOSEPH HYER, and DMITRIY, DAVID KHAYKIN were arrested for public intoxication at 214 Lighthouse, Ocean Thunder. POLD: Ocean Thunder.

1/13/07 Citizen 300 block MCCLELLAN reports vandalism in the form of window smash to the driver’s side window of her vehicle while parked outside her residence.

1/14/07 Citizen 700 block of Newton, reports the theft of his motorized gardening tool from his unlocked vehicle.

1/15/07 WHITEHURST, JOSHUA LEE was cited for discharging solvents into the storm water system while repairing a vehicle in the 600 block of Belden.

1/15/07 MCSO was aided in the arrest of WHITEHURST, JOSHUA on warrant for FTA on 166(C)(1) PC with $10,000 bail.

1/15/07 Citizen 400 block of Belden reports a couch to be abandoned on the sidewalk.

1/15/07 CHIOINO-CROCQUET, SHEENA MARIE was arrested for DUI.

1/16/07 MPD investigates graffiti on the Hilltop Community Center building, 871 Jessie.

1/16/07 MONTEREY PLAZA HOTEL, 400 Cannery Row reports embezzlement of $1,230.

1/16/07 Monterey Public Works reports vandalism to the rear of 497 Lighthouse. Vandalism consists of black spray-paint graffiti.

1/17/07 Juvenile male fell on the sidewalk on the 700 block of Cannery Row causing injury.

1/18/07 Citizen 600 block of Terry advised that the dogs belonging in the 600 block of Parcel barked all night and disturbed the peace.

1/18/07 Citizen 200 block of Mar Vista reports a blue Mercedes to have struck and damaged her vehicle and fled in the 100 block of Lighthouse.

1/18/07 MARTIN, KENNETH was arrested for public intoxication at Lighthouse and Prescott.

1/21/07 MICHAEL SLYE was arrested for DUI and driver in possession of marijuana at Foam and Drake. JOHN KLAIBER was arrested for public intoxication at Foam and Drake.

1/21/07 MPD towed a black 1986 Lincoln LSC for registration expired over 6 months from 400 block of Hawthorne.

1/22/07 625 Cannery Row, graffiti found on the Hoffman side of the building.

1/22/07 City of Monterey had graffiti in the men’s restrooms of Hilltop Park.

1/22/07 Citizen 600 block of Archer advised that a neighbor’s dog was running loose in his yard barking and charging at him.

1/22/07 Citizen 1100 block McClellan reports burglary to his vehicle.

1/22/07 PROVE, MATTHEW was cited for possession of marijuana while driving and broken tail lights at David and Foam.

1/23/07 Citizen, 600 block Grace St., reports finding a set of keys on the walkway to his home.

1/23/07 Found passport at 800 block of Cannery Row.

1/25/07 Citizen 400 block of Larkin reports fraud of $3000 via the internet

1/26/07 Michael VENUTI, Beau SCHOCH, and Seth SCHOCH were arrested for public intoxication at Hoffman & Wave.

1/26/07 RAUSHNOT, NICHOLAS was arrested for DUI at Pacific and Scott.

1/26/07 City of Monterey Public Works employee turned in one men’s 24 speed 18″ Schwinn mountain bike found the bike in the Coast Guard lot area near the bushes.

New Monterey Police Blotter – January 2007

Divers Find Torpedo Off Point Pinos

The circa 1945 torpedo was not packed with explosives and was likely left behind from training exercises in Monterey Bay during World War II, said Tim Thomas, Monterey Maritime and History Museum historian.

During that era, the U.S. Navy conducted war games, shooting nonexplosive torpedoes in the water and practicing beach landings. The Navy chose Monterey Bay in particular, Thomas said, because the conditions were similar to those farther out in the Pacific Ocean.

What’s more hazardous, fuel from dud torpedoes or Round Up

Divers Find Torpedo Off Point Pinos

Seaside Auto Mall Renovation To Start

The renovation area, bordered by La Salle and Broadway avenues and Del Monte and Fremont boulevards, will get updated roads, new light fixtures, a repaved central access street and new curbs and gutters.

City officials said Seaside receives about $3 million in tax revenue from the auto mall each year. That represents 60 percent of the city’s total annual sales-tax revenue and more than 20 percent of the city’s general fund revenue.

Maybe Seaside should pay Monterey a fee for every car sold What’s with the dealerships calling themselves “Monterey . . .” and being in Seaside?

Some dealerships skirt around the ID by using “Monterey Peninsula” in the name. Look at a map, Seaside is not on the peninsula.

Seaside Auto Center Ford

Seaside Auto Center Honda

Seaside Auto Center Lexus

Seaside Auto Center Toyota

Seaside Auto Center Volvo

Seaside Auto Center Vw

Seaside Auto Center Chrysler

Seaside Auto Center Dodge

Seaside Auto Center Lincoln

Seaside Auto Center Mazda

Seaside Auto Center Subaru

Some don’t hide behind the Peninsula name and brazenly just say “Monterey”

Seaside Auto Center Cadillac

Land Rover
Seaside Auto Center Land Rover

“Monterey” Rover’s spare tires are even more visible
Seaside Auto Center Monterey Land Rover

Seaside Auto Center Tacura

Seaside Auto Center Jaguar

Seaside Auto Center Jeep

The Cardinale dealerships proudly display the town they are in:

Seaside Auto Center Nissan

Seaside Auto Center Gmc

As does BMW
Seaside Auto Center Bmw

Porsche used to represent Seaside
Seaside Auto Center Porche

Guess they could sell enough boxters being in da ‘hood. They have followed the crowd now:
Seasdie Auto Center Porchee

The odd lot out is Chevy – never mind the location, put the owner’s name everywhere
Seaside Auto Center Chevy

Seaside Auto Mall Renovation To Start

Traffic Solutions Sought

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

The third project — and likely to be the most contentious — will tackle traffic problems on Lighthouse Avenue, a burgeoning business district where many shopkeepers want more convenient parking and clean, attractive sidewalks.

Deal said the city has explored three options for this stretch of Lighthouse Avenue: do nothing; reinstate left-hand turns and make parallel Hawthorne Avenue a one-way street eastbound; or make Lighthouse a one-way street eastbound with a bus-only lane.

The latter two projects would cost from $2.5 million to $5 million.

The best thing that happend was when Foam Street went one way. Face it, residents of Hawthorne – that’s the best thing to do there too.

Then take out half of the curbside parking, reduce some sidewalks and buy up vacant lots and vacant properties for parking off street. Look at Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz as a model.

Traffic Solutions Sought

Man Threatens To Blow Up Art Gallery With Book

Philip Beeber, 58, entered the Classic Art Gallery at 6th Avenue and San Carlos Street around 6 p.m. and told the clerks to put their wallets in a Louis Vuitton bag or he would blow up the store, police said. He made the threat using a book, police officer Mike Calhoun said.

Louis Vuitton? A label conscious robber, no less.

Man Threatens To Blow Up Art Gallery With Book

Snick Farkas’ Colossus Of Gold

Snick Farkas couldn’t take the kind of heat he throws around Pacific Grove.
For 12 years, the hardware store employee has lampooned the politics of Butterflyland in his comic strip, “Colossus of Gold.” In his black and white drawings, he chronicles the happenings of a small seaside town called Specific Groove. Here, a faux-gold statue of John Steinbeck, our colossus, has been struck by lightning and expanded to massive size — and is raising a ruckus.

The havoc in Specific Groove is familiar to anyone following Pacific Grove: rampant raccoons, budget problems and former mayors trying to play free golf.

Familiar, too, are the faces of Specific Groove’s movers and shakers, who are much like the City Council members, mayors, department heads and shopkeepers of Pacific Grove.

The Colossus Of Gold comic strip can be seen at and the biweekly live renditions are often posted on Youtube.

Snick Finds Pen

Snick Farkas ‘ Colossus of Gold

Beautification Committee Solution: Less Ugly News Racks

If the city council agrees, the current newspaper and magazine racks would likely be replaced by holders manufactured by Sho-Rack, Martinez said. The same types of racks, currently used in Cannery Row, will be more compact, provide uniformity and will have curved tops to prevent people from leaving items on top of the racks. “We will pay for a maintenance program if they become damaged or have graffiti,” she said. “The maintenance fee for each site is about $500 per year.”

The Cannery Row Racks. Doesn’t that look just like Jersey Bus Station Style.
Newsrack Aquarium

Yes the racks on the ‘Row show uniformity and legitimize all the tabloids, tourist ad books and other wastes of paper. So it will cut down on the unsightly collections of vinyl racks, right? This grafitti laden County Weekly rack is across the street from the other County Weakly rack in front of the Aquarium.
News Rack Cr Weakly

The PG Post office looks like some kind of recycle center for wayward news racks. If it’s in print, you can get it here.
News Rack Old Post Office
If that is not enough, a select few can be found catty-corner from the PO. Yep, blocking the handicap access to the sidewalk.
News Rack P Fish

More vinyl racks make getting out of a car over by the PG Police Substation difficult:
News Rack Gaspars

First, they really should not have any of these impeding the passage from street to sidewalk. This building just had it’s facade restored and repainted. That rack there sure keeps it ghetto looking. Open up the view, don’t block it.
News Rack PG Business

Does Lighthouse Avenue really need more of this? No. What about a real news stand? Actually hire someone to sell newspapers and distribute the other items. The motels already hand out those tourist sheets. Make the businesses with racks on their sidewalks keep them clean. What? They may not want to do that? Then why not sell papers in the store?

Rack outside of a liquor store:
News Rack Old Rons Liquor

The Grove Theater used to have a Greyhound Depot with the best selection of periodicals. Even the Rexall drug store had the papers neatly stacked inside. Pick up a pack of Juicy Fruit when you got the Sunday Comical. That same place today is a rug store with, yes a monster rack out on the sidewalk.
News Rack Hazaras

There is NOTHING the committee can do to make this beautiful.

Beautification Committee Solution: Less Ugly News Racks

Downtown P.G. Looking Ugly?

Pacific Grove would be a better place if the city’s unsightly newspaper racks were replaced with uniform, less conspicuous ones. That’s the opinion of the city’s Beautification and Natural Resources Committee, which will tell the city council in February it should change its eight racks, a move which will cost P.G. about $4,000 per year for maintenance.

Take out the sandwich board signs, too.signs and more signs

Downtown P.G. Looking Ugly?

Recycling Is Good For Environment . .

But stinks for businesses and citizens

Salinas police said Wednesday they have arrested a man suspected of stealing about 300 bronze vases in the past week from Garden of Memories Cemetery on Abbott Street.

Officers arrested Paul Bruno, 55, who was seen removing vases from the cemetery and selling them at area recycling centers, police said.

Recycling was supposed to be a good thing, but now it’s bringing criminals into our neighborhoods and workplaces. First we had roving bands cleaning out curbside recycle bins that were meant to help keep disposal costs down, now we have modern day grave robbers desecrating cemeteries, and recently thieves stealing copper plumbing and wiring – causing thousands of dollars in damage for a few bucks worth of wine or meth.

Scrap dealers now need to be regulated like pawnbrokers. Get positive ID on anyone bringing scrap metals . .

Recycling Good For Environment . .