Sam The Sham Farr Calls Michael Moore His Hero

Walking up Independence Avenue, it is pointed out to Farr that the querulous filmmaker Michael Moore is standing on the next corner with a camera crew and a microphone.

Farr barrels across First Street and right into Moore’s sour mug. “How’s my hero?!” Farr asks.

Moore, with his typical hunched-down head and glum expression, tells Farr, “We’re not looking for guys like you, if you get my drift.”

Sam The Sham Mike The Lard

Ignoring the invitation to scram, Farr lays it on thick for the camera. He runs the show for a few minutes and introduces himself to a Marine that Moore has with him.

Farr walks away from Moore unscathed. In fact, he is beaming. He says he’d just as soon have gone into filmmaking as a young man if he’d known about it.

Sam Farr is a career politician son of a career politician. He has not had to work a day in his life. He’d have never made it as a filmmaker.

Sam The Sham Farr Calls Michael Moore His Hero

P.G. Police Blotter 2/25/03

Week of February 25, 2003

Suspicious circumstance–white male sitting in a red Honda next to school playground. Determined to be school janitor on break.

Injury incident–Central and 19th. Green 95 Sable and green Camry. Both vehicles towed. First vehicle ran stop sign and collided with second vehicle. Driver in second vehicle taken to CHOMP.

Embezzlement–former employee of 12th St. church withdrew $5,000 from a church account without authorization.

Battery report–being hit by step father. Step-father arrested and released on bail. Standby for placement of children.

Close patrol– estranged daughter and son-in-law vandalized home interior of relative before moving out. Owner fears their return; locks to be changed promptly.

Shoplifters–fleeing from store. Two taken into custody.

Raccoon problem–Grove Acre.

Suspicious person–reported tearing down signs on Arkwright.

Citizen contact–tourist with bucket wading through tidepools. Stopped activity before any violations.

MC violation–white female feeding peanuts to seagulls. Warning cite issued.

Suspicious circumstances–report of white male, 17, loading rifle into car. Was taking possession of BB gun from friend.

Malicious mischief–unknown juveniles ignited can of hairspray on tennis court. Fled on foot.

Road hazard–complaint of large sinkhole in roadway. CalAm called, as water was the cause. Barricades erected for safety.

Armed robbery–suspect arrested, gun and $1,427 cash recovered.