Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

The gulls that are mucking up downtown are not Sea Gulls, but Western Gulls. Y’all aint got a SEAgull problem, pardner.

Woohoo Gull

The hot topic forced the meeting to move from a small, Jewell Park meeting room, across the street to the museum. That’s where museum executive director Lori Mannel set the record straight. There is no such thing as a sea gull, she said, explaining that the circling, squawking hordes over Pacific Gull are Western Gulls — never found far from the ocean.

Anyway, readers of no doubt can recall back in 2009 when the Dumpsters Of Commerce story was posted to illustrate my opinion that downtown’s bistro owners showed little respect for the town and it’s citizens. The constant violators from back then were checked recently and (surprise!), no wide open trash receptacles.

Seabreeze Motel
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 130803

Dumpster Mandos 130803
Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 130803

Dumpster Fandango 130803

PG Plaza – a little loose
Dumpster PG Plaza 130803 Trash

Dumpster Peppers 130803

17th Street Grillee
Dumpster 17th Street Grill

P.G Juice N Java – kind of sloppy
Dumpster Juice Java 130803

Not all is rosy –
Some crows were picking up berries from the ground behind Peppers
Peppers Crows 4

Favaloros leaves garbage uncovered in the alley
Dumpster Favaloros 130803

City trash can with no cover
Trash Uncovered 4 130803

Grapes Of Wraith Catering – this is shared (obviously) with a medical office in the Central Medical Clinic. The lid was up, there were medical records laying there. HIPAA issues possibly, but no food scraps.
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 130803

Check back in a week – see if there is no longer a gull problem.

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

or “Why is there so much bird poo on the city?”
White highlights on brown wall (PG Juice & Java)
Poopy Wall 080720 Juice J
Gulls and pigeons. Crows. Rats. Raccoons. Scavengers finding a free lunch and using Pacific Grove as a toilet. When will the merchants show that they care about P.G. more than for the money they rake in? If this is how they take care of their trash, how clean do you think the kitchens are? Are the food storage containers covered? Is the floor clean?

Pictures are totally unrehearsed. Examples are exactly as they were found. No laws were broken obtaining the pictures.

Passionfish – Overflowing trash & grease on the sidewalk:
Dumpster Passionfish 080311

American Tin Cannery.
Dumpster Atc 080714

Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720b

Lighthouse Cinema – Rats at work on the popcorn.
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720c

Dumpster Fandango 080622

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720a

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720

Hollys Cafe
Dumpster Hollys Cafe 080622

Dumpster behind Holmans.
Dumpster Holmans 080720

Dumpster behind Holmans – open to the air & contains garbage.
Dumpster Holmans 080720b

Juice & Java (the place where the walls are being streaked)
Dumpster Juice Java 080720

Pacific Thai – trash outside of the dumpster cubby
Pacific Thai

Pacific Thai – grease on the sidewalk
Pacific Thai Greasy Sidewalk

Pacific Grove Plaza
Dumpster PG Plaza 080720

Seabreeze Motel (2nd time . .)
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 080622

Dumpster Zocalo 080720

Garbage uncovered at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720c

Grease spills at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720 grease

Dumpster Lattitudes 080721

Rons Liquor doesn’t even have a dumpster – the sidewalk is his trash can.
Rons Liquor Trash 080720

Small Update – A citizen turned this matter over the Monterey County Health department, who said that in the week of the 7th the businesses will be visited. Did it happen? If it did, it made little difference.

American Tin Cannery (for the commenter below that dismissed the original photo)

Fandangos did close the lid, but the gulls take advantage of sloppy housekeeping.
Dumpster Fandango 081008

Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

Lighthouse Cinema Open For Business

Glad to have a movie house back in town. Now let’s see some creative movie marketing – not just the same Hollywood dreck.

the new theater owner of Lighthouse Cinema has negotiated running new Hollywood blockbusters, and has spent roughly half a million dollars on renovations to draw more people, including new seats, tiling, and digital sound system.

Maybe better sanitation, too.

Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720b

Lighthouse Cinema Open For Business

Lighthouse Cinema – Open This Summer?

Lighthouse Cinema

No real new news, but this sentence brings back memories:

Enea was challenged before he built the Lighthouse Cinema in 1986 by a group opposed to the movie house project, and it was the subject of a citywide ballot referendum, which drew a large majority of votes in its favor.

Mayor Dingbat Flo was an opponent. Said that the theater would bring undesirable people from Seaside to PG.

Moe chimes in

“I am really excited,” said Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar. “I believe the cinema will do great, since it will be the most modern movie site on the Peninsula with the latest technology in the safest town.”

Pfft. The Imax in the old Edgewater Packing Company is the most modern. Moe just wants to suck more money from the business community and city. The dude is clueless.

Lighthouse Cinema – Open This Summer?

Lighthouse Cinema Update

Lighthouse Cinema

Let’s hope they study the populations of the are and put some thought to what movies they bring to town.

The improvements planned for the 8,500-square-foot building at 525 Lighthouse Ave. include new seats, new carpeting, new curtains, new wallpaper, new sound system, remodeled snack bar lighting, new interior and exterior paint and awnings, he said.

But all that investment comes with some risk, Enea acknowledged.

“The success of the proposed venture will be predicated upon the patronage from Pacific Grove residents,” he said.

North American Cinemas, a Santa Rosa company, which Enea said owns 125 screens on the west coast, is slated to operate the theater.


Lighthouse Cinema Update

Lighthouse Cinema Screens May Brighten Once Again

Lighthouse Cinema

Negotiations are in the works to reopen the old Lighthouse Cinemas, according to city officials and the property’s owner. “There have been some preliminary discussions with
potential theater operators to reopen the Lighthouse Cinemas,” said Robert Enea, the Danville-based developer who owns the building. If the deal goes through, Enea said the building at 525 Lighthouse Avenue would be remodeled and upgraded with things like new seating and sound systems.

Hopefully some good movies. Don’t need to be first run overproduced shows – good movies. Did someone mention John Wayne???

Lighthouse Cinema Screens May Brighten Once Again

No Beauty School For Vacant Theater

Basing its decision primarily on the lack of parking downtown, the city’s planning commission voted Aug. 16 not to issue a use permit for a Paul Mitchell Partner Beauty School, which would have occupied the 12,000 square-foot building at 525 and 527 Lighthouse Ave.

In July, Jeanne Combs wrote a letter to Mayor Dan Cort opposing the Paul Mitchell school, saying it could be harmful to similar local businesses because beauty schools typically offer discounted rates for haircuts, manicures and other services.

In other words – Similar Local Businesses charge too much for too little. Guess this idea would not go over . .

Lighthouse Cheesecake

That’s one downtown business that would bring more people to P.G. than all the bistros and taco places combined . . yummm The Cheesecake Factory.

No Beauty School For Vacant Theater

Lighthouse Cinema Decision Delayed

Lighthouse Cinema

The old Lighthouse Cinema closed in September, less than two years after a 13-screen theater opened at Del Monte Center in Monterey. That left the 11,000-square-foot downtown spot empty, though it is currently being used on a temporary basis for Sunday services by a church congregation.

Along with two shops, Enea proposes to retain a two-story office space and create three new apartments.

“Come back soon with more details”. That’s what the Pacific Grove City Council told developer Robert Enea on Wednesday. He is talking to at least four potential retailers but said he couldn’t reveal their identities to the council because of confidentiality agreements.

Several council members said they were uncomfortable giving the project a green light without knowing the type of businesses that would fill the space. Without that information, they couldn’t gauge the project’s potential traffic and noise impacts.

Pft. Look at what’s been brought to PG lately. Carmalodorous bistros and art galleries. I’d let Enea put a bowling alley there if it would bring tax revenue to town.

Lighthouse Cinema Decision Delayed

Shop Closings

Leaving Lighthouse in PG there’s Gaspers Jewelers. Now where do I get a watch battery replaced with a cheerful, no sneer service?
News Rack Gaspars 2

Newest ghost town, 300 block of Forest Ave. Moe says that vacant storefronts are filling up, but it looks like they are just moving around.

Trotters moved to the Sprouse Reitz building.
Trotters 1

Marita’s moved to Lighthouse.

The Unfinished Furniture In The Raw store is finished
305 Forest Ave

Still vacant since the fall:

First Noel
First Noel

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

Spca Oob

SPCA too
Spca Too Oob

Lighthouse Cinema
Lighthouse Cinema

Shop Closings