Still Sustaining The Gulls – Open Dumpsters In Pacific Grove

Long running story here on the blog, the Dumpsters Of Commerce, where Pacific Grove businesses show their lack of regard for the health and safety of the town. Some have improved, notably Mando’s and Fandango. Others still don’t give a darn and continue to violate health codes.

Let’s look at Juice & Java, yep wide open
juice n java open dumpster

Juice & Java food garbage feeding the gulls & rats:
juice n java garbage

Peppers Mexicali Cafe also serves the birds
Peppers Mexicali Cafe For Gulls

Come and get it!
Peppers Mexicali Cafe For Gulls

Too much for one bird
gull brunch

Call up the guests and have a brunch party. Then poop on everything.
gull brunch guests

In motion!