Central Pharmacy Robbed Again

It’s 2 AM in P.G., took 3 minutes to get to an alarm activation at a pharmacy.

Central Drugs

The break-in triggered the pharmacy’s burglar alarm, and though officers arrived within three minutes of getting the call, the thieves were already gone. “We got there, and you could tell from standing across the street that the front door was ajar,”

After officers discovered the thieves had pried open the door, they searched the business and discovered it had been burglarized. Owner Dana Gordon arrived and provided officers “a very rough idea of what was taken,” Fenton said — items related to opioids.

Central Pharmacy Robbed Again

Burglar Caught After Citizen Witnesses Break In

Don’t mess with South of Sinex.

Salinas resident Marcus Swingle, 29, was climbing out of the window of the Forest Hill Ace Hardware located at 1136 Forest Ave. in the Fairway Shopping Center at around 4 a.m. The officers were there to greet him.

Officers credited an observant citizen who had noticed someone who appeared to be breaking into the store. The citizen subsequently notified the police, providing them with a run-down of what the suspect was doing.

Burglar Caught After Citizen Witnesses Break In

When A Vehicle Burglar Is Caught, Others Move Right In

Caught a thief from Marina. If only there were some cops or something to patrol the streets maybe the thieves would go somewhere else.

Nicklaus Hall, 18, remained in Monterey County Jail this week without bail.

“We verbally told him that he was under arrest and to stop, and we caught him and took him to the ground,” Lakind said, adding that Hall probably tried to run because, “he was wanted, so he knew he was going to go away.”

Hall had a no-bail warrant for violation of probation from the previous burglary, according to Lakind, and police linked him to at least five other vehicle break-ins, which have become commonplace, in the area.

But even with Hall in jail, Pacific Grove police are still battling thieves. “We had a few more the other night, after he was arrested,” Lakind said.

When A Vehicle Burglar Is Caught, Others Move Right In

Family Tradition

Needed money for pimple cream.
Jeffery Rutt
Carmel Pine Cone Image

Jeffery Rutt – the Pacific Grove resident arrested after leading deputies on a car chase two months ago when he was caught breaking into cars — has already pleaded guilty to multiple crimes and sentenced to three years in prison.

Although they live in the same P.G. home and share a last name, it’s unknown how Jeffrey Rutt is related to Jason Rutt, who was arrested for burglary in 2014 and drug offenses in 2012, when he was already on probation for an earlier offense. In the 2014 case, Jason Rutt, then 29, trashed a home on Sage Court while spending all day inside, making himself at home, rifling through the owner’s
possessions and stealing luggage and jewelry. “The house was basically ransacked, and food was eaten. He was probably there all day,” thenPGPD Cmdr. Cassie McSorley said at the time.

Family Tradition

Dumb Criminals File – Raymond Gutosky

At least he did not call his lost cell phone in hopes of getting it back like Sean Conners

A Pacific Grove man stabbed by a homeowner who interrupted him during a burglary will be sentenced to 34 years and eight months in prison, prosecutors said Monday.

Raymond Gutosky, 57, pleaded guilty on Friday to burglary charges after having two previous burglary convictions in Los Angeles, officials said.

Around 9 a.m. on July 11, 2013, Gutosky entered a home after he watched the homeowner and his wife drive away.

The owner returned about 10 minutes later and found Gutosky stealing his wife’s jewelry. Armed with a knife, the owner ordered Gutosky to stay until police arrived.

But Gutosky fought back and was “pummeling” his victim, prosecutors said, until the owner stabbed Gutosky, severely wounding him.

Gutosky stumbled outside, got into a car and drove away, leaving behind his cell phone, which he likely lost during the struggle, officials said.

Dumb Criminals File – Raymond Gutosky

Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous To Your Freedom

How soon before the butts left on the street will be traced back to the careless fools that drop them?

green trash

The smoke break by the burglar came back to haunt a Pacific Grove man this week. He was convicted in Monterey County Superior Court of first-degree burglary and now faces a possible seven-year prison sentence.

“Smoking — it’s kind of bad for your health,” said Deputy District Attorney Sam Nong on Thursday.

Nong prosecuted Daniel Edward Jeske, 33, of Pacific Grove from the March 20, 2012, break-in.

He said police forwarded the cigarette butt to the state DNA database — which includes about 1 million samples collected from felons and persons arrested on a felony charge.

Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous To Your Freedom

Sheriff's Son Arrested Again

Sheriff Scott Miller’s son was arrested by probation officers on Tuesday in Pacific Grove after he allegedly stole “well over $1,000” in goods from Asilomar Conference Grounds, State Parks officials said.

Asilomar superintendent Eric Abma said Jacob Miller, who is in Monterey County Jail, stole phones, iPads, at least one laptop, and a “couple” of purses on Thursday and Friday.

Abma said he could not specify where the items were stolen from or if they were taken from people attending a conference.

Sheriff’s Son Arrested Again

Want To Save Money On Electrical Contractor? Get What You Pay For

Ex Convict posing as a licensed electrical contractor charged with ripping off customers.

The “burglary charges stem from a search of Langley’s house where blank checks and credit card numbers were found belonging to one of Langley’s customers, a homeowner in Pacific Grove,” Lopes explained. “It’s believed Langley stole the items when at the residence where he had done extensive work.”

“Langley is a convicted violent felon who served time in San Quentin Prison,” according to the state board. Langley secured jobs by advertising in online bulletin boards as a licensed contractor, and he used a state contractor license number that was never issued to him.

Want To Save Money On Electrical Contractor? Get What You Pay For

P.G. Car Burglars Caught

And cops let them go.


The victim said he spotted two people in his vehicle about 1 a.m. in the 100 block of 19th Street. The burglars got into a waiting vehicle after the victim chased them.

Police said the suspects’ vehicle was spotted on Del Monte Boulevard a few minutes later and stopped by officers. Three occupants were arrested, and property from the burglary was recovered.

Arrested were Noziel Mendoza, 18, Jesus Nieto, 20, both of Castroville, and Joseph Olea, 27, of Salinas, police said. They were taken to the Pacific Grove police station and later released on their own recognizance, police said.

P.G. Car Burglars Caught

Weird Turn Of Events – Attempted Robber Gets Stabbed By Victim

The Hear-Old later released the name of the stabbed burglar as 57-year-old Pebble Beach resident Raymond Gutkosky.

A man who owns a house along a golf course on 17 Mile Drive in Pacific Grove told police that at 11:30 a.m. he returned home and found a man inside his house.

“The owner armed himself with a kitchen knife and a physical altercation occurred,” Pacific Grove police Cmdr. John Miller said.

The burglar was stabbed in the chest by the 54-year-old homeowner. He fled by jumping into a dark blue Buick parked outside and a 30-year-old blonde woman was waiting at the wheel, dispatchers said, and the two sped away.

The stolen Buick had a rear bumper sticker reading “Support the Sheriff,” dispatchers said.

Investigators suspect the burglar was a 50-year-old Monterey man. Four hours later, the Monterey man called firefighters to his home and told them that he had been stabbed in the chest and side.

A CalStar helicopter flew him to a Bay Area trauma center to be treated for serious injuries. The hospital listed him in stable condition Friday.

Weird Turn Of Events – Attempted Robber Gets Stabbed By Victim