Tinnertudes Sold, Will Be A “High End Sushi” Restaurant

And what was Moammar’s reaction?

  • A. This is a disgrace to the town!
  • B. I have eaten sushi from Fresno.
  • C. This is the best thing that could happen to Pacific Grove!

lattitudes oob

The former Lattitudes restaurant at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove has been purchased by foreign investors for $2.5 million in cash.

Vacant for 4 1/2 years, the new owners plan to turn it into a high-end sushi restaurant, said Moe Ammar, the president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.

“This is the best thing that could happen to Pacific Grove,” he said, noting that The Beach House across the street opened last summer.

Lattitudes, the last restaurant in the 6,683 square foot building, closed in 2010. Before that it housed The Tinnery.

Tinnertudes Sold, Will Be A “High End Sushi” Restaurant

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Pacific Grove police said they arrested Zachary McGlothen and Justin Clark, both 18, for their suspected involvement in a residential burglary earlier that evening.

Officers responded at 6:30 p.m. to an alarm in the 300 block of Calle De Los Amigos, where they found a residence window shattered. A neighbor provided the description of a suspicious person in the area.

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Invasion Of The Parklets

Parklett Parking


The City Council on Wednesday will consider approving a pilot project to allow four “parklets” — curbside parking areas converted to another use such as outdoor dining, seating or planters — in the downtown and Central Avenue areas.

The idea is used in many cities to add space for shops in urban areas, says economic development manager Kurt Overmeyer in a council report.

The downtown and Central Avenue commercial areas have the potential to be “high-energy corridors” if they encourage pedestrians and foster better interaction between the street and stores, the report says.

Three downtown businesses and one on Central Avenue are interested in a parklet pilot program if the city pitched in, the report says. Each has at least one adjacent parking space that could be used without hurting the nearby parking supply.

The city is being asked to spend up to $15,000 for traffic barriers to protect the parklets.

Protect the parklets? What about the people crazy enough to dine in the street?

Invasion Of The Parklets

Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

Happy Girl Parking

While some stores loudly complained about the closure of Forest & Lighthouse for the poorly engineered road re-do, others want to take away parking spaces so no one will park and shop.

Where did this kooky idea come from?

“I think the visuals of folks enjoying themselves in the sunshine socializing will be a greater draw,” said Todd Champagne, co-owner of Happy Girl Kitchen.

Happy Girl Pickle

A Happy Girl

Oh, the place that uses the handicap PARKING SPACE for their deliveries. And what’s up with the folding chairs blocking the other space – is a parade on the way?

More Outzen-Ville Buildings Approved

What are these places, vacation homes? Sustainable Development? Lighthouse Avenue from Dickman to Drake is not really a congested part of the street.

The Hear-Old story does not mention that Outzen is a former Monterey city councilman.

A neighborhood association challenge to a major mixed-use project on Lighthouse Avenue will go before the Monterey City Council on Tuesday.

Developer Carl Outzen received the go-ahead for his proposed project — 32 apartments and retail shops in two three-story buildings — from Monterey planning commissioners on a 6-1 vote Jan. 28.

But the New Monterey Neighborhood Association appealed the decision to the City Council on several grounds. The association contends the project proposes too many apartments for the site, is too big, would put driveways on a badly congested section of Lighthouse Avenue and has unresolved environmental questions.

A council report rebuts each issue in the appeal with the conclusion, “No error was made.”

More Outzen-Ville Buildings Approved

P.G. Police Get New Services Technician

What the job entails – if you never heard of a Police Services Technician.

oh, and because Fresno . .

Valerie Renfro will be sworn in as the newest member of the police department at 11:30 a.m. in the Pacific Grove City Council chambers. The public is welcome to attend.

Renfro previously worked as a Fresno County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher,

P.G. Police Get New Services Technician

Can Dogs Read Pictographs?

Pooping pooches have been warned.

Now I wonder what happens when P.G. bans plastic bags? What can people use to pick up the poop with, free copies of the Cedar St Bull**iten?

No Smoking Dogs

Pacific Grove Police Chief Vicki Myers said if you’re caught letting your dog use your neighbor’s lawn as a restroom, you can be issued a citation. It can also cost you hundreds of dollars in fines.

To curb the problem, residents are posting signs from PG Hardware alerting pet owners to not allow their pets to use their front lawns as a restroom.

Can Dogs Read Pictographs?

Tourist Gets Dinghy, Spends Cold Night In Bay

T-Shirts showcasing this dingy act should be available soon at Walmart.

The 45-year-old tourist from San Diego was visiting Pacific Grove when she decided she wanted to watch Tuesday’s sunset from a dinghy in the middle of the Monterey Bay.

She was one and a half miles offshore when her dinghy’s motor failed at 6:30 p.m., and the dinghy began losing air.

The woman spent the night partially submerged in the ocean as frigid water temperatures dropped to the low 50s.

A fisherman found her alive at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday and alerted the Coast Guard.

Tourist Gets Dinghy, Spends Night In Bay

Fruit Cheese Wants More P.G. Money To Spend

Without oversight.

A council report says the $15,000 limit has been in effect since 1984 and probably earlier than that. The buying power of $15,000 in 1984 now exceeds when can be purchased with $35,000 today due to inflation, the report says.

There is a great range in purchasing limits in other cities, generally with higher limits in bigger cities with bigger budgets.

“The proposed limit of $35,000 is consistent with the practice of many other cities of our approximate size,” City Manager Thomas Frutchey says in the council report.

Fruit Cheese Wants More P.G. Money To Spend