Monterey Getting $8,000,000 For A Short Section Of Recreation Trail Improvements

Eight Million Dollars for “to go from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Coast Guard station”. The money is coming from a grant (taxes) called the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 that was sold to the tax payers as an investment to fix our roads, freeways and bridges in communities across California. As usual, Governor Moonbeam lies about where our tax dollars are spent.

At least put some lights up and maybe a few 911 phones to cut down on the rapes, robberies and assaults that happens on that dangerous trail.
Recreation Trail Vandalism

“Solutions for congested corridors are usually for Los Angeles or San Francisco so one of the things that we try to do with this grant is highlight the importance of offering an environmentally friendly and alternate form of transportation,” said Andrea Renny. She said that by creating a smoother running trail, drivers could be swayed to become bikers, therefore the improved Rec Trail could also serve to alleviate congestion on the road. And while some have advocated for the need to separate the bicyclists and pedestrians in that stretch of the trail, Renny said that the Parks and Recreation Master Plan calls for widening the trail first before other alternatives can be considered.

Monterey Getting $8,000,000 For A Short Section Of Recreation Trail Improvements

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

The shoreline and recreation trail are definitely not safe after dark.

Just after midnight, an officer contacted a man parked near the ocean front on the 1600 block of Ocean View Boulevard. The man was allegedly in possession of a loaded and concealed weapon on himself and having drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Santos Gervacio Benitez, 18, of Salinas, was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.

At 11 a.m. an officer saw a man smoking marijuana adjacent to the waterfront on the 1700 block of Sunset Drive. Another man was contacted near the water. Both men, under 21, were found in possession of alcohol and had been illegally collecting marine life from teh tide pools.

Alvaro Miranda, 20, and Jesus Miranda Gonzalez, 19, both of San Jose, were arrested on suspicion of a minor in possession of alcohol and illegally taking animals from a marine sanctuary.

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Pacific Grove police said they arrested Zachary McGlothen and Justin Clark, both 18, for their suspected involvement in a residential burglary earlier that evening.

Officers responded at 6:30 p.m. to an alarm in the 300 block of Calle De Los Amigos, where they found a residence window shattered. A neighbor provided the description of a suspicious person in the area.

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted

Cops stopped chasing because of reckless driving. Like there is anyone else on the road in P.G. at one in the morning?

between 12:30 and 12:45 a.m. Monday at Point Pinos Grill, and an officer found the suspects’ vehicle while conducting a business check.

The suspects drove off as the patrol car approached, and the officer pursued them but discontinued because of the driver’s extremely reckless driving.

The vehicle was found abandoned on the 600 block of Gibson Avenue, with some property taken from the restaurant in it.

The registered owner was contacted and was unaware the SUV had been stolen

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted

Armed Robbery In Del Monte Park

Are the suspects from Pebble Beach?

Two women were robbed at approximately 9:48 p.m. Saturday on the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

The women had just returned home and as they exited their vehicle they were approached by a man who pointed a handgun at them and demanded their belongings.

Armed Robbery In Del Monte Park

Lady Bank Robber's Evidence

While one of our most interesting criminals, certainly not the smartest.

While Padilla pleaded not guilty to her charges, evidence found from the search warrant link her to several of the robberies.

Inside her Watsonville home police found some of the clothes she allegedly wore when she robbed the six banks including a t-shirt with “Garden Isle of Kauii” written on the front, the same shirt described in the Pismo Beach robbery. In Padilla’s car police found several hand written notes, one read “hand me all of your large bills. I will shoot you.”

Lady Bank Robber’s Evidence

Mail Getting Stolen In Beach Tract

Mail piles up when no one checks the box every day. Sing of the times when so many homes are weekend occupied or short term rentals.

The warning came after postal authorities recovered mail that apparently was stolen from the 900 to 1200 blocks of Shell, Surf, Egan, Crest, Ripple and Balboa avenues between February and this month.

Postal officials returned the recovered mail and informed police this week, said police Cmdr. John P. Miller.

Police advised the public to not leave mail in an unsecured mail box for long periods of time and, if taking an extended trip to have the postal service temporarily suspend delivery.

Miller said it wasn’t clear what kinds of mail were stolen. “We don’t know if it was if it was bills or just junk mail,” he said.

Mail Getting Stolen In Beach Tract

Car Week Thieves Take Corvette In P.G.

The police commander says it’s a rare thing to happen. Don’t forget all the motorcycles stolen during Moto GP week.

Meanwhile, the P.G. cops let the car thieves go on own recognizance.

Pacific Grove police said Wednesday that an El Dorado County resident reported his 1962 red Corvette vanished after he parked it late Saturday at a bed and breakfast.

The theft apparently occurred between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., police Cmdr. John Miller said.

The owner said he parked at the lodging in the 300 block of Central Avenue and discovered the car missing an hour later when a friend came by.

The car owner said whoever took it must not have started the engine because he said “he would have heard if it was fired up,” Miller said.

Seen this car? Call the owner below. Don’t let the image of Pacific Grove get tarnished by indifferent cops.

Stolen Corvette
A Police report has been filed with the Pacific Grove Police Department. PG1300883
Please contact owner, Pat 916 719-9442

P.G. Car Burglars Caught

And cops let them go.


The victim said he spotted two people in his vehicle about 1 a.m. in the 100 block of 19th Street. The burglars got into a waiting vehicle after the victim chased them.

Police said the suspects’ vehicle was spotted on Del Monte Boulevard a few minutes later and stopped by officers. Three occupants were arrested, and property from the burglary was recovered.

Arrested were Noziel Mendoza, 18, Jesus Nieto, 20, both of Castroville, and Joseph Olea, 27, of Salinas, police said. They were taken to the Pacific Grove police station and later released on their own recognizance, police said.

P.G. Car Burglars Caught

Pacific Grove Not Safe From Petty Thieves

Always lock your car, bike, house, welcome sign, etc. Reminds me, where is Mary these days?

The warning comes after reports of seven auto burglaries and thefts from vehicles in and around the 300 block of Gibson Avenue. Police say the thefts happened sometime during the night of June 20th, between midnight and 7:30am. Most of the vehicles were reportedly unlocked, and investigators say, there was no signs of forced entry on the vehicles that were reportedly locked. Only spare coins in the vehicles were taken

Pacific Grove Not Safe From Petty Thieves