Earth To Downtown Merchants: X-Mas Is Over!

What’s with all the X-Mas lights staying up all year round?

Holmans Ice Lights

They are everywhere – Holman Building, Victorian Corner, PG Nutrition, PG Plaza, 17th Street Grill, Monte Cafe, etc. While they may communicate some hint of a business being open, THEY LOOK LIKE JUNK AND ARE UNSAFE. You leave those up in the open air and sunlight the insulation will soon crack and expose 110 volts.

Victorian Corner icelights

Orlando shoes icelights

PG nutrition icelights

Monte Cafe Ice Lights

Some may even contribute to the hazards by draping the wires over sharp edges.Wires and sharp metal
Hello PG Fire Department? Building Inspectors? Check it out.

Earth To Downtown Merchants: X-Mas Is Over!

Lillian King Doing OK

An elderly woman who was taken from her Pacific Grove residence after police discovered her palatial home had turned into a slum, had not suffered neglect from her caregiver, according to authorities.

Armed with a search warrant, police found Lillian King, 97, living in “unsafe conditions” at her home earlier this month,

The good news, White said, is that King does not show any adverse signs of having lived in the home.

“Her health is good for a 97-year-old woman and her mind is intact… she shows no ill effects from living here and it doesn’t appear that she has been abused in any form.”

Police obtained the warrant to search the home after neighbors made numerous complaints that there was a lot of “activity” at the home.

Lillian King Doing OK

Who’s Behind Video Game Witch Hunts?

Self-appointed morality mavens are mounting a concerted, state-by-state campaign targeting politically incorrect video games.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, is expected to sign a bill this month that will make his state the only one in the republic to ban the sale of violent video games to minors.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, that weather vane of modern Democratic Party politics, complained about video games in March: “Probably one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard is about some of the video games, particularly ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ which has so many demeaning messages about women and so encourages violent imagination and activities and it scares parents.”

Clinton may be a relatively new senator, but she has mastered an important Washington lesson: You get what you pay for. Social science researchers receiving fat paychecks from politicos with agendas have a strong incentive to shape their results accordingly.

Yes, the ones that are going to SAVE us, the ones that want to take away your guns, scanner radios, SUVs, freedom to walk amongst the tidepools – the Dems.

Who’s Behind Video Game Witch Hunts?

P.G. Seeks Audit On City Funds

Pacific Grove City Manager Jim Colangelo has hired a high-powered accounting firm to scrutinize the city’s finances after the discovery of what appears to be a $2.3 million accounting error.

The firm will also look into what happened to $1 million that was believed to have been moved from the enterprise fund several years ago and was never accounted for, Colangelo said.

Thanks Morrie & Crew.

PG Seeks Audit On City Funds

Segovia’s Cited For Gambling & Drugs


State gaming agents raided two Peninsula bars Monday night and cited seven people on gambling-related charges.

Segovia’s owner Laurence Segovia, 62, was cited on charges of using his business as an unlicensed cardroom and conducting an illegal sports betting operation. Two bartenders, Ross Blankenship, 33, and Walter Hayes, 61, were arrested on charges of operating a betting pool. Hayes was also arrested on a charge of possessing an ounce of cocaine for sale.

The shutdown notice on the door of Segovias kept dissapearing. Souvenir hunters or image thing?

Segovia’s Cited For Gambling & Drugs

John Denver Memorial Beach Cleanup And Vigil Scheduled

The eighth annual John Denver Memorial Beach Cleanup and Candlelight Vigil will be held Oct. 9 near the site of his fatal plane crash in Monterey Bay on Oct. 12, 1997.

The beach cleanup will begin at 11 a.m. at the beach turnout at Ocean View Boulevard between Acropolis Street and Asilomar Avenue. The cleanup will be followed by an all-day gathering at the beach, weather permitting), with a candlelight vigil from 5 to 6 p.m., rain or shine.

John Denver plane

John Denver plaque location
There’s memorial trees over at Lovers Point. But the plane crashed at Point Pinos. Of course no newscaster in the US would try to pronounce Pinos so they left it as “shores of Monterey Bay” or “Near Lovers Point”

John Denver Memorial Beach Cleanup And Vigil Scheduled

P.G. Middle School Student Caught With Gun On Campus

January 25
Officials said the boy — an 8th-grader — brought a .25-caliber, semi-automatic pistol and clip onto the campus of Pacific Grove Middle School Friday. He put the weapon in his locker and showed it off to several classmates.

January 26
Student Who Brought Gun To School Is Seaside Police Officer’s Son
A 13-year-old boy who is charged with bringing a gun to school in Pacific Grove is the son of a local police officer, according to investigators.

July 1, 2006
Former police officer pleads not guilty to gun charges
Larry Raussa is accused of keeping the gun after it was turned over to him from the Monterey police evidence locker to be lodged as evidence at the Seaside Police Department. The weapon was never turned in to Seaside police and was taken by a 13-year-old boy under Raussa’s care to Pacific Grove Middle School in January 2005.

July 28, 2006
Former Seaside officer pleads guilty to receiving stolen gun

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that former Seaside police officer Larry Raussa, 62, pleaded guilty to one felony count of receiving stolen property.

Raussa, entered the felony plea with the understanding that Judge Terrance Duncan would reduce the charge to a misdemeanor when he is sentenced on Sept. 27 and that he will serve community service rather than a jail term.

September 28, 2006
Ex-officer receives probation

At sentencing, Judge Terrance Duncan granted a defense motion to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor and sentenced Raussa to three years probation and 200 hours of community service. Duncan said Raussa has suffered enough after losing his job in connection with the incident.

Raussa and his attorney, Mel Grimes, said the former police officer simply forgot that he had the gun. But Deputy District Attorney Andy Liu argued it was impossible because the gun had been altered from its original state. Liu asked the court to sentence Raussa to 90 days in jail in addition to probation and community service.

P.G. Middle School Student Caught With Gun On Campus

Holman Highway Head On, DUI Suspected

Barry Fahringer, 50, of Monterey was headed west in a Chevy pickup that crossed into an eastbound lane and collided with a car driven by Texas resident Thomas Uiselt and a second car driven by Christina Laufo, 59, of Seaside.

Uiselt, 39, and his wife, Amy, sustained cuts and bruises, while Laufo and her passenger, Naomi Lake, 47, of Marina, received moderate injuries, the CHP reported.

DUI Laws as they should be:
First offense – Drivers’ license suspended for life. Vehicle impounded. Can never own a car or get insurance for life. Fine equal to 2 years wages.
Second offense – enabler that gave drunk a car loses the car. Another fine – same rate PLUS add the same fine to the enabler.
Third offense – 10 years in jail.

Holman Highway Head On, DUI suspected