Feast Of The Woke

It’s the last Saturday in July 2021 and not a hint of anything Feast Of Lanterns on the streets. They say the were not sure if there was going to be a feast so no one got a permit.

FOL 1 2021

And it would cost $2,5000 to put up banners or lanterns. But we got banners to celebrate internal combustion powered personal motor cars. How substainable can that be?

FOL 2 2021

I’d say that the people put in charge are working to cleanse the FOL of all it’s perceived racist cultural misappropriation and sterilize the celebration. No corny stories, no jewel tinted gowns. No Torii gates. No belly dancers. No showing of affection between man and woman. No dragon. No Chinese fonts. No fun. Just a lecture telling you to be ashamed using a collection of folk tales for selfish entertainment.

Stick a fork in it, the Feast Of Lanterns is done and gone forever it seems.

Feast Of The Woke

Library Room Naming Contest!

Booky McBook Room

We invite you to let your creative juices flow and submit up to 5 name suggestions by Friday, August 23rd, using the link, scan the QR Code below with your smart phone/tablet, or in person during Library hours. The top 5 will then be voted on with the winning suggestion announced September 18th during the Rededication Celebration at Jewell Park 1pm – 4pm. 

Five names offered up by Lighhouseavenue.com:

5: Red’s Station.

4: Pagrovia.

3: Temperance Hall.

2: Colossus Of Gold Room.

and number one:

Booky McBook Room

Library Room Naming Contest!


Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Saw these two back in April, same old same old. Cant teach people to close the lid to quit attracting gulls, raccoons and rats

This one I saw someone from the do-no-wrong Grove Market emptying garbage and walked away leaving it open.
Dumpster Grove Market

And down the street at P.G. Juice N Java – yep. A gull’s buffet.
Dumpster Juice Java

What can we do? Let’s build the kids a playhouse to hide the trash in. What do they do? Yep, leave it open.

Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Signs Posted For Visitors

Visitors like Ben Harvey and police chief Cathy Madalone now can better understand where they are in the city they are in charge of.

Got two signs at the rec trail (where the chief said there were none)
Welcome Trail Signs

This huge Lovers Point sign at the beach.

Another smaller sign at Otter Point

Then it gets weird. Over at Point Pinos it says Asilomar

One turnout is named Crespi Pond
Crespi Pond Sign

Then in a weirder twist, a turn out named after a non existent fog horn.
Foghorn Sign

Signs Posted For Visitors

Mvsevm Embraces Change

Big change, director is not a pervert accused of giving booze to 17 a year old girl and raping her.

Not changing is the use of the Mvsevm as a substainable re-education camp it seems.

The Mvsevm

This Friday, the museum will reopen to full capacity for the first time in 15 months, introduce its new executive director, Carla Bitter, and unveil an ambitious and permanent exhibit, “Changes in Monterey,” which is designed to “celebrate the habitats of Monterey County” and “raise awareness about human impacts on our delicate ecosystems over time,” the museum said.

Mvsevm Embraces Change