Michael Balesteri, Monterey’s Master Criminal

Michael Balesteri

Stolen cars, drugs, counterfeit money, hit and run, running from police. Still got caught.

On March 27, detectives spotted Balesteri in Monterey driving another Acura sedan that was stolen out of Seaside.

Baleseteri was contacted after parking the car and was arrested without incident.

Police found tools used to commit vehicle thefts, methamphetamine, and counterfeit U.S. currency on Balesteri.

Police searched his home on the 800 block of Belden in Monterey found evidence he was creating counterfeit currency including a computer, printer, specialized paper, and additional counterfeit currency.

They also found property stolen from the Acura involved in the vehicle pursuit and crash on March 17, drug paraphernalia, and methamphetamine.

Michael Balesteri, Master Criminal

76 Year Old Man Arrested For Child Pornography

Thomas Hennessy

KSBW Photo

Thomas Hennessy, 76, of Pebble Beach was arrested by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office on March 27 and charged with possession of child pornography.

Prior to Hennessy’s arrest the department had learned that someone at a Pebble Beach home on Sawmill Gulch Road was uploading and viewing child pornography over the internet.

76 Year Old Man Arrested For Child Pornography

Flora’s To Reopen

But only as a residenceKalisas 1

A building that was at one time the second biggest bordello on Cannery Row will be getting a face lift that will feature a residential unit above a restaurant.

In reality the building of the 1930s could also be considered mixed use. The bottom floor was a restaurant, bar and kitchen while the top floor served as a brothel from the early to mid-1930s until 1941 when California’s attorney general closed all brothels in the state, according to several books provided by the National Steinbeck Center’s archivist, Lisa Josephs.

Flora’s To Reopen

T.V. Stations Switch To Digital

Don’t be surprised if your barely watchable station does not come in anymore. Digital is yes or no, not kind of fuzzy but watchable.

Rabbit Ears

Television owners who use antenna to watch programming in the Monterey and Salinas areas will need to rescan their sets between now and July 2020 in order to continue to watch TV.

The Federal Communications Commission is conducting a nationwide effort to disseminate consumer information about the more than 1,000 television stations, including KDJT and KMMD in the Monterey-Salinas area, that have or will be transitioning to new frequencies to make room for new 5G and other mobile broadband.

T.V. Stations Switch To Digital

Unhappy Ending For Foam Street “Massage Parlors”


The most recent massage business to have its permit revoked or denied was Golden Therapy at 299 Foam St. Suite A on Jan. 18. Last year, Win Spa at 243 Foam St. Suite B and Luna Foot Massage at 380 Foam St. Suite E had their permits revoked or denied Dec. 20. Six other businesses had permits revoked or denied since the ordinance passed in 2015.

According to the Monterey Police Department, violations have included solicitation of prostitution, advertising that suggests prohibited services are available, providing massages in lingerie, employing an unlicensed masseuse, operating a massage establishment where unprofessional conduct occurs, locking doors during business hours, using the establishment for residential purposes and failing to post necessary information visible from the front door.

Unhappy Ending For Foam Street “Massage Parlors”

Substainable Tourism Will Save Us!

tourists misery

Councilwoman Cynthia Garfield is advocating for the sustainable tourism effort to be included among city’s key goals for 2019, saying that it would benefit both the city and businesses to have visitors stay longer.

Garfield provided of an example of how to manage crowds along the shore by ensuring a measured flux of tourists.

“Some of the things we are exploring is paid parking along the coast,” she said. “The Coastal Commission doesn’t like paid parking but we are looking at it in an unobtrusive way.”

Trying to figure out what substainable tourism is. We already have all the human waste/agricultural runoff water for them. Next up will be mandatory house sharing, where residents must host visitors. Manage the crowds along the shores means fencing off and keeping humans out of reach of the shore.

Oh – and parking meters along Ocean View – another tax.

Substainable Tourism Will Save Us!

Say Goodbye To The Shoreline

Climate Change Cartoon

In 30 years the beauty of Pacific Grove’s coastline will be GONE! What is it with these climate change experts? It’s always 30 years away from complete DOOM. Do they really believe that the sea is going to rise that much in 30 years? How much has is changed in the last 30 years? Here’s what the U.N. was saying 30 years ago. Has it happened?

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

OK, so if it’s not global warming it’s those darn squirrels!

The trail would be temporary in the sense that rising sea levels generated by global warming will within 30 years erode the bluffs down to and including Ocean View Boulevard. As the sea continues to encroach on the bluffs, trails and parking will need to be moved inland, a process engineers call “adaptive retreat.” Eventually Ocean View would need to be closed or moved further inland toward what is now the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links, according to the study plan. A long-term plan calls for the boulevard to be closed completely and converted into a two-lane bike path.

With the sea eventually consuming existing parking, the study raised the possibility of creating an electric shuttle service to move people from inland parking to the trail.

Other causes of the erosion and loss of native vegetation along the bluffs include storm runoff, compaction by cars and people, and burrowing ground squirrels, according to the study plan.

Say Goodbye To The Shoreline