McDonald’s Leaving Town

No drive up window and rent hikes push the affordable family burger chain to leave after winning the fight to build in P.G. back in 1974 when the town was more serving to residents.

Arches Gone

While the building that the fast food restaurant is located in at 100 Country Club Gate was sold in January, 2014, the golden arches remained. But now, the building is up for lease and McDonald’s is departing America’s last hometown.

“Somebody bought the property where McDonald’s is and now they want to increase the rent but McDonald’s can’t afford it,” said Pacific Grove’s Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

McDonald’s Leaving Town

Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song

Build more hotels, attract more visitors. Do you really like waking up to weekend neighbors that arrived late Friday and packing up early? How about the slow moving traffic from hospitality workers that cannot afford to live here?

“My wife and I still wake up each morning and think how wonderful it is to live in this amazing community,” Kampe said. “It continues to be this special place because so many work so hard to make it this way.”

“Taken together, current deferred spending plus looming cost increases tell us we need increased revenue,” said Kampe. “We now need to ask if we, as a community, are prepared to support essential and desired services that make our city such a privileged place to live.”

Kampe referred to Carmel, which has three times the revenue per capita, and Monterey, with double the revenue per capita, as references to just how well the city has managed with its limited finances.

Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song

Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Global warming will affect tourism in a million years. Or is it the tourists gaining weight on fried foods sinking the land mass?

Tens of millions of Californians live in coastal counties, and the population in these areas is slowly growing. But at the same time, federal ocean-related expenditures have steadily declined by 8 percent, while the state continues to endure a historic drought and the early effects of climate change.

“The coast is where climate change impacts are among the highest,” said Kildow.

A lot of Monterey Bay’s ocean economy lies at or near the shore, which could be vulnerable to erosion, said Charles Colgan, an economist and co-author of the report.

“Much of Cannery Row sits on top of an erodible shoreline, for example,” he said. “Rising sea level is something that people are going to have to pay attention to.”

And our own esteemed Sam The Sham wants more of our tax dollars to “help”.

“This report is the first time people have been able to put solid economic numbers on these environmental and marine issues,” said Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel. As the founder and chair of the House Oceans Caucus, Farr seeks to draw attention to and secure limited federal funding for ocean-related programs.

Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Say Goodbye One Last Time To Cannery Row Square

Only so much one can do with old cannery buildings.

Cannery Row Square


The aquarium purchased the buildings at 585 and 625 Cannery Row from the Shake family in 2014. It has raised $28 million toward the $65 million needed to fund the purchase of the property, construction of the center, and to support expansion of programs for visiting school groups, teachers and youth. Construction of the center itself will cost $30 million. The aquarium hopes to break ground on the state-of-the-art facility this fall.

Say Goodbye One Last Time To Cannery Row Square

Californian Tests Positive For Zika Virus

Not to be confused with Zito Virus which causes one to hug disease releasing raccoons.

The resident had recently traveled out of the country and contracted the Zika virus. Zika is spread through mosquito bites.

We think it’s only a matter of time before the viruses and the mosquitoes in California get together, and that we have infected mosquitoes, and that there’s local transmission. But this won’t be a very frequent occurrence,” Santa Cruz county mosquito and vector control manager Paul Binding said.

It’s possible that a traveler infected with the virus could be bitten by a local mosquito and that mosquito could bite someone else, further transmitting the virus.

Californian Tests Positive For Zika Virus 

Butterfly Population Is Increasing

Showing a sign of improvement, but more prefer the hot tubs in Marin,

Each year the Xerces Society does an annual Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count.

“There’s volunteers all along the west coast, primarily in California that are counting over wintering sites during the three weeks around thanksgiving,” said Pacific Grove Museum Director of Education Ann Wasser.

Those numbers, which were just made available, show that almost 280-thousand monarchs made the long journey. And while it’s a big difference from the 1.2 million that use to fly to the California coast during winter, it is higher than previous years for most places.

“For Monterey County our numbers were not as high as they were last year. Counties farther north of us, especially Marin County, had much higher numbers this year,” said Wasser.

Butterfly Population Is Increasing

New Monterey Drug Lab Busted

Kudos to the Samaritan that tackled one of the druggies. I don’t know anyone that would want a drug lab endangering the block.

Alleged Monterey Drug Lab

Justin Kelly, 27, and Camille Voye, 23, both of Monterey, were arrested during a search around 1:45 p.m. in the 600 block of David Avenue, where investigators found a butane honey oil lab, said Monterey police acting Cmdr. Mike Bruno, a member of the team.

When detectives from the team arrived to serve the warrant, Kelly fled through a back door and ran to a side yard, according to Bruno.

The 27-year-old jumped over fences but was tackled to the ground by a good Samaritan and taken into custody in the 500 block of David Avenue, Bruno said.

Detectives also found 21 pounds of marijuana a half-ounce of heroin, concentrated cannabis, evidence of drug sales and drug paraphernalia at the home, according to Bruno.

[KRON News]
New Monterey Drug Lab Busted

Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property

Might pay off in 50,000 years.

According to the Pacific Grove Public Works Department, steady erosion along the coastline is not to the point where immediate action needs to be taken, however it no longer can be ignored either.

“We’ve retained Haro, Kasunich and Associates to do the study,” said Public Works Director Daniel Gho.

That study, which is planned to begin soon, will look into different scenarios the City could take.

Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property