Uh, About All That Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

Looks like it will be less than promised.

In a split vote Tuesday, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors cut marijuana businesses’ tax rates, in some cases by two thirds, said Luis Alejo, the board’s chairman.

Greenhouse growers, who had been staring at a $15-per-square-foot tax, will instead pay $5 per square foot while indoor cultivators will pay $8 a square foot, he said.

Uh, About All That Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

Salinas Veggies Recalled

Again and again. Pass the meat please, skip the salad.

Poison Veggies

In January, Mann Packing recalled organic snacking trays over mislabeled ingredients related to the ranch dressing dip. That recall affected five states — Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, New York and Texas, according to FDA records

It followed a similar incident in August 2016, when vegetable trays were recalled from California and 23 other states.

A salmonella scare in May 2011 prompted a national recall of the company’s party trays and snacks-on-the-go items containing grape tomatoes. In that case, however, the tomatoes were traced to a grower in Florida, not Mann Packing, according to industry media reports from the time.

In the current recall, the products were distributed with the brands Archer Farms, HEB, Little Salad Bar, Mann, Mann Culinary Cuts, Mann’s Family Favorites, Mann’s Snacking Favorites, Signatures Farms, Trader Joe’s, Walmart and food services such as Cross Valley Farms, Mann and Sysco Natural.

Gas Pumps Hacked In P.G.

If you must use plastic to buy gas get a dedicated gas company card. With a low limit.

Credit card skimming devices were found at the Shell Gas Station, 1201 Forest Ave., according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

An investigation showed the skimmers were placed at approximately 11 p.m. on Tuesday and the pumps were deactivated at that time. It is unknown if any customer information was collected or disseminated by the devices.

The suspects were caught on video surveillance and the investigation is ongoing.

Gas Pumps Hacked In P.G.

Organ Donor Nearly Donates

Officers responded about 10:40 p.m. to the 1900 block of Sunset Drive, where they found a crowd in front of Beachcomber Inn rendering first aid to the Marina man.

Further investigation revealed the motorcyclist had been traveling east on Sunset from Asilomar State Beach and took a curve at a high speed, causing him to lose control.

The man fell, and, still straddling his motorcycle, slid through the bushes along the shoulder of the road before coming to rest in front of the hotel.

Organ Donor Nearly Donates

Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

Might as well bring this picture back with an update. How are those sex offender programs working out, son of Pollacci?


Jordan Pollacci, 24, who is the son of convicted rapist Tom Pollacci, was taken into custody for misdemeanor invasion of privacy and felony probation violation after a man reported seeing Pollacci using a cell phone to snap photos under his wife’s dress.

PS, the KSBW URL link for it’s story is somewhat amusing calling Jordan a Pebble Beach Pervert –

Jordan Pollacci Arrested For Up-The-Skirt Pictures

KSBW Explains the squirrel bit.

A Year In Jail For Contractor


In addition to jail and probation, Robert Gunn was also sentenced to 300 hours of community service and ordered to pay more than $10,000 in fines, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

The 69-year-old employer claimed to have just gotten insurance but said he didn’t have it at the time of the injury. He also said he was in the process of registering with the Employment Development Department.

Sure he was.

A Year In Jail For Contractor

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

The shoreline and recreation trail are definitely not safe after dark.

Just after midnight, an officer contacted a man parked near the ocean front on the 1600 block of Ocean View Boulevard. The man was allegedly in possession of a loaded and concealed weapon on himself and having drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Santos Gervacio Benitez, 18, of Salinas, was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.

At 11 a.m. an officer saw a man smoking marijuana adjacent to the waterfront on the 1700 block of Sunset Drive. Another man was contacted near the water. Both men, under 21, were found in possession of alcohol and had been illegally collecting marine life from teh tide pools.

Alvaro Miranda, 20, and Jesus Miranda Gonzalez, 19, both of San Jose, were arrested on suspicion of a minor in possession of alcohol and illegally taking animals from a marine sanctuary.

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

Scam Warning!

Only Sam the Sham Farr can call up people and tell them to send money..

Two women were almost victims of a phone scam on Thursday, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

Both women received calls from a man who identified himself as a law enforcement official and said they had warrants for their arrests for not appearing on a jury summons. He had their names, addresses and phone numbers.

The public is reminded to never provide personal information over the phone or Internet to an unverified person. If you receive notification of a matter involving the transfer or payment of funds, always verify the validity of the message by using contact information you know to be accurate, not phone numbers or email addresses provided by the party.

If in doubt, the public is asked to contact law enforcement before taking any action.

Scam Warning!

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Pacific Grove police said they arrested Zachary McGlothen and Justin Clark, both 18, for their suspected involvement in a residential burglary earlier that evening.

Officers responded at 6:30 p.m. to an alarm in the 300 block of Calle De Los Amigos, where they found a residence window shattered. A neighbor provided the description of a suspicious person in the area.

Teen Burglars Busted By Beach

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted

Cops stopped chasing because of reckless driving. Like there is anyone else on the road in P.G. at one in the morning?

between 12:30 and 12:45 a.m. Monday at Point Pinos Grill, and an officer found the suspects’ vehicle while conducting a business check.

The suspects drove off as the patrol car approached, and the officer pursued them but discontinued because of the driver’s extremely reckless driving.

The vehicle was found abandoned on the 600 block of Gibson Avenue, with some property taken from the restaurant in it.

The registered owner was contacted and was unaware the SUV had been stolen

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted